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  1. geoff at |

    (1) have a spoonful of Honey at Midnight – so you’re sweet all year long
    (2) eat pickled herring @ midnight – for strength and fortitude all year long
    (3) put out a newly purchased, unopened loaf of bread on the counter or kitchen table – will bring steady money and food all year
    (4) DON’T eat/touch ANY chicken all day on New Years – if you do you’ll be scratching/peaking for money all year long.

  2. Ankit at |

    good one.. informative and interesting.. nice images too.. would keep in mind when celebrating the next NYE.. missed on this one.

  3. siya at |

    Amazing!! nice stuff of superstitions of new year. I didn’t know about this superstitions. but it seems interesting as I am a sort of person who believe in superstitions and I really like to follow it. I mean what’s wrong in that??

  4. Lachlan at |

    Sounds just like Scotland, especially 9, 7, 6 and 5 !

    Traditionally, The First Foot would carry shortbread or black bun, a lump of coal and a bottle of whisky and wouldn’t be allowed in the house until the stroke of midnight, when factory horns would balre all across town. Other tradtitions in Scotland include “spring-cleaning” the house on Hogmanay (31st December) to sweep out the old year (and also have it ready for a party that night), New Year’s Day lunch/dinner (we used to have a big Aberdeen Angus steak pie with a flaky crust etc) and of course – the Ne’erday games – football (soccer to Mercans !) derbies in both Edinburgh and Glasgow, when Heart of Midlothian play Hibernian and Glasgow Rangers play Glasgow Celtic.

  5. tess e b at |

    what a load of nonsense- and sexist to boot. New Years Day– do what you like with whoever you like, do not maake daft resolutions , wrong time of year, and if you are going to “improve” yourself just get on with it at any time humans need extra food in winter and drinks and cheerful company, all the rest is propaganda

  6. Dennis at |

    The 2 main ones I heard growing up were:
    1.Eat black-eyed peas for luck
    2. Never wash clothes on New Years Day. If you do a loved one will die soon.


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