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  1. marc
    marc at |

    No Death Star explosion? Really? Die Hard and Swordfish are on here but not the Death Star going WHA-BOOOOM ? That wasn’t just special effects mind you, that was a movie that was made when movies were all about being downers, and losers, and gangsters and the USA was still stinging badly from Viet Nam. That explosion gave us HOPE man, I might even be tempted to call it A New Hope for America. We were winners again and that movie picked us right up.

    1. auto devis
      auto devis at |

      You are right the death star explosion should be some where up there

    2. Clive888
      Clive888 at |

      Exactly what I was thinking

  2. 5minutes
    5minutes at |

    This list is far too dependent on movies made after 1990. It’s like explosions barely existed before that time. What about:

    1. The already-mentioned Death Star explosion? It was almost like a firework going up in celebration of hope and victory.

    2. The destruction of the USS Enterprise in Star Trek III? That scene was brilliant, showing Kirk’s brains and thirst for vengeance for the death of his son while simultaneously showing his love for crew. One of the few explosions I’ve ever cried for.

    3. The Bridge in The Bridge On the River Kwai. Victory bought with utter madness culminating in an explosion that brings about justice.

    4. Napalm in Apocalypse Now. Illustrating the callousness and recklessness of Lt. Col. Kilgore towards the enemy and the war.

    5. The Earth in Koko’s Earth Control. Fleischer Cartoon featuring Koko the clown and his mischievous dog Fitz, who discover the controls to the Earth. While Koko’s content to play with the weather and day/night settings, Fitz pulls a lever that says “if you pull this the world will end”. He does. And it does, complete with melting moons, Fitz fighting a tree, and Satan replacing Koko’s head. Not sure about the meaning, but it’s a lot of fun.

    1. tim
      tim at |

      these are all good examples also. I’d like to hrow in the suitcase bomb at the beginning of “The Untouchables,” even though this scene probably never happened in real life the fact that a little girl was holding it when it went off showed the unrestrained violence of prohibiton era chicago.

      1. jason stone
        jason stone at |

        that was my first thought when i saw the title…i know there have been other, more violent explosions with more casualties…but i saw The Untouchables at a fairly early age and it’s STILL top 3 of my favorite movies of all time..so it stands to reason that the bomb scene with the briefcase jolted me in a way that none have…should have been on the list…i thought Independence Day should have been higher for the simple fact that it’s a real landmark as the home of the leader of the free world and really puts it into perspective how dire the situation was in the movie.

    2. marc
      marc at |

      the very fact that the Death Star explosion was the first one mentioned should be some indicator of how important it is.

  3. ParusMajor
    ParusMajor at |

    I remember the exploding head from David Cronenberg’s “Scanners”…

  4. Louis Alexandre Simard
    Louis Alexandre Simard at |

    The embedded clip for die hard is not die hard but GTAIV

    1. TopTenz Master
      TopTenz Master at |

      We tell you that in the article and explain why we used it. We couldn’t find the movie explosion. Please provide link if anyone find it.

    2. Sylfreak
      Sylfreak at |

      Did you even read the article?

  5. ryanalf
    ryanalf at |

    Morrie Mage’s house in Thief. The movie company accidently actually blew up the house.

  6. allamerican1
    allamerican1 at |

    What about FightClub? That explosion changed everything.

    1. marc
      marc at |

      not only in the world the movie took place in but it had meaning in the real world too. The plan to destroy the credit card companies was intended to wipe their customer’s debt away. The 9/11 attack on the Twin Towers was NOT an attack on our freedom as some would simply prefer to believe but was instead an attack on the world’s economy. The only attack the terrorist’s could make that would truly have any meaning. A great parallel if you ask me.

  7. Folder
    Folder at |

    Hurt Locker has some really tense explosion scenes.

  8. schuyler
    schuyler at |

    Akira is a good choice, but yeah, you shouldn’t have left of the FREEKIN’ DEATHSTAR!!!

  9. yulerofegypt
    yulerofegypt at |

    WTF, no deathstar but you have this Tetsuo bullcrap?

  10. Gurn Blanston
    Gurn Blanston at |

    Summer in the City was recorded by the Lovin Spoonful. Don’t know if Cocker ever recorded it, but it was the LS version in the movie


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