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  1. Dave
    Dave at |

    How about the hoax that Obama is doing a good job as president and that the unemployment rate is really improving. It may not be in the top ten hoaxes of all time but it is a major hoax taking place right now. It should be over by late January 2013 though…I HOPE!…

  2. Lina
    Lina at |

    Waddabout George’s WMD? Hmm?

  3. Harry Kuheim
    Harry Kuheim at |

    What about Global Warming? That’s the hoax that paralized our economy.

  4. Mandy
    Mandy at |

    The Paul McCartney thing is not a hoax. It’s true,the name of the man we know as Paul McCartney today is William Campbell.

  5. Hakeem
    Hakeem at |

    too bad No.4 resulted in the death of thousands of iraqis. the culprits that created this hoax are terrorists and should be brought to justice.

    Is No. 6 really a hoax ????. I mean look around you who control the money, media and even wars

  6. Thommy
    Thommy at |

    RE: Global Warming. Maybe those who think it’s a hoax, should take a hike way up North, and ask the Polar Bears what’s happening to their habitat!!!

    1. L5Rick
      L5Rick at |

      Go hug one Thommy.

      Let’s say it again:
      *There are more Polar Bears now than there were 50 years ago.
      *They survived the last interglacial, which was warmer than now.
      *The claim that Polar Bears are drowning because of Global Warming (human caused) was based on shoddy, cargo cult, science.

  7. edward
    edward at |

    What about Sarah Palin and her "Wild ride" from Texas to Alaska while leaking amniotic fluid, driving to an out-of-the-way clinic and birthing a premature Down Syndrome baby with a hole in his heart and then appearing with him at work 2 days later? She will not produce a birth certificate. She lied to the Nation about her qualifications She sacrificed her teen-age daughter for her "christian family values anti- abortion" campaign.

  8. Byopower
    Byopower at |

    One that should most definitely be included as a genuine deliberate hoax was the fossil that National Geographic got all excited about, linking some feathered fossil to a previously unfeathered fossil (cannot remember the exact details) only to discover after a big splash on TV and in the magazine, that it was a hoax from China, being made up of two unrelated fossils.

  9. Father Time
    Father Time at |

    What about the spaghetti trees? That one was a classic.

  10. A6M4
    A6M4 at |

    You could say yes, Global Warming is a type of hoax. I am not going to get into the science of it, because that is a debate all its own. I do think however, that the issue has been over-hyped into a doomsday scenario instead of a more change in life. Trust me here, the world will not end if the sea rises an extra 100 ft. and btw, the energy required to get the oceans to go up 100 ft is immense, thousands of hydrogen bombs worth to change that much ice into that much water, and that isnt taking into account the shoreline, but like i said I am not getting into the science (or really math) of it

    its just the over-hype that gets me, and I dont lie the govt getting involved because then it becomes a political issue and that is where the doomsday scenario comes from, politicians trying to get more votes.

    so yeah don't hate me, we all have opinions, most of us are wrong and if you can't admit that, odds are you are one of the wrong ones

  11. angel
    angel at |

    ..kindly ask'… Global Warming a kind of hoax?? too??..


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