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  1. SB
    SB at |

    I have to say that ‘always improving your computers or your software’ is not necessarily a symptom of internet addiction – it is merely the result of the world we live in, where you can purchase a new component which is superseded by the time you get it home and installed.

    Just my two cents,

  2. Tanya Bennett
    Tanya Bennett at |

    Re: Two Cents: Good point – I meant 'always' as in 'way more than is actually necessary'… excuse me, I have to go update my software now…

  3. Gwen
    Gwen at |

    One that I come across that I know is pretty common is that people think they have a disease and will look different horrible diseases up and compare their symptoms with what they read and will be convinced they have it. New medical students usually suffer from this as well, thinking they have everything they study. Sometimes, it is not a very good idea to search out your symptoms online. It is much better to go to an actual doctor and see if you are actually suffering from anything at all. If you hear hooves don't think zebras, think horses!!

    1. TopTenz Master
      TopTenz Master at |

      Great example of another Internet illness. Too much information can definitely get you thinking somber thoughts about your aches, pains and illnesses.

  4. Tayler
    Tayler at |

    I am definitely addicted to the internet. I've known this and I don't care; I don't want to change. I suspect I'll get a job in the computer industry…

  5. joe
    joe at |

    all i can say is"thank god for depends"

  6. Tanya
    Tanya at |

    Hmmmm… a new take on an old joke: "What does an internet addict smell like?" Answer: "Depends" MWA Ha ha ha ha. Hope you don't have any roommates, Joe!

  7. Jess
    Jess at |

    I am for sure addicted

  8. Caroline
    Caroline at |

    there is also OLGA, Online Gamers Anon, who might be of help to some who are hooked on games. I found them when I worried that I was spending too much time on Second Life. I've gone off that now, but, I still seem to spend a lot of my time in my laptop.

  9. Jon
    Jon at |

    wow…I answered yes to almost every question about internet addiction. Sadly including the last one…I had no idea. Guess I'll have to stop.

  10. ramaraobobby
    ramaraobobby at |

    A big NO to all the above mentioned Illnesses from my side coz I daily practice yogasanas early in the morning @ AASTHA Televsion (5:30 – 7:30) and also play with dogs (excellent stress reliever)

    howbout you?? How do you workout to get rid of the work stress?

  11. H
    H at |

    haha I was reading this and not feeling too worried until I got to number 2 – I had an operation to fix my thoracic outlet syndrome not too long ago! (Although mine was apparently due to my extra rib)

    Scary stuff.

  12. rovelyn
    rovelyn at |

    yeah. i agree with 1 of the comments above.

    you know, if not because of our project, i'll not browse this page.

    this will develop thoughts of pain, aches etc. in us.

    despite that, this also help us to be aware of our health.

  13. moimeme
    moimeme at |

    So…erm….if the Internet is so harmful, how come this article is on the Internet in the first place? ;p

  14. Kindhamster
    Kindhamster at |

    very well put together article, on par with a university aricle, with multiple references and actual events

    Very good!

  15. Will
    Will at |

    wow, i'm surprised that I'm not addicted to the internet. only one of the symptoms apply to me. I lose sense of time. my friend used to be, but he got over it when he got an xbox 360, lol.

  16. kervinc
    kervinc at |

    This shall be fun. As a long time “resident” of the internet (addict makes it sound like a problem) I had no idea what this list would entail. Really hoped that it would be a list of the worst internet viruses (the real “internet illness”) but I was disappointed. And now I will slash it to bits. This is not personal, but anybody who makes such sweeping generalizations needs to be patched up on the other side of things.

    10) This is not restricted to the internet or computers, you can fark up your eyes from simply overusing them by being awake for an over-extended amount of time.

    9) Another that has always happened, and always will. It’s just that now people can look it up for themselves instead of waiting days to plot and doom themselves by talking to friends and family. You know how many times I’d been asked if I had strep just because my smokers cough was acting up?

    8,7,6) While there is some basis to these, the internet is not so much to blame, as general laziness of our culture.

    5) Really? You were surprised that people make stuff up for attention? Do you live in a bloody cave? Social Commentary – Social Knowledge =

    4) Ummm yeah. It’s called “being a teenage girl”. If not for FaceBook (which I personally loathe as a privacy concern, be it private or government snooping too much) they would just be driving themselves into this in the hallways. At least now it’s on public display for amusement of others.

    3) Not only are these incidents more few and far between than we are lead to believe. Although I do agree; being rude strictly for the sake of, is pathetic. But once again, what do you expect when you get people together? It’s like road rage, only digital.

    2) ULDs are bad, and that IS something we need to work on. I always use ergonomic devices however, far more comfortable and easier to use once you adjust to the way keys are spaced out.

    1a) I said it elsewhere, I will say it again: addictions do not exist. Either the criticism comes from an outside source (finger pointing, which is as bad as ), or the individual uses the addiction crutch to get the critic off their back. When you begin calling someone addicted, all you are doing is telling them that what they find important really isn’t. Internet, food, drugs, smoking, kicking puppies, whatever the example the case is the same.

    1b) Another fact to consider: There is a growing majority that creates their entire income with the internet. Be it working from home for a company, E-Bay, or any of the slew of musicians and artists who have gotten their start and expanded their fan-base strictly online. Some do it because of choice, others (myself included with this category) because their local economy or social environment is not sufficient for their needs. For me to spend 10hrs a day online, can turn into 14hrs worth of productivity.

    I think for me, the worst part of this article is that it treats the internet itself like a disease. If this was the intent of the author (if so: please unplug the cable, we do not need your hating kind here) or a simple error in voice (which is forgivable, and can be corrected in time) would make the difference. The biggest part of it is that the internet’s pool of information simply allows us to be stupid more efficiently, but this is not enough to combat the amazing good the net has (and will) accomplished. We can drive ourselves crazy(ier?) with the information we have access to now, or use it as it is intended to become more aware and in touch with what is going on in the world. No invention is good or evil, it is all our intent and how it is applied.

    Once again, all of this is in the common interest of mutual discussion for betterment of ourselves.

    I await your hate with great anticipation, oh people of differing views, and will even bookmark if anyone decides to engage in a logic war. 🙂

    (this site blocks a–, p0rn and stupi-? wow….there really are no words for that)

    1. CBomb
      CBomb at |

      Wow… way to seek out a battle when people simply don’t care enough to engage.


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