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  1. Nikhil
    Nikhil at |

    Hey, sentry rocks dude. He defeated hulk during world war hulk, wat more you want from him?

  2. JJ
    JJ at |

    Okay, I’m not sure if you mean the ten worst team players if so I could agree with you on some points, if you mean the ten avengers you actually think are lame then you truly have INFURIATED me, let me tell you some of what I think.

    Wolverine-Over exposed should have only stayed on one team.

    The Sentry-Over powered he seriously upstaged the rest of the team.

    Starfox-Too gross.


    The Thing, Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman-they are just not necessary avengers characters.

    I think these characters I just mentioned don’t really fit in with the other avengers team but I would never EVER EVER say that they are lame. As for U.S. Agent, Moon Knight and Swordsman they made fine Avengers not my favorites but they were still cool, as for the rest of your list I could say I agree.

  3. Relic
    Relic at |

    Here’s a few more lame-os :
    Paste-Pot Pete, Angus the Screamer, and a really obscure character, Goody Two-Shoes, who i think only had one appearance in the short-lived Thing series.

  4. Danial
    Danial at |

    Great to see all the Moon Knight love in the comments! 🙂

    For what it’s worth, the ONLY series where Moon Knight had multiple personality disorder was West Coast Avengers and Bendis’ latest run–a mere 32 of his 700-odd appearances. In EVERYTHING ELSE, the identities of Jake Lockley and Steven Grant are merely guises to gather information, and who’s to say if his visions of Khonshu are real or not. It’s never explicitly been explained.

  5. Xonus
    Xonus at |

    Cockroach didn’t even make the list? Really? All he could do was fly and stink. That’s like having Thor wear a bug costume and rip a cosmic fart!

  6. Ahsan
    Ahsan at |

    Us agent shouldn’t be put down he came is solely as a replacement for Cap Am or was on another Avengers team in Cap Am’ stead. I loved us Agent on the MIghty avengers, one of my favorite marvel teams! They shouldn’t have made him into a crippled has been!

  7. Xonus
    Xonus at |
  8. Pat M
    Pat M at |

    Ohh c’mon, really? You forgot Marvels salute’s to Yoko Ono and Persis Khambatta

  9. Tim
    Tim at |

    I could not stop laughing. This article was absolutely hilarious.

  10. Marcus
    Marcus at |

    There’s a lot wrong with this list. Swordsman has been revamped pretty well, and Moon Knight has turned into one of the coolest characters in Marvel. The two images you’ve shown of MK are totally awesome, so I don’t know who was in charge of making this list because, well…I’ll just assume he’s underpaid and indifferent.

  11. Keith Holm
    Keith Holm at |

    The concept of MoonKnight was great. The original comics before he joined the Avengers were oustanding. After a while Marvel made him nothing more than a Batman clone. If they would have kept the egyptian theme to him and got better writers it could have been a great comic character.

  12. Disgusted
    Disgusted at |

    Including Moon Knight on this list is the biggest noob mistake a writer could possibly make. I will avoid this website like the plague in the future.

  13. Ben
    Ben at |

    Moon Knight had powers. Look it up. US Agent, like another said, replaced Cap for a bit. He wasn’t intended to be CAP for the long run and there was some fights between them. He is more like Guy Garner, who is a GL that always pissed off Hal Jordan and the others. Arrogant and cocky, thinking he was better than the original.

    Moon Knight could be a good character, if done right. But he’s not really a top Marvel Character. But who knows what will happen with the Marvel NOW being slated to begin…

  14. Jhylla
    Jhylla at |

    If Starfox does get into an Avengers movie they could cast Matthew McConaughey.

  15. LoneWolf
    LoneWolf at |

    Moon Knight? Really?
    Hes not as mentally handicapped as your thinking
    You a fan of superman, well i hate him because
    He was created to be the most overpowered superhero but can be killed with a glowing green rock

    it depends on how you describe them
    do your research and you’ll find out that Moon Knight is one of the most awesome Marvel Heroes out there

  16. Modigliani
    Modigliani at |

    The writing of this was hilarious to me. Drew, if you have a Twitter, would like to follow and be amused.

  17. Richard
    Richard at |

    Several problems with this list:

    1. What makes the Avenger lame? Out-of-universe lack of originality or bad writing or art choices? Or is it in-universe redundancy, instability or inability to function usefully on a team? Either could make a good list, but mixing them confuses the issue.

    Sentry works for both sets of reasons, but most of the rest are one or the other.

    2. Factual errors make it seem like the author didn’t bother to do any research before posting this. Examples:

    a.) The Swordsman’s sword was given to him when he worked for the Mandarin, and contains energy weapons, including a repulsor beam, a disintegration ray, an electrical arc generator that can stun like a taser or kill, a flame generator, and gas nozzles that can release tranquilizing neurotoxin. In other words, it’s not one distance weapon, it’s several. Not knowing that makes it look like you based your criticism on looking at the picture, and nothing else. Also, under the “cool heroes get a meaningful death rule,” Swordsman dies protecting the Celestial Madonna from Kang the Conqueror, then gets temporarily brought back to life to father the Celestial Messiah. Fairly meaningful.

    b.) Moon Knight does have powers, derived from the Egyptian god Khonshu, God of the Moon, Time and Vengeance. For instance, his strength, agility and endurance are higher at night, and wax and wane with the phases of the Moon, so that at night during a full Moon he has fairly significant superhuman abilities. He also has visions of past and future events granted by Khonshu. Oh, and he didn’t join the Avengers. Khonshu did. Khonshu possessed Moon Knight and joined the Avengers after Hawkeye had been sent to ancient Egypt and prayed to Khonshu to get a message to Moon Knight in the present to rescue him. After Khonshu stopped inhabiting the Moon Knight’s body, Moon Knight quit the team. So he’d probably agree he works better solo.

    If you want to do an article about a subject, it helps to research it first.

    1. fdx
      fdx at |

      I may be mistaken but think the author was thinking about Moon Knight’s run with the Secret Avengers, and you were mentioning West coast Avengers, which is, by the way, a great comic book.

      The whole point of this top ten was to be funny i guess, but i agree with you that characters are not necesarily good or bad avengers, it depends mostly of the work of the writer and, of course, the affinity this particular writer has with each character.

      Also, a team of superheroes is often composed of a big number of second choice heroes, the idea is to give those heroes some light because they’re not popular enough to have their own title. Cyclops would be a good example of a character who only exists through the X-Men. So, in the case of the avengers, it’s quite logical to have a core of popular heroes (Captain, Thor, Iron-Man), and then a circle of “not so popular heroes” (that doesn’t mean that there are not good characters) like Black Widow, Vision, Black Panther…. And then another circle of “who’s left in the official handbook of the Marvel Universe who isn’t dead yet or can be resuscitated “. Gilgamesh and D-Man belong clearly in this last circle.

  18. Jake
    Jake at |

    Remove Moon Knight and replace him with Squirrel Girl


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