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7 Responses

  1. Lymbe at |

    “I’m your huckleberry”. He quotes the best line in “Tombstone”, how could you have missed that?

    1. TopTenz Master at |

      I assumed everyone knew that as well.

      1. auto devis at |

        One of the best movie quotes ever

  2. rea at |

    i could just imagine the size of his poop after eating all that food..bigger than his biceps maybe..hahaha!

  3. ParusMajor at |

    The Rock isn’t my favourite wrestler (he can talk, but his “people’s elbow” as a finishing move is ridiculous), in fact I hate him almost as much as John Cena. Having said that, I’m a wrestling fan, so I found this list funny, because… wrestling. Yea. 😀

    “Who is your favourite wrestler, Sir Parus, if you don’t like The Rock or John Cena?”, you may ask. Well, thank you for asking, I will tell you: Antonio Cesaro. Close runner-ups: Dolph Ziggler, Leo Kruger, El Generico and Damien Sandow. You’re welcome. :)

    1. parusass at |


  4. Dwayne Johnson at |

    Only one man is the ROCK , and this is Johnson 😉


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