Top 10 Over-The-Counter Drugs That Will Get You Higher Than Marijuana


While there are many illegal drugs much worse than marijuana or alcohol, what many don’t realize is just how many drugs are perfectly legal and obtainable over the counter, that are far stronger and more dangerous than the illegal ones.

10. Diethyl Ether


Diethyl Ether, more commonly just called Ether, is mainly used medically, as an anesthetic. However, it also has a long history of recreational use. In the late nineteenth century, it was used regularly in Ireland, Russia, France, Norway, the United States and elsewhere. The effect of ether was similar to alcohol, but it was cheaper, and allowed someone to sober up quicker, making it popular among those who didn’t have much money.

Ether is highly flammable however, and can be quite dangerous; it should be treated with great care. While Diethyl Ether is not illegal in the United States, and is fairly easy to obtain if you put in the effort, some suppliers are careful who they sell it to, mainly selling to universities or laboratories. The reason for this is because the drug is often used to assist in the creation of several illegal drugs, such as LSD.

9. Dextromethorphan (Robitussin)


Codeine was originally the main active ingredient used for suppressing coughs; however, Codeine is a powerfully addictive substance. Dextromethorpan, more commonly known as DXM, was created to be a non-addictive replacement to Codeine. While DXM is not addictive, most cough syrups contain other ingredients, such as Acetaminophen or Guaifenesin, which are extremely dangerous when taken in large amounts.

Recreationally, DXM can have very powerful effects, ranging from euphoria, elevated mood, dissociation, dream-like states, and increased awareness.Some other effects which may or may not be considered good, depending on the person, include disorientation, confusion, altered perception of time, decreased sexual functioning, and hallucinations. Many people consider the state to being drunk and stoned at the same time, and higher doses can greatly impair memory, language and judgment. Using this drug is often referred to as “robo-tripping”.

8. Doxylamine (Unisom)


Doxylamine, which often goes under the trade name Unisom, is an antihistamine. Normally, Doxylamine is used to treat allergies, and in some cases for its sedative effects, as a means to treat insomnia. It is sometimes mixed with Acetaminophen or Codeine, to be used as an analgesic. While it has perfectly valid uses and can be bought at any grocery store, it is abused occasionally by teens looking for a cheap legal high. Teenagers will abuse Doxylamine for its hallucinogenic properties, but it also makes them agitated and confused. It actually doesn’t sound exactly like a very fun high, but people try all kinds of stupid things. In large doses, it can be quite dangerous, resulting in prolonged agitation, seizures, and the occasional coma.

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  1. Martin Fierro on

    the truth about kava. Kava causes numbness. it numbs your muscles and nothing more. You would have to drink gallons of the stuff to make you start loosing feeling. Kava does not cause hallucinations, or euphoria. So a heads up to all you recreational drug abusers: Don’t waste your money (its Farley cheap). It does cause a sense of relaxation, again do to numbness. like all things problems arise from excess consumption. In Tonga a kava circle is called a Faikava. At the Faikava people drink lots of kava and never get inebriated.

    • Speak for yourself. While I agree it is not a great drug, CERTAINLY not as enjoyable or intoxicating as even rather weak marijuana (as is true for almost everything on this list), it can cause mild euphoria, relaxation, and music enhancement. Especially when combined with alcohol or marijuana. But, it’s not amazing. It can actually make you unpleasantly nauseous for a good 3rd to half of a day (depending on dose). Marijuana cures this, mostly. And no, it isnt a placebo. Look it up for yourself on

  2. Diphenhydramine is absolutely awful. Took 24 Benadryl more than once in my younger days and it’s like a waking nightmare, I wouldn’t recommend it to my worst enemy.

  3. the last comment regarding Kratom is not accurate. It was not banned because of abuse of the plant. it was banned cause it competed with opium. The Government didn’t want that.

    • That is true: the government banned Kratom because it was used as a safer alternative to opium, and it was interfering with their profit margin.

  4. while nasal spray could be addictive..i’ve been a Vick’s nasal spray user for all of my adult life..i use it only when i get nasal congestion and only for sleeping at night..i’ve taken it as long as needed until my nose cleared up and then i stopped..i never had a problem with feeling like i needed it unless i had a sinus infection or something similar..i’m not doubting that it could be..but i’ve never had a problem using it as intended, even for longer than a few days as directed not to, and being able to stop with no problems at all.

