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  1. Pamela K. Kinney
    Pamela K. Kinney at |

    Try Petersburg, Virginia. Rest of the Tri-Cities area too. It even beats Williamsburg (not on this list either). But honestly, after I wrote Paranormal Petersburg, Virginia, and the Tri-Cities Area, the area really has it. How else I gotten five images? Plus more.

  2. Theneeds History
    Theneeds History at |

    Congrats! your work is featured on #theneeds #History! RT to spread the word

  3. Lucy Luehoo
    Lucy Luehoo at |

    Christian Miller-Bradley

  4. TheRealTruth
    TheRealTruth at |

    Forget all the 10 cities mentioned here…

    If you want to go the creepiest, scariest and most haunted city in the world, then you have to go to Istanbul, Turkey.

    Istanbul or “Constantinople” the only city in the world that sits on two continents, and where 3 empires rose to power (Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman Empires) and ruled the entire world and then came crumbling town.

    There are so many stories of the Mosques, Churches, Synagogues, and cemeteries being haunted with ghosts, and the infamous “Evil Eye” or “Nazar Boncu” originated in Turkey. There are so many evil eye, demonic and ghost stories about the dark alleys, streets and even along the bosphorous in Istanbul.

    I have heard more freaky stories about weird stuff happening in Istanbul than in any other city in the world, with Jerusalem being a close second.

  5. Glendon Guttenfelder
    Glendon Guttenfelder at |

    Florida is known for all sorts of haunted history, mysterious legends, and paranormal tourist attractions. If you are planning a trip to the “Sunshine State” and wanna see some of our dark secrets, use as your planning tool. We have listings of tons of free-to-see attractions all over the state!


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