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  • Angel

    The New Market Battle-Field is also pretty haunted, big War-era fan kinda. I love history so i loooove to research. I live close to there and it’s pretty creepy, i have heard storys of seeing soilders, hearing gun shots and crries of pain. It’s interesting to exprence paranormal activity.

    And if you could pick one person from the past who has died to come back to life, who would it be???

    For me it’s President Lincon!!!

  • Sarah

    Wilmington, North Carolina has quite a few haunted spots

    • SG

      My folks live in wilmington im headed up there for the holidays I’ll have to check it out

  • Dee

    How come of all these most haunted places list, none of them say Virginia? I mean, the Revolutionary War took place here and so did some of the Civil War. And besides, the last capital of the Confederacy was Danville, Virginia, at Sutherlin Mansion, which is now a museum, and yes, it is very haunted!

    • I live in Richmond and while it can have some creepy places at night most haunting stories are of the harmless variety. I don’t think we hold a candle to the places on the list.

    • Donna

      I agree Dee, I live in Virginia. Virginia should be up there at the top. Just came back from Key West though, we stayed at the Crown Plaza on Duval Street. I had an experience there with the sheets moving, me telling the ghost to stop moving the sheets and then he/she tucking me in gently. Never been touched like that in my life. The 5th floor is supposedly haunted. What an experience!!!

  • Selena

    Hi my name is Selena, and i am 12 years old…I like to learn the history on haunted and paranormal places…I like to watch ” The Haunted, The Haunting, and America`s Haunted Houses” on TV… I don`t know why, it is just really interesting to me. I do believe in all of this… and that there are openings to the place where evil and other spirits are… barely any good spirits haunt the living… probably because they want to live but they can`t and also cant or don`t know how to cross over. The last house i lived in was in 2003, and i was three… one night i got out of my crib and walked down stairs….then my dog came down stairs to see what was there… of course it was me but she sensed something else…. then she started barking. My mom woke up and went down stairs to see my dog barking at the tv and me staring at the tv, my mom called these kind of investigators to come and after they came, it all stopped, the barking, the shadows that we show, and me climbing out of my crib and going down stairs to stare at the tv. So that is why i am Probably into poltergeist, hauntings , and paranormal things.When i was watching tv once, the episode of ” Robert The Doll ” was on, and that was really interesting to see that, cause i have an American Girl Doll, and she used to move… and when i had barbie dolls, they used to be on a shelf near my bed, and when i looked up they were moving and kind of dancing.When i grow up i really want to get a tour on a lot of different haunted places.

    • Selena

      Selena is not my real name… i just want to keep my identity a secret!

  • Nick

    Surprisingly..several towns in Long Island, NY are pretty terrifying..LI is home to many old psych hospitals as well as the amityville horror murders

  • Crystal

    The doll creept me out…..


    Nice list of haunted places. Gettysburg has a number of haunted locations, and even haunted accommodation. The doll is really freaky, even has his own website.

  • Sara

    I’m surprised staten island, ny isn’t on this list. When I was younger I had a whole book with haunted places including the conference house where George washington had meetings in the 1700’s & it’s right next to an Indian burial ground which always creeped me out. The woods where crime families would dump bodies, historical Richmond town, etc. You truly can’t go to any part on staten island where there isn’t a story or experience.

  • rea

    oh i regret reading this..that doll will give me the jeebies tonight..almost peed my pants just reading this..
    Great list though..

  • Mecia

    I like this site. Robert the doll is fn awesome. I’d really like to meet him. Jeepers creepers. Lol! He seems legit. I had a doll experience once. Actually, I had most of my experiences when I was pregnant which was reeeeeeaaally creepy. For me AND for my baby. I still for the life of me can’t understand why lil instances that could have been mistaken for harmless coincidences, grew into STRONG, creepy, & volatile physical instances. I mean. I had doors and windows slam where my mom suggested it was the air conditioning.we started to keep the deadbolts & windows locked; doors closed. With only 2 ppl in the house, how do u then explain rattling dishes, slamming doors and windows, manual light switches flipping off, flying books, and that creepy creepy doll. My mom had this vintage porcelain faced doll with human hair, that sat in a wicker chair. She would always ask me. Why did u move my doll, why is she on the floor? It sat up perfectly in its wicker chair and there were no kids or pets in the house. It would be faced down in the hall or on the living room floor. It would be faced down on the wicker chair in a praying position. It would have one hand redted up on one side of the chair. Then the other hand on the other side the next. Stupid creepy. The doll had those plastic blinking eyes, when u lay it down the eyes closed. This things eyes seemed to move more than just up and down, but side to side. Watching us. I hated that thing. That was my first and only doll experience, until I went to the museum in LOVINGTON, New Mexico. I was to afraid to go to the second level. The floors felt like they were going to cave and they had a vintage doll room full of the creepiest dolls on PLANET earth. I had chills so strong. The only staff member was an old man who asked to show me around. Despite my efforts not to be rude, I followed my instinct and ran full speed out of there and cried all the way home. Lol! I thought for sure I wouldn’t make it. Smh.

  • Glendon Guttenfelder

    Florida is known for all sorts of haunted history, mysterious legends, and paranormal tourist attractions. If you are planning a trip to the “Sunshine State” and wanna see some of our dark secrets, use as your planning tool. We have listings of tons of free-to-see attractions all over the state!

  • TheRealTruth

    Forget all the 10 cities mentioned here…

    If you want to go the creepiest, scariest and most haunted city in the world, then you have to go to Istanbul, Turkey.

    Istanbul or “Constantinople” the only city in the world that sits on two continents, and where 3 empires rose to power (Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman Empires) and ruled the entire world and then came crumbling town.

    There are so many stories of the Mosques, Churches, Synagogues, and cemeteries being haunted with ghosts, and the infamous “Evil Eye” or “Nazar Boncu” originated in Turkey. There are so many evil eye, demonic and ghost stories about the dark alleys, streets and even along the bosphorous in Istanbul.

    I have heard more freaky stories about weird stuff happening in Istanbul than in any other city in the world, with Jerusalem being a close second.

  • Christian Miller-Bradley

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  • Pamela K. Kinney

    Try Petersburg, Virginia. Rest of the Tri-Cities area too. It even beats Williamsburg (not on this list either). But honestly, after I wrote Paranormal Petersburg, Virginia, and the Tri-Cities Area, the area really has it. How else I gotten five images? Plus more.