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8 Responses

  1. AVH at |

    Joshua Abraham Norton ( is a glaring omission on this list; I mean, who else of these people has inspired a Lucky Luke cartoon?

    1. JonnieDanger at |

      I was thinking just that. Now there was a true leader!

    2. dotmatrix at |

      Glory be to Emperor Norton!!

      1. Dustin Koski at |

        I would have been all over Norton, but he was used in another Toptenz list.

  2. jason stone at |

    one of the greatest tragedies i ever witnessed was the Branch Davidian Compound standoff involving the very delusional David Koresh…not sure if he belongs on this list…but he certainly was at fault for many lives lost and had many claims of prophecy.

  3. Meligion at |

    “in the 1830’s William tried his hand at power by pretending to be a French king, specifically the late Louis Charles de Bourdin XVII”

    Louis Charles de Bourdin XVII ?? Never heard of him…
    Maybe you meant Louis Charles de Bourbon ?…

  4. Javier at |

    Here you have another: Orélie-Antoine de Tounens, King of Araucania and Patagonia. His family still claim rights over southern Chile and Argentina.

  5. rui at |

    Nice site enjoyed reading what is written here … congratulations


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