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  • Mors_Ontologica

    It seems that most of you have forgotten what it's like to be human. Here's a suggestion: perhaps it is not the truths of things that matter as much as what our collective beliefs tell us about our own limited human sensibilities. After all, it is environmental functionality–however we manage it–that is the overarching concern here. Belief may be as close as most, or even all, of us will ever know (whatever the hell "knowledge" means). Here's what I mean: Darwinian Evolution, Creationism, cutting-edge atomic theory (most, but by no means all, of which resembles retrograde motion, and we all know how that turned out…), et alii ad nauseam, are all incorrect as facts, but they are not necessarily False; they are merely the best–albeit flawed–tools of understanding our existence we currently have to work with, and so work with them we do. With imperfect tools come imperfect results, so continually we improve our tools of comprehension in order to get less and less imperfect results. At the end of the day, no matter how much we learn, we are still slave to what we can only know by suggestion. As for my qualifications, I have none; I'm (obviously) a Humanist. I agree; don't feed the Troll, conquer it by letting it conquer you. My advice: try psychedelics.

    I hope for most of you that that last comment has biased you all against all arguments I have made here. After all, it would only be logical for one snide, off-hand remark (or the occasional grammatical screw-up) to utterly dissuade most readers from presented arguments. After all, iIt is the loudest arguments that win the day anyways, right? I know it's absurd, crazy, and probably irrelevant, but the posts and the people who write them might not be one-in-the-same; an argumenti argumentandi?

  • Nocturnesthesia

    1) Evolution has been proven.

    2) Impressive trolling, Dave Davidson.

    • Fred Thomlinsen

      Really? When and by whom?

      I truly thought the elusive “missing link” was still both elusive and missing.

      Evolution is still a theory and is disproven almost on a daily basis.

  • The problem here is, theists will always support ignorance and lies over truth and logic. Truth and logic are always fatal to any religion. So debating these morons is a zero-sum effort. The more one presents truth and rational thinking, the more they respond with stupidity and lies. I say deport all theists to some remote island where they can practice their insanity without attempting to impose it on people who can actually think for themselves. BY imposing their sick, twisted beliefs into law, they are demonstrating the intolerance that they claim to be opposing. This is hardly surprising considering that their religion, whatever it may be was founded upon lies, so why should they stop now? Show me a religion and I will show you the lies that were use to start it.

    Most of the problems of the world are, and always have been, caused by religion. Mankind will never truly be free until the black yoke of religion is lifted by the light of truth and rational thinking.

  • Timothy

    Lets add another: theory of organic evolution.

    Among many, many holes in the theory is the questions:

    Where’s the intermediate fossils to prove this-became-that?

    Evolution is a deception created by satan. It convinces us that we have no accountability before God. It is a teaching created by atheists to have a home, an alternative belief when they reject God.

  • There are Thousands of pieces of evidence for evolution in museums, schools, and laboratories all over the earth. How many are there for creationism? Not one. That only exists in the delusions of mentally-disturbed theists.

    There are intermediate fossils to prove “this became that”. That there are not is simply one more lie by you theists.

    There is no god. You have no proof of that, either. But you must enjoy displaying your ignorance to the world. For example, your statement that atheists “reject god.” How can you reject something that does not exist? Do you reject Thor or Paul Bunyan? For certain, you have rejected reality, intelligence, and education.

    Come on, show us even one particle of proof of god, creationism or any of your other delusions. The ball is in your court. But you will surely run and hide. The normal theists tactic is to pretend the question was never asked, then declare victory through the power of god. Every theist I have ever known has been a fool a liar, or a hypocrite. Very often, like you, they are all three at the same time.

  • Darris

    Notice how the majority of those are either before the scientific method, were never even accepted by scientists, and that all of them were proven wrong by ACTUAL science
    Like evolution for instance. Jeez you people are dumb
    Theories explain WHY something happens. Evolution IS happening you’re ignoring evidence to say its not. If you think the theory of evolution doesn’t explain the observed phenomena, explain it better and support your assertion. Or shut up.

