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  • I am 24, and probably have some sort of sexual thought dozens to even hundreds of times in a day. I know Iâ??m not alone either. Some days can be more than others, depending highly on environment, but it doesnâ??t take much for sex to cross the mind. A pretty woman walking by, or a billboard. How can these numbers be accurate when advertising plays on sex all the time, as a means to successfully sell a product. Means sex is around us constantly

  • Brribrri

    For # one, answer me this. If men only last about 5 minutes during sex because fear of an animal “attack” then how come human females have some of the LONGEST labor/birth times compared to other mammals1?

    • alexans

      (with austrian accent) “Because they lack DISCIPLINE.”

  • aersixb9

    The first one is wrong, didn’t read the rest, harsh cold or pain will reduce sexual arousal.

    • MasterChief SSN701

      That can’t be completely true about pain since there are so many people who love pain with sex. Some don’t like it without pain. I can imagine that cold will shock your nervous system and possibly “distract” your libido; however, people can become accustomed to a lot if they do it enough. Where’s the actual scientific method applied here?

  • konababe

    certainly was a funny article but not exactly science cause surely any of us who have done some major dating internationally, we know every race is not endowed equally but surely there are all sorts of fits or not to fits for them to experiment and find their nitch that fits just right

  • I consider #7 to be a relationship saver and a necessity.

  • annie

    what i love in this top10 is not about the article but
    i loved to see the people are argueing seriously for nothing.
    so funny !

    • I always feel if you aren’t reading the comments on these lists you are definitely missing out. Sometimes the comments are more interesting than the list itself.

      • lee

        at least they aren’t arguing about dinosaurs!!! good list