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  1. Gerlaine
    Gerlaine at |

    Being different is definitely what makes us famous! Loving this post!

  2. Neil
    Neil at |

    You left out Ochocinco's most recent media excursion in which he told everyone he would be moving in with Carson Palmer, and that Palmer had no say in the matter, he was moving in. You also left out possibly his most bizarre and noteworthy debacle; after coming off a fantastic 2007 season he did absolutely nothing in 2008, screwing many fantasy owners out of much needed points that could have helped me win my league.

  3. Jared Stenzel
    Jared Stenzel at |

    Rodman didn't win it? Chad Johnson is just crazy.

  4. The Blackbird
    The Blackbird at |

    Without that French soccer player Zenidin Zidane, this list holds zero cred. It's not my favourite sport, but soccer is the world's most popular sport and its top players earn much more than their counterparts in North American major league sports, so it's safe to call it the world's biggest sport. Zidane, on the sports biggest stage in the World Cup final game, the pre-announced last game of his career, in a tie game against Italy, in extra time, allows the banter of an Italian defender to provoke him to head butt him and then be ejected from the game. France went on to lose that game on penalties, with the winning goal scored by the player who goaded Zidane into violent retaliation.

    This is the defining moment in the illustrious career of one of the finest soccer players in the history of the sport. Now that's what call bizarre.

    1. Luis Salado
      Luis Salado at |

      But that is one event that occurred where he lost his cool, generally he was a level headed player that graced the field and led his teams like a captian should.
      I dont think that qualifies for the list.

  5. loube
    loube at |

    DUDE! that CHAD JOHNSON story sounds like BS or they got a really slow horse! The current world record for a Quarter Horse going 220 yards, which is 1/8 of a mile, is :11.493 seconds. That works out to a mile in 1:31.94, which works out to a speed of 39.164 miles/hour. So they aren’t going 50 MPH when they pass the finish line. They’re going somewhere between 39-45 MPH. Theres NO WAY Chad BEAT a normal healthy athletic horse @220 yards, its humanly possible but not by Chad Johnson, Hussein Bolt or any other human out there…unless Chads a robot alien from myanus


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