    • Darris, I agree wit what you are saying. But you are using facts and rational thinking to convince people that rejected facts and rational thinking long ago.

      “Id you could reason with theists, there wouldn’t be any theists.”

  • Darris

    @thos: the facts the earth is warming and ig is probably due to increased greenhouse gasses. Namely: carbon dioxide.
    Homo neanderthalis didn’t evolve from cro magnon? Where did you get that? We each have a common ancestor, that’s how evolution always works. I saw a funny picture once. It was titled “wheel of creationism!” (Like the wheel of fortune) and the puzzle on the wall said EVO_UT_ON and two contestants are saying “it can’t be evolution! There are too many gaps! The answer to the puzzle must be “Creation!” Lol

  • Isaiah40:8

    James Smith, Get off the couch and get an education

    • Isaiah, you know nothing about me nor my education. From your comment I perceive that you are an ignorant person that thinks he knows everything even though he denies any proof is necessary.

      Show me one iota of proof of your god. I despise all religions, christianity in particular. Your religion has been the source of more human misery than any other source in history.

      Most of the problems of the world are, and always have been caused by religion. Think of Northern Ireland, the Mid-East, family planning clinic bombings, and the homophobic intolerance as well as the suppression of women. The consider the crusades, the inquisition, and the dark ages. Get the idea?

      Mankind will never truly be free until the black yoke of religion is lifted by the clear light of truth and rational thinking.

      • ajg the dumb ox

        Ha ha, Why was the Dark Ages the fault of Christianity? That is a good one! What is your thinking on that one?

        Why your concern over hundreds of years of “inquisition” that historically, factually hurt very few people and was a great improvement over not having inquisition courts? Less that 5,000 people kills is a great, great sin but consider it over hundreds of years and you better have something bigger target “historically”. We lost more in the drug war in Mexico over the last couple of years alone. That’s just silly.

        Sin is at fault and you find that everywhere.

        • James Smith João Pessoa, Brazil

          The dark ages was the fault of christianity because the church suppressed learning, science, and anything that might lesson its power over people. Those are facts. If you choose to ignore them, that’s more proof that you also choose ignorance and superstition over truth and human advancement. That’s not just thinking, it’s the way it is.

          What are you saying? That only 5,000 people murdered makes it OK? What about the thousands tortured and mutilated? Are those OK, too? Tell me, exactly when are murder and torture OK? When they are sanctioned and encouraged by a church, government, or social group?

          What sin? Things that your religion calls sin because it increases its hold on the gullible? There is only on true sin; hurting someone else unnecessarily. Everything else is invented nonsense.

          • Fabio Juliano

            @James Smith

            You are an extremely ignorant individual, as evidenced by your claims regarding the so-called Dark Ages, and just as arrogant. Individuals like you are dangerous, as evidenced by your proposal to exile theists (that is to say, your betters) to an island, and by the fact that ignorant, arrogant atheists of your ilk have murdered tens of millions since the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917. You are the one who is not fit to live in a civilized society.

          • Frederick Douglass

            The catholic church is not Christian. Real Christians were always pro-education and suppressed by the catholic church.

  • Russ

    Ooh, very interesting list. (:

  • Paul

    A few of these were never actually *scientific* theories

    • Trina Bowman, PhD

      The Big Bang theory, though a decent sitcom, is a sham.

      “Scientists” say that it happened once, all on its own, and has never been replicated. But all “other” science is built on provable, demonstrable facts.

      Nice try, guys. I see that you’re doing your very best to have people believe that anything other than God created the universe…even if we have to believe you and you faux science.

  • Tanya

    The problem with this list is that NONE of these are scientific theories. They are hypotheses. To be a theory, an explanation of phenomena must be supported by solid fact. Unfortunately, most people confuse scientific theory with the definition of “theory” as used in casual conversation. It’s sad but true that most Americans are scientifically illiterate.

