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  • Sicko

    Tyrannosaurus did not coexisted with men

    • I am fairly certain the writer was using humor not science to make his point.

      • alise

        Humor yes, spelling, no. "throes" of passion would be better than "throws" of passion, and much less painful.

        • Depends who you ask, I guess. S&M is an option. 😉

          Thanks, Alise. I have made the correction.

        • A6M4

          haha throes of passion would be something entirely different lol

          “a hard or painful struggle”

      • Paul

        Still, it doesn't help propagating these myths time & time again….

        • I can't believe anyone seriously thinks dinosaurs and humans were living at the same period. Does anyone believe this? Please chime in.

          • Mike

            I can't believe that the Flintstones would lie to us.

          • RnBram

            Well, there were NO dinosaurs alive even in the earliest moments of Homo sp evolution, but there were many threats, often from the Cave Man who's woman you were (evolutionarily speaking) hoping to impregnate… or just enjoy. Let's hope she enjoyed it too. Sex should be for fun, and procreation should be a decision.l

          • joe

            well you should go back to school buddy. both of you should. because we did live with dinosaurs in early stages of the homosapien. and we still do today. ie. crocodiles and alligator to name the obvious. you both just assume living with dinosaurs means we have a t-rex or some other **** you saw in a movie. there are waaaay more out there.
            go to school, get your facts straight.

          • Moose

            @Joe; were you home schooled? Did Mommy teach you those “facts”. But I digress.
            There is no fossil record of any dinosaurs past the end of the Cretaceous Period, roughly 65 million years ago. Current accepted theory is that the oldest known fossil identified as a bird is still the dinosaur-like Archaeopteryx, from the Upper Jurassic, so birds are descendants of dinosaurs, not dinosaurs. Crocodiles and alligators are CLASS REPTILIA, (reptiles) ORDER CROCODYLIA, NOT dinosaurs. The earliest Homo Sapiens of record are roughly 500,000 years ago (can you do that math? Its BIG numbers), with the first human ancestor’s fossil record at 2.5 million years ago.

            Perhaps you are the one who should consider revisiting school.

            Interesting debate for a HUMOR article.

          • RnBram


            Dinosaurs, alligators and crocodiles are Reptiles, but alligators and crocodiles are not dinosaurs.
            “Dinosaurs” refers to the members of the extinct Orders Saurischia and Ornithischia (mainly of the Mesozoic Era). Crocodiles and alligators belong to the Order Crocodilia.

            The scientific naming system works from broadest group to narrowest. Kingdom, Phylum,Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species. All three of the above are Phylum Chordata (back-boned animals) and Class Reptilia (cold blooded, 3 chambered heart), but then belong to very different *Orders*.

            So, arguing that Crocodiles are Dinosaurs is like saying of Mammals (a Class) that whales, dolphins and porpoises (Order Cetacea ) are the same as pigs, hippopotamus, camels, giraffe, deer, antelope, cattle, sheep, goats (Order Artiodactyla: even-toed ungulates).

            All you had to do was check Wikipedia – it is a pretty safe source on things like this.

          • el

            oh for crying out loud, there’s a guy in this post who seriously thinks that crocodiles are dinosaurs, do you even have to ask?

          • Moose

            Earl; you seem sad too, and a little defensive. Studies show that home schooled kids run the range of very good (devoted, disciplined parents), medium to higher income affected the outcome up, to people who were totally ignorant. I was thinking Joe may be towards the latter, but he is trying. The religious fundamentalists tended to test the lowest in the sciences.

            P.S. Good for your son.

          • annie

            hey you guys……we are talking about sex here not dinosours or reptil
            you all are too serious !

        • Dave

          'Propagating these myths'? Surely there'd have to be even a shred of believability about it for it to count?!

          • Yes, thank you Dave. That was my point. Sometimes people can be too serious and overlook the humor.

