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  1. Chris
    Chris at |

    Bad list man

  2. Tasmanian Devil
    Tasmanian Devil at |

    Dear young and impressionable kids, guns are not bad! It’s the people who misuse them that are bad. If your country ever gets invaded then guns are great. You can use them to kill those who are trying to kill you.

    1. ParusMajor
      ParusMajor at |

      I wonder if Norwegian kids (77 of them) shot by Anders Breivik agree with you.

      1. max shrek
        max shrek at |

        i wonder if the all the Christians, Jews, Hindus and Buddhists , who were gunned down, tortured, beheaded and otherwise murdered by islamist supremacists would appreciate your ignorant comment. if they were armed things might have turned out better…

  3. auto devis
    auto devis at |

    We didn’t start the fire is a great song

  4. ParusMajor
    ParusMajor at |

    Oh, btw, who da fokk DID shoot the sheriff? And who shot the deputy? We have the right to know!!!

  5. Levothread
    Levothread at |

    “Jeremy” by Pearl Jam

  6. Mike
    Mike at |

    Notorious BIG: Who Shot Ya? Song about Tupac getting shot in NYC.

  7. SeanP
    SeanP at |

    “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen.

  8. ParusMajor
    ParusMajor at |

    Here’s one more: “Who Shot J.R.Ewing?” by Tom Allen:

    (@TopTenzMaster: if you think it’s bad taste to mention this song just a few days after Larry Hagman passed away, then just delete and ignore this post.)

  9. ParusMajor
    ParusMajor at |

    I’m sorry if I post many times in a row, but songs keep popping up in my mind. If we’re talking classic murder songs, this one should be mentioned:

  10. ParusMajor
    ParusMajor at |

    I’ve got one more: “Who Shot Sam?” by George Jones.

  11. ParusMajor
    ParusMajor at |

    I just thought of another good one: “Take a Message to Mary” by the Everly Brothers. (I almost wrote “massage” instead of “message”, but then it would have been a different kind of song…) 😀

  12. ParusMajor
    ParusMajor at |

    “Bang Bang (He Shot Me Down)” by Nancy Sinatra from Kill Bill. Besides, you didn’t do the mmkay part when you said guns are bad. Guns are baad, mmkay?

  13. SeanP
    SeanP at |

    “Hey Joe” by Jimi Hendrix and “Janies Got a Gun” by Aerosmith were the first two that came to my mind.

  14. LDR
    LDR at |

    I don’t know if it was really THAT popular but…

    Neil Young’s Powderfinger

    I find it a really sad yet beautiful folk/rock song and I get sad whenever I hear it.
    You should really go listen to it, its really great!

    1. zach
      zach at |

      If we’re talking about Neil Young, then I think “Down by the river” deserves to be mentioned.

  15. Dianne Fay
    Dianne Fay at |

    Smackwater Jack — Carole King

  16. CJB
    CJB at |

    I grew up with the Vicki Lawrence song, and anytime the oldies station I listen to every morning plays the Paper Lace song, I get the chills.

  17. John Louis
    John Louis at |

    Hey Joe –

    Ringo – By Lorne Greene

    Saturday Night Special – Lynard Shynard

    Dark Lady – Cher

    Don’t Take Your Guns To Town – Johnny Cash

    Rubyy – Kenny Rogers

    El Paso – Marty Robbins

    Lucky Man Emerson, Lake and Palmer

    Twitter and The Monkey Man – Traveling Wilburys

    Jack Straw – Grateful Dead

  18. Terry Bigham
    Terry Bigham at |

    How about Lloyd Price’s 1959 smash hit “Stagger Lee”? It was based on an old blues song and told of the title character shooting and killing the man he shot craps against.

  19. David Verney
    David Verney at |

    How about Bon Jovi’s “Blaze of Glory” – surely that deserves a mention somewhere here too

  20. TimmyJusie
    TimmyJusie at |

    Of all the Hip-Hop songs you picked Drop It Likes It’s Hot? Really?

  21. TheSle
    TheSle at |

    OMG where is I don’t like mondays?

    1. Kapilbs
      Kapilbs at |

      I Fought the Law…Bobby Fuller Four


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