    • James Smith João Pessoa, Brazil

      Tanya, sadly, you are 100% correct. even worse, the people that should be paying attention are too busy maintaining their willful ignorance to learn anything.

    • You should be even more afraid that us poor illiterates in the United States have control of nuclear weapons, Hyuck!

      • James Smith João Pessoa, Brazil

        As a matter of fact, many people around the world are worried about exactly that. When that moron George W. Bush was president, the worry factor went up a lot.

        Comments like yours raise it again by emphasizing that yes, there are still plenty of morons there.

        • Good to see Americans aren’t the only ones who stereotype. Welcome to the club and thanks for visiting

          • James Smith João Pessoa, Brazil

            It isn’t a stereotype if it’s true. Exactly what did I post that wasn’t true? The idea that “W” was a moron or that there are plenty of morons available? Maybe it was that many people around the world are worried that the USA has so many nuclear weapons and is the only nation to ever use them?

            Enlighten me or great one. what was not true?

            FYI, I AM an American, but perhaps facts are not really of interest to you?

  • TK

    “For example, famed scientist Louis Pasteur showed that maggots would not appear on meat kept in a sealed container, and the invention of the microscope helped to show that these same insects were formed not by spontaneous generation but by airborne microorganisms.”

    Wait, what? Maggots aren’t created by “airborne microorganisms”! They’re baby flies!

    Sheesh… I learned _that_ in grammar school…

    • darris

      Flies are airborne organisms.

      • TK

        No, flies are NOT microorganisms.

        From An organism that is microscopic or submicroscopic, which means it is too small to be seen by the unaided human eye.

        From Any organism too small to be viewed by the unaided eye, as bacteria, protozoa, and some fungi and algae.

        • Calabias

          some people see better than others.

  • what about Aristotle’s idea of Geocentric Universe? People have been believing in that idea for so long time.

  • Local Postie

    Evolution? Where is our redundant DNA?

    • James Smith João Pessoa, Brazil

      Renundant DNA? I’ve seem some really silly questions from creationists, but you’re near the top. In case you haven’t noticed, we have two parents. Each contribute to our personal DNA make up. The parts that are not included are truly redundant.

      • Local Postie

        No need to throw your rattle out of your pram James. Now if you really dig deep and do your research you will find that a study on pigs found that when they were released back in to the wild, after a time there redundant DNA switched back on and they grew larger, sharper teeth, tusks, harder leathery skin etc …. So basically they evolvedin to a Boar. Researching more animals and insects we found redundant DNA in most, which is DNA that has been switched off, no longer used. This is a great argument in favour of the evolution theory. BUT!! When human DNA was tested there was no redundant DNA found what so ever, no trail at all of any evolution. I have never heard a good explanation why not so thought I’d ask on here.

        • James Smith João Pessoa, Brazil

          Maybe you would like to quote some references for your “research”? Or are we supposed to be like theists and believe it because someone says it’s true?

          What you also do not know is that a boar is a male pig.

          Another thing you refuse yo understand is that evolution is proven fact. There are thousands of pieces of evidence in laboratories, museums, and universities all over the world. For creationism, not one piece of evidence anywhere.

          • ajg the dumb ox

            But creation is self evident. All this stuff in front of us came from somewhere and it was all created at somepoint. Why is it that the arguement is evolution vs. creationism? Any decent theoist believes that our creator created creation and how it evolulved or changed or developed, came out of that creation.

            In a previous note you stated that “Most of the problems of the world are, and always have been caused by religion. Think of Northern Ireland, the Mid-East, family planning clinic bombings, and the homophobic intolerance as well as the suppression of women. The consider the crusades, the inquisition, and the dark ages. Get the idea?”

            You should study your history. The Dark Ages, were not so dark. Study it sometime!