          • Earl

            ** This is in Reply to Moose***
            Moose you commented that Joe was homeschooled and hinted that because of that, he might not have been as bright or smart as you or the “regular” people….
            Guess what “moose”…my 21 year old son was “homeschooled”….he went in the US Army , and he is now a computer programmer….what have YOU done with your education?….do not criticize something you know nothing about.
            homeschoolers are some of the most educated and brightest students in the world!

    • wes

      u were there?

  • Dr. Dean Edell sites circumcision as a factor in premature ejaculation.

    • Now you tell me!

      • Susan

        Dean Edell is a charlatan, & has been telling lies about circumcision for years.

  • rockinrich

    A picture of Amy Winehouse will squash my libido every time. Also, not an image I'd want to think of during sex.

    • Craig

      Then you should see her now.

  • yeah

    It is no myth that inbreeding causes a much higher risk in the developing of genetic abnormalities. Basic freshman genetics shows how the combination of similar genetics produces offspring that will have a terrible immune systems and a higher change of genetic disease.

    • i know, right

      point #5 is retarded and dangerous

      for one good reason to seek broader pastures before sowing your wild oats, read

      for example.

      • alfalfa

        did you REALLY just cite wikipedia as your source of information? that’s scary.

        • mitha

          So you are preferring some random humor-site to wikipedia? God please no…

    • John Samer

      it only increases the chances of genetic diseases and deformities provided that these traits run in the family line. What you’ll find is that Caucasians and generally people from predominantly Caucasian countries generally have a higher risk because of the sheer number of bad genes in the family line. This is because of the rich marrying diseased or deformed people off to other families to make business agreements between families many many years ago.

      In places like South America, Africa and across Asia you’ll find that there are very few family lines with genetic diseases and they are perfectly fine to inbreed.

      • Deuce

        Why are children from Pakistani parents (over 70% are 1st cousin marriages) overrepresented in special needs schools in the UK then? Especially the “rat-faced” children.

        • Sean

          Ever heard of arranged marriages? Hundreds of years of arranged marriages and a segregated population will lead to a diminishing pool as well.

          Put it this way, the US State of Illinois only permits first cousin marriages if both parties are past child bearing age. This means much more for the woman of course, but the point is made first cousins should be having kids.

          • Sean

            Excuse me, should not be having kids.

            The author of this post really needs to check his facts and not rely on one poor scientific study because they have to hots for a first cousin.

      • Sean

        Seriously, 30 years is only one generation. Hardly any time to study the affect of inbreeding. You can study thousands of children of the first generation and see nothing simply because they are carriers of a recessive mutation.

        Now look over a significant time period, say of a few hundred years of that of the Hapsburg Empire. This the time when nobility was traded off and cycled around for political gain. What you see are increased rates of familial hemophilia and dwarfism. This was caused by a ever-shrinking genetic pool. Inbreeding causes the genetic pool to shrink even faster.

        So yes this common is exceptionally dangerous and ill-informed. But then what do you expect from a computer nerd who ignored basic biology?

        Have fun sexing your first cousin while I’ve successfully spread my white seed into the one the most genetic diverse genetic pools on the planet – the Koreans. Just think of how many times that peninsula was invaded. Of course there is no such thing as “Korean’ any longer, just don’t tell them that.

        • Snagglepuss

          No more than most other countries in history, and especially not as much and England.

          So English people don`t exist either?

  • josh p

    I Like Sex

  • Jorge

    haha, "The threat of a Tyrannosaurus charging while in the throes of passion"

    men and dinosaurs never coexisted.

    nice top ten list 🙂

    • Ozzie

      I think the Author and the REST of us know that!…I don't know about you BUT I "Sensed" a hint of Humour in it…

  • J

    A whole story about sex and the predominant fixation of many commenters is spelling and dinosaurs. *shakes head* 🙂

    • William

      At least the comments aren't about sex with dinosaurs. That would be a whole new level of bestiality, wouldn't it? Love this list and all of the others.

      • Uber

        The sad thing about the T-Rex is his arms were so small… couldn't even masturbate, no wonder he was angry all the time.