  5. Dimenhydrinate is just a combination of diphenhydramine and 8-Chlorotheophylline, which is in the same chemical-family as caffeine. On that note, doxylamine is very similar to diphenhydramine as well, as they both share similar effects due to their similar structure (with doxylamine being the stronger of the two). Also, Oxymetazoline is not addictive, and is has stimulant-like properties, not hallucinogenic properties. Lastly, I don’t know why pseudoephedrine and levomethamphetamine (found in Vick’s Inhalers), as they are significantly easier to get than diethyl ether.

  6. I need to find a over the counter drug that is a good substitute for cannabis because cannabis is illegal in most parts of the world.

    • Dude look for Ethylchloride/nitrous oxide. Ethylchloride is a skin anaesthesia for prompt relief of pain but when u inhale that stuff you cant stop laughing haha its called Laughing gas for a reason

  7. why does almost everyone ive seen on any forum bash every drug no matter what it is? ive seen people bash oxygen!! sometimes in life some people need these things cause “they” think it will help. the only thing that sets aside a prescription drug from an over the counter drug is mostly a good feeling or high. hemp is 100% legal where ever i go, however marijuana isnt because of the buzz. if marijuana had never become illegal who knows what we would have for meds. or if wed even have pharma at all. thanks britain.

  8. marijiuana cures everything lol screw pills guys! smoke weed even with a head ache or stomach ache from hell dont say im wrong till you try it lol weed would cure the world brooo’s!

    • Ight the next time you get a toothache, let’s see what good weed does…. Good luck 😉 just saying it doesn’t cure everything and I’m a user I’d rather have weed then asthma inhalers mainly because they are giving me heart problems
      So I don’t bash weed but I’ll agree we need weed and much more!

  9. Your information on Kratom is wrong. It is only addictive if you use it in large daily quantities for years at a time. And if you do become addicted, the effects for kicking it are mild and short. And it was NOT banned for abuse. It was banned because it caused a HUGE cut in the tax revenue from opium distribution. The Thailand board of Narcotics actually WANT it legal as they say it is not a problem, doesn’t cause abuse and adverse effects and was only made illegal for economic reasons. That’s the country’s own drug board saying that. Quit making stuff up, please.

    • Thank you. There is a campaign under way to demonize Kratom by the pharmaceutical companies, and they are being aided by the DEA (payoffs?), because it has the potential to cut into their opiate profits, and also because they want to make a drug out of the active chemical component in Kratom. Just this morning CBS Morning News did a misleading and fear mongering report about it. The pharmaceutical companies have so much money and power in this country where capitalism has run amok. Kratom is a wonderful herb for treating arthritis and muscle pain and is very useful for helping people withdraw from opiates. It’s simply evil to lie like they are doing to keep a healing herb from people in need, all to hoard more money for themselves. This is a sick country..


  11. Look, I hate to nitpick, but I have medicinal marijuana for pain management and severe PTSD. When I briefly lived in a state that does not recognize my medicine as medicine, I was talked into buying very strong, very expensive Kratom. “Higher than marijuana”? You’ve got to be KIDDING ME; it does NOTHING for pain management, and it’s a STIMULANT! Come on, guys! Wikipedia isn’t THAT hard to use! D:

  12. *hinx* – needs to turn off his/her caps lock, then use a dictionary to learn how to spell, before commenting on any thread.

    Tramadol is totally safe and effective, in the correct dosage, if used for pain (I am prescribed 8 x 50mg, Tramadol a day along with 2 x 75mg, Pregabalin, for damaged nerves in my stomach and bowel).

    *hinx* is just being melodramatic. If medication does not agree with you – stop taking it, and ask your dentist/doctor for an alternative. Trust me, if you think you are going to die, you will KNOW about it – and it is not pleasant!

    Tramadol is only available on prescription in the UK – not over the counter.

  13. I got in a motorcycle wreck about 10 years ago. It almost crippled me. I was prescribed percoset for years to deal with the pain. I got hooked. I decided to quit taking it but couldn’t deal with the pain. Someone recommended Kratom to me as a substitute. It worked wonders. Its absolutely not addictive by any means and it isn’t that expensive. It is a stimulant but that depends on the strain that you buy. If you had researched it before you bought it, which any normal person should do, you would have realized it’s benefits. I only take it when necessary and when I don’t I don’t crave it. The reason many things are illegal is misinformation, which you happen to be spreading. Most governments spread misinformation and make things illegal because of lobbyist for pharmaceutical companies that make billions of dollars. If we used natural methods to cure our ills then they wouldn’t get paid. It is due to everyone’s ignorance that this goes on and you get charged outrageous medical bills. High blood pressure can be fixed with cinnamon and allergies can be relieved with local honey. Instead you go to your doctor which is also getting kickbacks from these drug companies. Next you make a list or bash a remedy you have never tried, remember that maurijauna was made illegal because it “Made white women want to sleep with black men”.