            The Crusades were a response to attacks on pilgrims by the Muslims who had in previously rooted out the Christians who lived there. You may remember that Muslim armies were for many centuries already attacking Eastern Europe and the Iberian Penisula. This does not justify anything but you have to be aware that there is a history to know more about.

            The Inquisition? Which one? How bad do you think it was? Have you ever studied it enough to find out how many people were actually killed because of inquisitions? Less that 5,000 by historical analysis. Check it out.

            You want to blame religion? In just the last century, we have seen killing by mass murder & wars (250 million) than all the previous centuries. Who caused this? Mao, Stalin, Hitler, Po Pot, and others. – they weren’t believers in God. Look it up.

            Now, incase you care at all, we are murdering over 30 million human babies every year! Brothers and sisters, and sons and daughters – killed. I wish people were either a little more religious or a little more humanistic (in the real meaning of the word).

            God bless you always.

          • James Smith João Pessoa, Brazil

            Creation is self evident? There is not a single bit of proof of creationism anywhere in the world. There are thousands of pieces of evidence of evolution in laboratories, universities, and museums all over the world. Only a self-deluded fool would believe something is “self-evident” when there is not proof at all.

            What theorists? What creator? Where is your proof of that?

            I have studied the dark ages and that’s when the church controlled most of Europe and suppressed learning, independent thinking, burnt heretics, tortured non-believers, and forced people like Galileo to recant obvious facts. How about you study that time from something other than a religious viewpoint.

            Tell me one thing I have said that is not true and provide proof. That’s a direct challenge. If you evade or ignore it, you’re admitting I am right and you haven’t a fact to follow.

            Your excuse for the crusade is nothing more than another lie promoted by Christians to cover up and excuse their crimes. Again, show some proof.

            All of the inquisitions. What are you saying, because it was only 5,000 people killed (again you offer no proof) that makes it OK? What about the ones tortured until they were maimed and crippled for life? They don’t matter?

            I am amazed you use that tired old Mao/Stalin/PolPot./Hitler lie. You’re wrong on every count. Hitler was a Catholic.

            “And so I believe to-day that my conduct is in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator. In standing guard against the Jew I am defending the handiwork of the Lordâ?? â?? Adolph Hitler

            In any case, all of those were doing the evil they did not because they were atheists, but because they were repressing any perceived threats to their power. This has been established so many times that I am amazed you are not embarrassed to even mention it.

            You must be referring to abortion. That is nothing more than a religious view and is not shared by everyone.

            What about the 27,000 children around the world that at this instant are dying of starvation and malnutrition? What is your non-existent god doing for them? Doesn’t he care?

            God bless you is very offensive. If I were a satanist (who doesn’t exist, either) and said I’ll sacrifice a couple of babies to Lord Satan for you, would you be offended?

            Stop spouting the theist nonsense and start thinking for yourself. Stop dodging questions and start providing proof.

            • This isn’t a reply to this comment. My site, in no way endorses the viewpoint of this guest. I am a Christian and his words and ideas are his own and he has a right to say them. I don’t agree with his hatred of religion, particularly of Christianity, but I will allow it to be posted on this site as long as it is said with respect. I did have to edit this post to remove insults and other aggressive language. But in the interest of free speech and because my God can handle it, I have posted it.

          • darris

            My bachelor’s is in history. The dark ages were pretty dark. Just not how some people think. The nonbelievers you listed should be revised. Hitler was a catholic. Read his book. Also, even if he wasnt, they didnt do it BECAUSE of their atheism. The Crusades were done BECAUSE of religion. That was the given reason. The inquisition didnt kill a lot of people… by SOME historical studies which were by and large funded and staffed by the catholic church. and even then they still tortured hugely more people for confessions. This is all just useless banter though because if the church is telling the truth and is all good and kind, they wouldnt have killed even one person right? The atheists at least dont say they are morally infallible by god’s whims while they kill millions. They were not “Muslim armies” they were arab armies which happened to have muslims. The crusades were a power grab by the pope at the time. Rome was faltering. Where do you get your history? It is irrelevant who started the crusades. His post didnt say christianitu started it. It said religion caused it. Islam is a religion, last i checked.