        • annie

          this is what i called a joke !
          give you 10 !!!!

  • Popejimbo

    I really do hope that the writer was only being humorous when he suggested that the reason that guys only last 5.4 mins is because they couldn't be caught out if a Tyrannosaurus attacked. There are far too many creationist cretins that do indeed seem to have deluded themselves that dinosaurs and Humans did co-exist. Lol

  • Me

    "The threat of a Tyrannosaurus charging while in the throes of passion, was enough to make him even quicker, which is why anxiety is still one of the leading causes of PE."

    The fact that you even threw this line in as a joke casts a huge shadow of doubt over the validity of all claims made in this article.

  • kesroesweyth

    54% + 43% + 4%… equals.. um. Not 100.

    I realize these numbers are rounded, but did no one thing to post more specific numbers for the sake of basic addition?

    • Blaze

      dude, it’s only one percent off…….. if they are rounded, they are going to be a little off.

  • j

    BS! women find green cars sexy?!

    • sam

      Actually, it said they are expected to, but still find big, powerful ones a better turn-on

  • what?
    are these miths?
    lol 🙂

  • Cool!!!! ) "No.2" +1

  • Tonyknuckles @113tid

    Great tool for keeping up with the misses…

  • addi

    this article really open my mind about sex myths

  • jack sprat

    TopTenz Master wrote: ” One way to improve your odds of having more sex, is to marry multiple times. However, the stress of all those marriages/divorces just might toss you right into an early grave, leaving you with even less sex! ”

    At last, an explanation for what happened to Little Joe! We miss you, oh! serial matrimonialist.

  • Tess Isaac

    It is obvious that a male wrote this. It is male-biased. while it is humorous, it is also disappointing.

  • Website Optimizer

    does my name is kelly count as a tramp stamp?

    • James

      when i saw that i could not stop laughing! made it better that her hair was out of the way so that the “lucky” guy she was pleasuring could read her name. haha

  • thelamest(dot)com

    there’s been some seriously braintarded people who’ve commented above me.

    PS: T-Rex wasn’t around when man was but unicorns were

    • Rarely do I LOL, but I did this time. Awesome comment! When are you writing for us again?

  • krs360

    “43 percent designate just a few fantasies spread out over the course of a week.”… I call BS

    • Greg360

      No doubt, obviously these men were lying to make themselves look good! Maybe not every seconds, but at least once a day every man has a sexual thought

  • Mr.Tampon

    And the biggest myth is that sex is pleasurable. Unfortunately, it is not… Nothing more than a mere hormonal urge.

    • BS

      Erh.. The hormonal urge makes you have sex, which stimulates you and feels good..

      what do you call pleasurable? I for one enjoy sex. You should read point one again and try to enjoy it more.

  • well

    I think you might have your historical data a bit confused on that last one. Humans may have had some time to fight Saber-Toothed Tigers, but it’s highly unlikely that we ever fought dinosaurs. . . . The ancestors of ours that did are very far from being considered human in any way.

  • Moose

    That one about premature ejaculation is BS! Just BS! Oh, Oh, OOOOOH ….wait…. too late, maybe it IS correct….

    /Slept with a Tyrannosaurus once in Reno.

  • Penelope

    I read the list and laughed. And by the time I got to the end of comments, I was shaking my head at how dumb some people sound. Seems like every other one was saying, “Uh, DUH, dinosaurs didn’t exist with people.”
    OBVIOUSLY you haven’t seen Ice Age. I mean, the baby in the first movie and the T-Rex in the last one? It was a true story from the past! You know all movies are true.

  • Mack

    The number of times men think about sex thing seems way off the mark. Age plays a big part in it. I am 24, and probably have some sort of sexual thought dozens to even hundreds of times in a day. I know I’m not alone either. Some days can be more than others, depending highly on environment, but it doesn’t take much for sex to cross the mind. A pretty woman walking by, or a billboard. How can these numbers be accurate when advertising plays on sex all the time, as a means to successfully sell a product. Means sex is around us constantly, and thus we are thinking about it all the time.

