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  1. Moi
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    Cape Hatteras is in North Carolina, isn’t it? I’m fairly certain.

    1. Erla
      Erla at |

      Yes it is – along the Outer Banks.

  2. M.V.
    M.V. at |

    For me the sinking of the former dutch ship “Johan van Oldenbarneveldt” in (if I remember correctly) 1963.
    Only because my mother served on her for 5 years in the 50´s. The ship served in WO2 as a troopcarrier and after the war was refitted. From then on she brought dutch emigrants to Canada and Australia and on the way back she repatriated dutch for Indonesia. (the Canada/Indonesia leg through the Panama canal was most liked sinse there were no passengers).
    However at the end of the 50´s she was sold to a Greek company. They used her for cruises on the Mediterian.
    One day there was a fire which could get away fast due to bad maintenance and training.
    It became a scandal when it became clear the captain and officers were first to leave the ship without any concern for passengers and crew.
    Only a just few years ago the captain was set free from jail.

  3. Roman
    Roman at |

    Your shot of the Republic is the White Star ship, which was not a side paddle wheel ship. http://www.ecophotoexplorers.com/ssrepublic.asp has the correct image

    1. TopTenz Master
      TopTenz Master at |

      Thank you. We have corrected the image of the ship and linked to the source.

  4. Marco
    Marco at |

    Ken Marschall’s paintings, of the Titanic and Bismarck wrecks, never cease to impress.

    1. Marco
      Marco at |

      By the way, Ken Marschall has made an equally impressive image of the wreck of Andrea Doria as well: http://uwex.us/ADwreck.htm

  5. TheThe
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    Aw, no Indianapolis?

    1. Peter Boucher
      Peter Boucher at |

      Now the USS Indianapolis is not so much the fact the vessel went down in 12 minutes, but it was in the pitch black of the night it happened on the fateful July 30, 1945. The real tragedy of that were the survivors who spent 5 days afloat in shark infested waters. Thirst got to them and began drinking the salt water. In the movie “Jaws” where Quint the fisherman (played brilliantly by Robert Shaw), it was said that Steven Spielberg had to get top secret information from the military in order to shoot the scene about Quint telling about being a survivor of the Indianapolis. After the movie was released and shown, many survivors had to go to seek psychiatric help for “reliving” that tragic tale. 1200 men went into the water and 316 survived. It has been classified as the worst sea disaster in US NAVY history. The Captain of the ship was court martialed for not obeying orders to use a “zig-zag” pattern to get the ship back to safety. God only know what would have happened to the face of World War II had the ship been torpedoed while the bomb was still on the ship (The Hiroshima Bomb)

    2. nolan
      nolan at |

      I was thinking of the same thing. Also the date you posted this is the anniversary of the sinking.

    3. Jess
      Jess at |

      I agree! This should of been on the list!

  6. Anna
    Anna at |

    A truly amazing and unique ship is the Vasa ship, a 17th century ship that was raised and restored. It can be seen at the Vasa museum in Stockholm.

  7. Martyn
    Martyn at |

    What? No mention of the Mary Rose?

  8. PragmaticStatistic
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    You want to see all the above ships, and hundreds of other sunken ships, in a Google Map? Want to see some ships underwater in a Google Map? Want to see hundreds of abandoned ships in ship grave yards? Go to:


  9. rodii
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    I second the Vasa. And what about the sinking of the White Ship, which was the occasion for a generation of misery and civil war in 12th-century England. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_Ship ) I think you should expand your historical scope a bit.

  10. Luke Seamus Betts
    Luke Seamus Betts at |

    i would have thought the mary rose should be in there

  11. bgilboa
    bgilboa at |

    “Top 10 Most Famous Shipwrecks” vs. “The reason is because this list is not just about the most famous, but the most significant shipwrecks.” A famous wreck no one has heard of isa an oxymoron, but the author juswt another moron.

  12. Darby C. Reger
    Darby C. Reger at |

    I love them shipwreck stories.

  13. James
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    excellent work


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