          • James Smith João Pessoa, Brazil


            I see that you ignored everything I said in the email. I knew you would resort to censorship because that is how religion survives. As I said then, what you consider insults are only statements of observed facts. As I also said, if those facts offend anyone, they should stop making absurd statements and start proving their claims.

            You god cannot withstand questions, facts, or rational thinking. Those are more facts, not insults. I challenged you as I have everyone to prove that anything I have posted is not true.

            I suspect your next step will be the extreme censorship of banning me. That’s the last cowardly refuge of someone that cannot withstand criticism, especially when it is supported by facts.

            • James, I am not going to debate you, for whatever reason you want to believe. Simply put, my mind and faith will not be changed and neither will yours, at least not by my hand. What is the point. If anything, you are becoming white noise by your repeated mantra of religion hating. I believe all your 7 or so comments are cut of the same cloth: religion and Christianity is bad, blah, blah, blah.

              We get it.

              You don’t like us (Christians).

              Move on, life is short, especially if you don’t believe in eternal life. (sorry, I couldn’t resist.)

              From now on comment on the actual list and quit trying to twist any list that mentions religion into your pulpit, pun intended.

              I’m also insulted that you resorted to the “dare” of banning you from this site and then calling me a coward if I do. Ugh, how cliche and unoriginal. If I had a nickel for every commentor who used that ploy, I wouldn’t need this site. I can’t ban anyone from reading this site. You are free and welcome to continue to read the lists at your pleasure. I would only ban commentors who are continually aggressive and insulting to the other commentors. Play nice and you can stay all you like.

              Do you sent at home yelling at the TV every time a show has a religious theme? Probably not, so keep calm, enjoy the site and respect the differences in everyone, which is the very thing you complain about concerning Christians. Be a good example for us and live in harmony. No one is trying to convert you, only God could accomplish that miracle so let the rest of us live as we please. You have written your peace repeatedly. It is duly noted.

              And as much as you hate it, I promise I will pray for you. This is the last I will write on this. We both have better things to do. We have both gotten our feelings on this matter out. It is closed and finished. I expect you to obey my wishes. There are other web sites that will gladly support your views and welcome your written tirades. This is not one of them, and that will never change as long as I own it. And that is a fact. Amen.

    • darris

      I dont see how redundant dna is necessary for evolution to have occurred.. we have plenty of unnecessary dna which i would lije a creationist to explain.

      • darris

        Im not talking to you anymore. Youre just making stuff up. Its dishonest. In Mein Kampf Hitler says not just that he was baptized but also that he believes his actions were in accord with “the almightycreator”
        His soldiers had belt buckles that said Gott mit uns. That means god with us.
        Seriously. He was Catholic beginning to end. Prat.
        I don’t know whether Stalin was baptized but after what i just read from you about hitler im not going to give you any credence. You need not reply to this. Shame on you for patronizing someone about their knowledge of history

        • ajg the dumb ox

          Dear Darris,
          Yes, you are correct historically about Hitler. Catholic through Baptism and childhood but clearly, historically as a young adult and from then on he rejected the majority teachings and doctrines of the Church and he was not a practicing, believing Catholic. No bad for all of us. He did not accept sacraficial love it seems. Nor to love God with all of your heart, mind, soul and strength and love your neighbor as you love yourself.

          But Stalin & Mao were believing, preaching, practicing atheists. Both responsble for more deaths each than Hitler. But why give atheists a bad name. Most are good people and there are bad Christians and bad Atheists. that is for sure.

          On evolution, why is there a belief that evolution and religion are opposed thinking? I know some believe in evolution and for them its proof that there is no creator. I know some religuous people that think creation had to be an instantaneous event so there could not be a human evolution.

