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  1. jaja at |

    You missed “Ubar” the legendary atlantis of the sands

  2. Stephanie at |

    I’m shocked there has been no mention of Camelot.

  3. Verdi at |

    The #10 in the post above is a mythical city, below link is another mythical city which believed by the native people in Borneo Island, Indonesia.

  4. Dennis Smith at |

    You left out Hoboken.

  5. Christos Djonis at |

    In regards to Atlantis, I truly believe that Plato created a moral fable around a real setting and a prehistoric civilization known to ancient Greeks, just as Homer did before him with the “mythical” city of Troy. Obviously, the fact that we still question whether this story is real, is due to the fact that no theory (amongst hundreds of the them) or past “discovery” produced tangible evidence, or a matching site for that matter, to convince us that Atlantis was ever real. Until NOW!
    In 2013, after more than 4 years of research, and rather accidentally, I was able to locate a sunken island that flawlessly matches Plato’s Atlantis. The chronology, every physical aspect of the topography, the volcanic geology, the flora and fauna in that period, the island’s destruction by a “great flood”, archaeological remnants of an unknown prehistoric civilization in the immediate area, and most importantly DNA evidence, all point to a genuine discovery.
    For a short description on this find, please click on the link below and go to our INDIEGOGO campaign (currently fundraising for a documentary) and see why there is plenty credence behind this claim.
    Of course, for more information, you can also look for my book “Uchronia? Atlantis Revealed”, which offers more in depth coverage on the subject. Looking forward to your thoughts.

  6. sourabh Joshi at |

    What about Mohan jo daro


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