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  • ParusMajor

    Damn! I’m over 31 and I still love wrestling… What about Kane in “See No Evil”, btw?

  • The REAL Ghostbuster

    What about Stone Cold Steve Austin in “The Expendables?”

    Or Undertaker & Hogan in “Surburban Commando”?

    And Big Show in “Knucklehead”?

    • If I included Suburban Commando, then No Holds Barred would have demanded a spot as well. And there just wasn’t room. Also, F me for not remembering Stone Cold was in The Expendables!

      • RomanClark

        F U indeed.

    • soulfuel

      Macgruber is the best

  • Lou Lange

    Jesse Ventura was also in “The Running Man” as Captain Freedom.

    • I thought about including The Running Man, but I already had a Ventura/Schwarzenegger entry which I happen to enjoy more. (And Ventura’s role was a little meatier in Predator.) But a solid movie nonetheless!

  • Bane

    re: #3, not that surprising that Jesse Ventura was convincing as a macho special forces commando. That’s what he was before he became a wrestler. He was a navy seal in vietnam, so for him predator was probably less of a stretch that wrestling!

    • DrSnide

      Jessie Ventura was never a Navy Seal – he was a Navy Frogman. The SEAL community is actually quite miffed about his repeated claims to the contrary. The frogmen did not combine with the SEALs unitl 1983, long after Ventura was out of the Navy.

      Nor did he serve in (let alone see combat in) Vietnam. In January 2002, Ventura, who had never specifically claimed to have fought in Vietnam, disclosed for the first time that he did not see combat. However, Ventura, who was stationed at Subic Bay in the Philippines, was awarded the Vietnam Service Medal, which was given to military personnel who took part in the contributions to the war effort in Vietnam.

      I guess as one might expect with a former pro-wrestler, Mr. Ventura has been known to stretch the truth a bit.

  • john louis

    Did anyone remember Ox Baker in Escape from NY.?

    Didn’t the Japanese wrestler Toru Tanka star in Gold Finger as Odd Job. Wasn’t he also in The Running Man? I also thought that he was in a Chuck Norris Film.

    Here’s one from obscurity, the coach in the movie KEZ was a professional wrestler.

    There were a number of pro-wrestlers in The Adam Sandler remake of the longest yard including: The Great Kali, Goldberg, Kevin Nash and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

    Randy Macho Man Savage was in The first Spiderman movie (The one with Toby Maguire)

    Terry Funk was in a wrestling movie with Sylvester Stallone called Paradise Alley.

    Of course there was a documentary about the original Shiek called, I Like To Hurt People.

  • john louis

    1. Randy Macho Man Savage in the first Spiderman movie

    2. Ox Baker in Escape From NY.

    3. Terry Funk in Sylvester Stallone’s Paradise Alley.

    4. Kevin Nash, Goldberg, Steve Austin, the Great Kali etc. in the Adam Sandler remake of the Longest Yard.

    5. Toru Tanaka in The Running Man

    6. Tosh Togo as Odd Job in Goldfinger

    7. Antonio Inoko in the Bad New Bears Go To Japan

    8. Big John Studd in Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man

    9. King Kong Bundy in Moving

    10. Chris Jehrico and others in McGruber

    • I thought about including Spider-Man, but Macho’s role was a little too thin to usurp the rest of the guys on this list. I thought The Longest Yard remake was atrocious, though I appreciated how many pro-wrestlers they crammed into that thing.

      But damn me for excluding Escape From New York. That probably should have made it in there.

  • Rob

    For Dwayne Johnson I would have chosen his role as an effeminate mob tough who really just wants to be a dancer in “Be Cool”.

  • Harry

    Man, I haven’t seen ‘They Live’ for years.

    ”I’m here to chew gum and kick ass… and I’m all outta gum…”


    • I just watched it last month. It doesn’t hold up well over time, but the cheese factor still rates off the charts. Enjoyable from that standpoint.

  • ParusMajor

    George “The Animal” Steele (a.k.a. Jim Myers) was a teacher by profession, btw. Check this out:

  • Ned

    No one mentioned a recent movie which was better than at least half of these. “Warrior”. Kurt Angle had a small part as a UFC fighter.

    • I hadn’t seen that one prior to writing this list up, otherwise it definitely would have made it into the top 5.

  • ParusMajor

    “The Wrestler” (2008) with Mickey Rourke also had many real wrestlers playing themselves, mostly from the ROH wrestling organization (Austin Aries, The Truth Killings, Claudio Castagnoli, John Zandig, etc.)

  • David Verney

    I was expecting to see Hulk Hogan a little higher in the list

    • I just re-watched Rocky 3 for about the hundredth time this weekend. I first saw it as a teenager and I still love it. Hulk Hogan stole the scenes he was in and Mr. T did the same.

  • Yo

    Necro Butcher in the Wrestler.
    Kevin Nash in the Punisher
    Kurrgan in Sherlock Holmes & Get Smart.

  • Jim Ciscell

    Here is a reference that no one managed to mention. Pat Roach (a former pro wrestler) was in all three of the original Indiana Jones movies. He frequently was a big meaty guy who got killed. His fight scene was cut in Last Crusade but he was killed twice in Temple of Doom and is perhaps most memorable for being the mechanic Nazi cut to ribbons in by the propeller in Raiders. The big Russian that fought Indy in Crystal Skull was a specific homage to Pat Roach.

  • jason

    what about steve austin in the condemned ?