  • ajg the dumb ox

    Yes its true that Hitler was baptised. So was Stalin. It didn’t stick.

    As for creation and evolution, they are not opposites. Why do you make them opposed to each other?

    Do you believe that the matter infront of you was “created” from something? Where did it evolve from? Answer the question – where did it come from? How did it start? From what? What was the cause to get it all started?

    God Bless you and keep you always.

  • no comment

    people who thinks that their ancesstors is from monkey actually an ignorance…how can monkey turn to human..can you believe it….it’s such a waste of time to read the ridiculous theory….try to think logically guys…

    • Lou

      @no comment: I was going to reply, but sari said it best (and earlier, if you had been paying attention-

      “If you actually took the time to read Darwin’s theory of evolution you would know he never claimed we came from monkeys. What he said was that we shared a common ancestor.”

      Now, can we bury the “man descended from apes” crap once and for all?

  • Local Postie

    Wow there is a lot of anger on here, I’m quite surprised I’m still getting emails on the same discussion. We’ve got Atheists and Christians debating, and let’s keep it a debate, not a small minded arguement please. I am a Christian, I also believe in evolution, but not the way it is commonly taught, I just believe species can adapt to there environments. I do not believe that one species can evolve in to another. And there is no real proof to prove otherwise.

    • Darris

      What do you consider real proof?
      I have a lot of real proof.

      • Well put. In fact, I was reading an essay by Isaac Asimov only a few minutes ago that mentioned this very subject.

        Do not be disappointed if your request is ignored. Theists never want “real proof” (a redundancy, is their false proof?) because proof would destroy their favored illusions. In fact, they often deny proof is necessary. They claim you only require “faith”. Faith and beliefs are the same. They are accepting as true that which has no supporting evidence and may have substantial evidence to the contrary.

        You cannot reason a person away from a position they did not reach through reason.

      • the dumb ox

        Proof that one species can evolve into another species or that a species evolves or both? Wow. God is amazing!

        • James Smith João Pessoa, Brazil

          Again, what god? Where is any proof of any god at all?

          What is amazing is that the god in which you profess to believe would have created humans with so much intelligence and than so many choose to throw it away.

          The stubborn stupidity I see in this thread makes me wonder if evolution has not started to backtrack. So many people decide to ignore all evidence and reject facts in favor of a badly-translated, politically-edited book of lies and myths that it appears that evolution was at least not evenly distributed among the race.

          • The dumb Ox

            James, Where do you say it all comes from? You have much greater faith than I do if you believe it all came from nothing!

            I only believe a creator created it, and then, God knows why, He became one of us. He even died for you. Jesus is real. That’s a historical fact. He loves you son.

    • the dumb ox

      There’s no reason a reasonable Christian cannot believe that God created us through millions of years if that is God’s plan. He created us. There is amazing proof that all was created, because it is here. Somehow it started. Somehow it started moving. Somehow it started growing and developing. We call that somehow the creator. But – then we found out that He loves us too. Nice!

  • the dumb ox

    Well said Local Postie.

  • Roger Bird

    You’re going to look foolish including cold fusion in this list.

  • Josh Johnson

    Oh geez. Why do I even read these comments anymore.

    Let me simplify things for everyone here.

    First, the religious believers: Science has come up with many things that can be readily verified, not just by others in the scientific community, but in everyday life. And in all honesty, much of it can be pulled into accordance with the Bible, if you are willing to listen and apply with open mind, rather than hold to the notion that a passage or statement can only be read one way (if that were true, there wouldn’t exist so many different christian scets) Example: God created the Earth in 7 days. But science has shown that Earth’s timeline is much greater than that and that many of its processes would require tens of thousands of years. This would seem in direct contradiction to scriptural word, BUT, science has also told us that the concept of a “day” is rather subjective, based on what planet you happen to be on, thereby providing a possible reconciliation. Perhaps Christ will come down and, while accomplishing the various prophecies, tell everybody, “Brethren, Darwin wasn’t actually that far off… I mean, we had to start with something…”

