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  1. Simon
    Simon at |

    Great list, love the humor 😀 Esp the caption on the house photo

    1. Turk
      Turk at |

      My thoughts exactly

    2. Damon Snow
      Damon Snow at |

      Recently a lady came home here to find her side walk around her house had been stolen. had footage of the whole thing on security cameras. It made the local news.

  2. Kenneth
    Kenneth at |

    One of the better lists I’ve read on this site in a long time. It was funny and well-written from beginning to end. Some of these crimes are so unbelivable they almost shouldn’t be considered crimes but feats of weird human greatness.

  3. Alexandria
    Alexandria at |

    I climbed onto an iceburg right next to a glacier in Alaska once and took some ice for our drinks. 😛

    Not much tastier than normal ice.

  4. Clive
    Clive at |

    Love it!

  5. Dan Diego
    Dan Diego at |

    This country.

    The USA was hijacked by semi-commie liberals.

    Right out from under our hard-workjing noses!

    (No photo available at this time, but there’s a Big “O” there somewhere…)

    1. FMH
      FMH at |

      Ah, Americans, no idea what communism or socialism is at all. I’m not saying that it is any good, but the way you are using the word is just ridiculous.

  6. FMH
    FMH at |

    Kilometers of railroad tracks, near my hometown. The thieves hired a construction company, so everyone thought it was okay and nobody, not even the railroad company asked.

  7. Peter Boucher
    Peter Boucher at |

    I’m surpised that COPPER is not on this list………….

  8. ATM before
    ATM before at |

    I Remember around 10 years ago at the Siler City Galleria in Taunton Massachusetts two guys dressed up as ATM service men and took ALL the ATMS out of the Mall with some device, they were not Atm service guys at all though, no one had any idea who they were but no one stopped them , of coarse no one knew about it until it was to late. I dont think they had new ATMs for 4-5 months after that. They were never caught.


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