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  • Lewis Carroll based his “Alice Through the Looking Glass” on the game of chess. because it fit in with his motif of mirror images. And the late Walter Tevis (“The Hustler”) wrote two chess fictions: the short story “The King is Dead” (we get our “checkmate” from the Arabic for that phrase) and the novel “The Queen’s Gambit”, about a girl who’s a chess prodigy.

  • Crudus

    When you capture a piece in Bughouse you give the piece to you PARTNER not you opponent.

  • I just recently read that Humphrey Bogart was a huge chess fan – he played chess by mail correspondence with WWII soldiers and even played against against a chess grandmaster in the 50’s…

  • nothanks

    What’s the pun in “To no surprise the market of chess variants is wide and varied”?

  • ed

    For a while, chess didn’t have standerd set of rules. Two participants would meet and divise there own rules. A few set of rules where used as a short-cut, so they could get to the game. Sometimes, it would take longer to set rules than it would to play the match.

    • So therefore there were no correct or incorrect rules. :/

  • Phill Macarton

    The statement about the secret of “the Turk” being exposed after a fire destroyed it is false! To this day no 1 knows how it was operated. Recently a builder of magic props recreated the machine through painstakingly involved research. The “man in the box” is only a theory and the operation of the reproduction that was recently built is also a mystery. I provided a link below if you are interested. Just goes to show you that not everything you read on the Internet is accurate.

  • Dog lover

    I like chess. it’s my fave board game

  • Chess would have to best my absolute favourite board game! 🙂

  • sam

    wait, the turk was a human? That dude played like a master.