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  1. Bobby G
    Bobby G at |

    “Ride With Coyote” is a new Spaghetti Western scripted pod that’s pretty dark; but I like stuff like that. I think it’s on podbean and itunes.

  2. lucas
    lucas at |

    “Welcome to Nightvale” would have been my number one and my number second would be “Critical hit”… Don’t forget to check out Websters word of the day for the word game lovers!

  3. Lisa S
    Lisa S at |

    I’d like to ask for an updated list… please??? …since this is so old that there is no Welcome to Night Vale on this one.

  4. Dya
    Dya at |

    I’ve just listened to the latest episode from the The Verbal Shotgun Effect (episode 6 I think). Well worth a listen.

  5. fakhouri
    fakhouri at |

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  6. tom
    tom at |

    There is an app called “This American Life with transcript”, “”, you could read transcript while listening the audio

  7. Dave
    Dave at |

    Train by day, Joe Rogan Podcast by night, all day!


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