  14. For sure recently one American woman who stay in Japan as business was arrested because of received tramadol(?) from her parents in US.
    Smoking weed has been heavy crime in Japan since GHQ commanding it being banned.
    What a stupid country ever.
    Weed had been medication here at old era.
    If it is legal now,Suicide rate would be decrease exactly.

    • Jaime Beckner on

      Meds work differently for different people. It just has to do with your bodies chemistry. All meds have side effects, you just may or may not experience them.
      For those of you that are just looking for your next fix because you can’t get any weed, I’m so sorry that this is your life. Be blessed. Find peace and seek help.

  15. Kava causes fatal liver failure, Tramadol is now scheduled alongside Amphetamine and Heroin in many countries,,most of the others are poisonous in moderate quantities and few if any produce a recreational “high”
    Im surprised the author didnt include sniffing glue, given the dubious and dangerous nature of this list.

    • Kava does NOT cause fatal liver failure. The complete information is that a government study with Kava was carried out on 13 men, 12 of whom already suffered from very serious liver damage. SIGH.

  16. jordan erickson on

    Kratom is not addictive. It was banned in its native country because it is not addictive like heroin and it was affecting the sales of heroin because people were using kratom so they wouldn’t be addicted to opiates.

    • Actually it’s addictive. I started using it after I broke my arm snowboarding last winter, and flushed my pain meds because I didn’t want to get addicted to those…. I also have really bad anxiety, and panic attacks and kratom helped me immensely with that as well… Withdrawals from it wasn’t bad, however I was addicted to the way it made me feel, and the headshop I bought it from was on my route home from school, and I kept telling myself eh, why not… Problem is it’s not covered under health insurance, and it’s expensive as shit, like 10 bucks a pill… Wtf…. So basically it’s the same as smoking cigarettes, but 10x more expensive, and less harmful??? Hmm who knows, it’s sold in a headshop, and gas stations…. Just like cigarettes… Sooooo….. Idk….

  17. Lazlo Morphine on

    The amount of sheer & reckless ignorance in this article is, frankly, alarming.
    First, and least importantly, not but maybe 3 of these drugs have any effect on DOPAMINE….no dopamine mechanism = No “high”.
    Second, you included Benadryl twice….why??
    Thirdly, if someone tried hard enough they could MAYBE get “high” on about 1/2 of these substances you listed; Ether, DXM, Tramadol, Benzedrex, & Kratom.
    The other 5 drugs you so recklessly included are much more likely to end someone up in the fucking hospital than a rehab, dipshit!
    Just because something is sold OTC doesn’t make it safe, in fact, many OTC drugs, if abused, are even more dangerous than many Rx & even Illegal Narcotics!!
    Even more ridiculously asinine is that you’d have the gall to compare ANY of these substances to Pot…LOL!
    I’m not for legalization because of how many stupid morons already exist on this planet….but saying that ANYTHING on this page will get you anywhere near as “high” as Marijuana is absolutely absurd.

    Lastly if you’re looking to get “high” OTC, either grow a pair & drink booze like normal people, find a nice drug-dealer, or take some time to reflect & Straighten out your priorities.
    The only people who should be taking drugs are people who actually NEED them to be productive citizens. Narcotics or not.

    P.S.: Afrin; My mom & Brother are both addicted to this, hopelessly….my brother kicked it when he joined the USMC, but i’m afraid Mom is stuck for the long haul. I ASSURE you, Afrin has absolutely ZERO action on the central nervous system, besides constricting blood vessels in the respritory & cardiovascular system.
    If you think that is a “high” you clearly are amazingly susceptible to the placebo effect, or maybe just had a mini-stroke!

    P.S.S: You got addicted to drugs & lost everything??
    BooHoooHoo!! Help yourselves people …Sorry I’m just so tired…every channel on T.V. people crying like babies because they don’t know when enough is enough.
    Get over yourselves people…drug addiction has literally been around for eons, nobody cares about your perceived “struggles”, so don’t blame dope & doctors, blame yourselves for being morons.
    Carry on!

    • Being so upset over someone’s ill-researched information isn’t a problem HE or SHE might have. Although I agree with some of what you’re saying, I think you’re bright enough to understand whose problem it truly is. Good luck.

    • Thank you. I have had it with people who choose to abuse drugs, then whine about it. Every situation you find yourself in is the result of your own choice and action. No drug made you take it, and take it irresponsibly, and no drug made you do anything you weren’t capable of doing already. Stop blaming drugs for your failings. And our society needs to stop telling people they are powerless over drugs, because that is a lie, designed to make money with the rehab racket, and they need to stop blaming all of societal ills on drugs and drug users. This is such a whiny, blamey land.