    • RnBram

      Mack, double your age and, if you are healthy, you will still be thinking about sex every day. That said, some men your age think about it far less. Variation is the name of the game… averages do not mean much…. but be sure you marry a woman who likes sex as much as you. That means 5 and 25 years after you commit.

    • See how Puritanical ‘Victorian’ that is – women are pure ethereal creatures who never think of s*x even when they’re using their latest vibrators, while men just can’t keep their dirty thoughts out of the farmyard for a few seconds.
      I reckon both sexes feel about the same ‘would love to be all over each other’ but women feel embarrassed about the physical and emphasize the romantic cuddle and men (especially young men) feel embarrassed to admit they really enjoy more than wam-bam-that’s-it-ma’am. Ask a few teenage girls about sex and they’ll probably give the same answer as boys “because they’re tough and independent and no pushover just like boys innit?”

      And about ‘five minutes’ – Imperial Chinese reckoned 3 hours was pretty pathetic, but he shouldn’t be in her until she’s orgasmic anyway, so he’s working up to it from the moment she starts her orgasm and for her it’s internal explosion all the five minutes he’s getting there for his pretty pathetic few seconds of – that’s stuffed it fo rthe next hour or two.

      • RnBram

        @sensualist – exactly. There are women who DO understand, and are happy to advise and contribute. One was my first lasting girlfriend, who puts the lie to most of the above post. I thought others were like her sexually, and left her in hope of other things in a relationship. I could do everything subsequent women loved, and had never before experienced, but they could not reciprocate without feeling ‘dirty’.

        The things I did not like about that first woman, in hindsight, were entirely forgivable and manageable. Damn.

        How anyone views and behaves in sex depends on what ideas they believe â??implicitly or explicitlyâ?? about Men, Women, Sex, Morals and even the Universe (is it a mystical place with a Sky Daddy who dictates morals and watches everything you do? â??that would scare me quick).

        In the increasingly famous and successful Atlas Shrugged, by Ayn Rand, the two primary characters, Dagny and Hank, finally get together and make love. Rand, in her characteristic genius, has the character of Hank be the one who is appalled at the ‘depravity’ of their sexual behavior. He starts ranting about it, insulting Dagny in the process. Seeing through his ideas on that subject, she eventually laughs. Her reply? “I am more of an animal than you think”.

        Human beings ARE animals, physically, but our conceptual nature sets us as apart from animals as mobile animals differ from immobile plants. Sex with a truly valuable partner *uses* our animal constitution to enjoy the physical elements of life, WITH our own spiritual view. ***Spiritual, only in the sense of how we view our life (as named above), not in any religious or heavenly sense.***

        Sex should be indulged in and experimented with. Many things porn stars do, are not depraved.

        • Sensualist

          Don’t refer to porn stars please, because there is nothing that feminists despise worse than women without a care if they get paid to wet themselves or masturbate with a machine on camera and maybe get an extra thrill from the thought of all the men (and a few women) enjoying it, that men would find no problem with, mostly enjoy.

          Try to get get a feminist to admit that women can enjoy sex just as much as men and traditionally has far more freedom to do so and you walk back 100 years. Women may be ‘equal’ and ‘suppressed’ by ‘patriarchy’ denying their sexual expression like men (strange that, when men have always accepted being subject to laws and conventions over not treating women too overtly sexually that women have never faced with men), but those are the first women to denounce all others as at best cretinous ‘objects’ of male exploitation and at worst something akin to African slave traders when they admit to enjoying sex as equals with men without any sense of inferiority, and to making a fast buck of it where men can’t.

          Some women say that they are such sexless ethereal moral superiors to ‘animal men’ that they do not want equal pornography. If that’s their case and men are so much more sensual, then they no more have the right to impose their views on men than men do on them. My experience of women I’ve actually known instead of the loonies infesting the Internet, is that they are equals, just as ready to enjoy sex and porn as men – but in a much better position to do so without condemnation – except from sour-puss ‘feminists’ who’ve always been there telling girls they should be ashamed of themselves for ‘giving it away’ to boys and they’ll be sorry when they grow up.