    As for you scientific atheists: religion is constantly mocked for being “behind the times.” But, whenever it does accept or apply change, whether in doctrine or policy, it is scorned for its “inconsistencies.” Wouldn’t it be tough if your beliefs were held to a similar standard? If the fact that Newton, Darwin, Tesla, Einstein, or anyone else proposed something that had to be modified or even disproved later made the whole world conclude that science was innately flawed? For all you know, another Einstein could come along in the next few years and turn everything on its head. So be a little considerate; Religion and philosophy have been trying to explain the universe a lot longer than scientific thought has.
    And hey, even if the Christians are right, they can’t prove it until the Apocalypse, and they aren’t even supposed to act smug about it.

    Let’s face it: No belief system – science, religion, or otherwise – has come up with all the answers. On top of that, none of us are likely to live long enough for anything to give all the answers. So, let’s just all live our lives according to our beliefs; If we desire to share those beliefs, let’s be civil and respectful about it, both on the sharing and receiving ends. Maybe even have a laugh or two at our own inadequacies and inabilities to understand the crazy world around us.

    • Calabias

      It maybe a waste of time to reply when most of the dialogue here is over 3 years old but I’ve a bit more time tonight than usual.

      Firstly, science is not a faith. It’s not a belief system or anything of the sort. It is a discovery or back-to-the-drawing board system that builds upon knowledge scaffolding. Now from the wording of your post it’s not for certain that you meant all atheists believe in science but it surely supports it. I would like to add that perhaps the majority do, it’s not a requisite to be a nonbeliever.

      About the validity between religion and science; neither can boast a wonderful history.

  • Asok Asus

    “Although it might seem a bit ludicrous today, for thousands of years it was believed that life regularly arose from the elements without first being formed through a seed, egg, or other traditional means of reproduction.”

    Uh, this one is still going strong, only now it’s called the THEORY of Darwinian Evolution, and “mud-puddle” has been changed to “seawater puddle bombarded by cosmic rays” and the time frame for “spontaneity” has been extended a bit.

    • Barry Gregory

      Except Darwin said nothing about any of that stuff. The theory of evolution by natural selection says nothing about how life arose. It describes how natural selection acts on living organisms, not how living organisms came to be. Learn what it is you are criticizing before you criticize.

      What you are talking about is the origins of life, called abiogenesis. There is no theory about this – not enough is yet known.

  • Laura Phillips

    The global warming sham is still paraded around by a wrongheaded, close-minded bunch like it has credibility.

    It’s been disproven again and again and again…

    • SuffolkBoy

      I’m not sure that the Anthropogenic Global Warming hypothesis ever attained the status of a theory, hypothesis or sham. It was set up as a fraud in the first place, justified (at least at UEA when I was there) under the “Noble Corruption” and “Common Purpose” principles. I was certainly a money spinner, even when its named changed to “Climate Change” when the climate started cooling. It fell down when the models continued to predict warming even when it was cooling, and then collapsed when the scandal over the falsification of weather station report was more widely publicized. The financial impact alone of the AGW fraud, measured in the trillions of dollars of public money, was many orders of magnitude greater than that of the P&F blunder, which was limited to costing some private venture capitalists a few million. The impact on “science”, as an endeavour largely respected and trusted by the wider public (in contrast to politics), has yet to be assessed by historians.

      • Barry Gregory

        Oh yes of course those Chinese climate scientists are lying to their government for the big money they will get. The payoffs in China must be huge if they are willing to risk the consequences to risk lying to the Chinese government.

  • Ronald Derkis

    I know global warming does not exist! Exxon, Mobil, BP, Chevron, Esso, Shell etc told me so. And why would they cover it up if it did?

  • Barry Gregory

    “these same insects were formed not by spontaneous generation but by airborne microorganisms”


    Insects are produced by mummy insects, not from airborne microorganisms