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  1. sunny beach
    sunny beach at |

    I’m going to create a larger ball of twine so I can get money off a tourist gimic.

  2. larry bozah
    larry bozah at |

    the london bridge was brought by a stupid american guy that thought he was buying tower bridge.


  3. Tanya Bennett
    Tanya Bennett at |

    There is the 'Devil's Rope' museum in Maclean, Texas. It's the "largest barbed wire historic museum in the world". It displays different kinds of wire, and tools used to make fences. It has some crazy sculptures made out of barbed wire.

  4. marlie larson
    marlie larson at |

    hi i would love 2 go 2 dinosaur park 1day

  5. pliskin
    pliskin at |

    Why not add Wall Drug to your list… They have more billboards than carter has pills… So stop in and have some free ice water. It is about 60 miles east of Rapid City South Dakota.

  6. Skate Shoes
    Skate Shoes at |

    Cool list…Lucy the Elephant is surprisingly spacious inside!

  7. bananna pancakes
    bananna pancakes at |

    It’s such a boring drive all the way to Wall Drug, and they keep reminding you how much further it is the whole way. It makes the drive seem even longer.

    There’s a petrified wood attraction with fake dinosaurs and ladders leading up into the sky somewhere in New Mexico that we stopped at once. Total waste of time but it breaks up the trip!

  8. Shailesh
    Shailesh at |

    I love Jurassic Park which can be found just outside of Rapid City, South Dakota. On a hill overlooking the city, dinosaurs made out of brightly painted green concrete stand ready to spring to life.during the Depression. The five dinos, which include a Triceratops and Tyrannosaurus Rex, are life size and can be seen from miles away. While they will not eat any on-lookers they are sure to entertain. so many places also interesting to see.

  9. Rob
    Rob at |

    As a kid traveling with my parents I got to see some of the items on this list (Paul Bunyon was awesome as a child) and most of the rest traveling with my wife and kids. The only ones I haven’t seen, so far, are Lucy the Elephant and the Paper House. And although this is a cool list I have to say that some of the best road side attractions in this country are not man made at all but natural occurrences. Nothing on this list can compare to standing at the base of the General Sherman Tree in Kings Canyon National Park and trying to see the top, or peering over the edge of the Grand Canyon into the river below to name a few.

  10. Eric Colvin
    Eric Colvin at |

    I got to say,
    Some other places outside of Rapid City is Reptile Gardens.
    It has the largest display of Reptiles and Birds anywhere else
    It also has like a tropical dome to see all kinds of plants from
    different bioms


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