          The ones I knew have grown up and it is only the ‘feminists’ who are sorry to relate to men as sexual equals, trying to make their daughters and granddaughters even sorrier for ot being the ‘inferiors’ that ‘feminists’ command them to be.

          The website isn’t really ‘mine’ but I kind of inheritted it and am trying to keep it alive as a kind of ‘Left Opposition’ to conservative subversions of liberal values like Communism and Feminism.

          • Richard Bramwell

            I think Sensualist knows I was not advocating the *mental* issues of porn stars, and not even all of the activities they engage in, many of which are degrading & disgusting. Rather than detailing every possible sexual activity, I used the term was a convenient short cut. Maybe I should have said “Every woman should be an angel, but a slut in the bedroom” . . . but that is ridiculous. A slut is not a slut because of the actions she performs in the bedroom: she is a slut because she cares not who or what she has sex with.

            The “porn star” vs the “perfectly chaste” (asexual) woman are ridiculous false alternatives, that taint every discussion of sex, and prevent progress among those who don’t understand why they are false.. Unfortunately, they are the dominant view with respect to sex: -the mindless bimbo/slut who loves sex vs the honest sincere girl who doesn’t. Or, the even more extreme, angry ‘butch’ feminist who refuses to maintain a healthy and well groomed appearance in rejection of the evils of masculinity. It’s ridiculous, and men make much the same mistake.

            The rarity is the truly honest intelligent person who loves sex and indulges in it in as many interesting/imaginative and fun ways as possible. It is no sin to practice various acts to improve on them (like most things we have to learn) until they and their partner have developed a wonderful sexual playbook.

            “Porn stars”, whether one likes it or not, are a part of the spectrum I am pointing out. Rather than detailing possible sexual activity, the term, as I mentioned, was a convenient short cut.

            Not “mentioning” porn stars will not make them go away, and is a deliberate evasion of the aforementioned spectrum. It is typical of how the “Left” evades ideas they do not want to address properly: ignore them. [The Right likes to wallow in harsh reality, and then beg God to save them, so they are no better.) Yet, both sides, disingenuously, say they want to “have a conversation” to make the world a better place. Well, you cannot have a *useful* conversation if the stumbling blocks are not resolved.

  • I am 24, and probably have some sort of sexual thought dozens to even hundreds of times in a day. I know Iâ??m not alone either. Some days can be more than others, depending highly on environment, but it doesnâ??t take much for sex to cross the mind. A pretty woman walking by, or a billboard. How can these numbers be accurate when advertising plays on sex all the time, as a means to successfully sell a product. Means sex is around us constantly

  • Brribrri

    For # one, answer me this. If men only last about 5 minutes during sex because fear of an animal “attack” then how come human females have some of the LONGEST labor/birth times compared to other mammals1?

    • alexans

      (with austrian accent) “Because they lack DISCIPLINE.”

  • aersixb9

    The first one is wrong, didn’t read the rest, harsh cold or pain will reduce sexual arousal.

    • MasterChief SSN701

      That can’t be completely true about pain since there are so many people who love pain with sex. Some don’t like it without pain. I can imagine that cold will shock your nervous system and possibly “distract” your libido; however, people can become accustomed to a lot if they do it enough. Where’s the actual scientific method applied here?

  • konababe

    certainly was a funny article but not exactly science cause surely any of us who have done some major dating internationally, we know every race is not endowed equally but surely there are all sorts of fits or not to fits for them to experiment and find their nitch that fits just right

  • I consider #7 to be a relationship saver and a necessity.

  • annie

    what i love in this top10 is not about the article but
    i loved to see the people are argueing seriously for nothing.
    so funny !

    • I always feel if you aren’t reading the comments on these lists you are definitely missing out. Sometimes the comments are more interesting than the list itself.

      • lee

        at least they aren’t arguing about dinosaurs!!! good list