  18. TO- Lazlo Morphine
    Given the fact your title is Lazlo Morphine says enough, add to that you googled enough to land on this post ironic Lazlo morphine……

    First – you insult anyone who had the unfortune experience to become addicted and loose everything, kinda like if your doped up mother lost everything …Boohoo comment applies to them as well and most likely you Lazlo Morphine…..

    Secondly -crying like babies not knowing when enough is enough?? It was because some accident be folded them and the doctors of this great states…insert sarcasm… Gave them the drug after don’t unfortunate injury or illness, it wasn’t until then for 80% that there body craved the drug….not them…if you read up…(books) you will see an addiction is not of ones desire, goal, it is your body wanting something so bad you loose your chemical balance, then you fear the systems of withdraw….its not a choice..

    Thirdly- ms Morphine…

    Blame on everyone else blame yourself comment….start at the top…

    Before you go saying a bunch of sh*t you know nothing about …. MS MORPHINE WHO FELL ON THIS SITE….
    go search some other sites to offend with your limited knowledge such as …..

    How to help my mother and family overcome addiction ….or how to apply my time to things that can make a difference instead of being bitter because your an addicted and have no pills…

    Find a purpose instead of being a I’ll informed, bitter, “lady” insert sarcasm…

    Best of luck to your family I certainly hope they have others to turn to or reach out to for help.

    God bless

  19. just a warning if you plan on taking Tramadol your body builds a resistance to it. I used to only need one or two to feel good but now it takes 7+ still works though.

  20. best kratom vendor on

    Kratom not addictive, instead of herb that help for many people. We are direct vendor from indonesia that supply big vendor in USA, have report from our countless customers that kratom is helpful and not addictive. They clean from heroin, drugs, alcohol because of kratom and our guide.

      • If kratom is not addictive how come I basicly spent around 1000 dollars going to my local store buying expensive extractacts that would want me craving it all day every day for about 2 years. He’ll I still crave into this day. Although I do agree it is a wonderful herb. To bad they couldn’t make it into a prescription that could be sold. Anyways that’s my 2 cents. God bless all of u

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  22. I know theyre not actually medicine, but a slightly reworked title couldve allowed them in. Nutmeg and morning glory seeds absolutely NEED to be on this list, particularly since the list is full of blown out of proportion nonesense saying you’ll get more high than on pot. Has the author actually DONE any of these “drugs”, let alone marijuana? If so, even worse, because then Its just (mostly) intentional, bold faced lies.

  23. I take Tramadol for my back pain and its pretty good painkiller. But I have never even gotten a slight buzz from it–maybe in a large dose i.e. 25 of the 50mg pills? one would get a buzz. I noted that someone had taken 24 tablets and “walking nightmare”. That has happened to me on even low dose–I took 500 mg of Tylenol and another drug back a few weeks ago (gabapeniten — back spasms) at 10p and I couldn’t go to sleep until about 5am..just made me a zombie…
    I used to take 7.5 mg of Vicoden in combo with 200mg of ibuprofen–I only got loopy about the first 3 times I took these (3 per day for back pain)….then nothing–just like taking a plain ibuprofen. But one side effect of Vicoden even in my small dose tabs was CONSTIPATION BIG TIME…it was awful. I now see on TV a product which will keep that from happening but I am not going back to Vicoden unless I have to — the Tramadol is fine.

  24. Kratom is not addictive, instead of herb that help for many people. We are direct vendor from Indonesia that supply big vendor in USA, have report from our countless customers that kratom is helpful and not addictive. They clean from heroin, drugs, alcohol because of kratom and our guide.

  25. Daniel Morris on

    I have been joyously addicted 3 times in my life. I am 57 and now residing in Thailand. (NO drugs available here ON THE PAIN OF DEATH or life-long imprisonment. I like it.) My first addiction was to the lovely pink pills of “Optalidon”. It is an Italian formulation used as a pain killer. It is available only in Italy and is now doctor controlled. I was 16 years old when I discovered that 25 pills were available from any pharmacist for the equivalent of 75 american cents. I spent a year taking 5, and only 5, pills per day. Being high all day made school fun and raised my grades from B+ to A+. I smoked great hash, drank wonderful wine and tripped on REAL acid from Freshman to Senior year–but the euphoric high offered by these pink pills was unique, long lasting and made me smile like a fool. A year in a group of friends staged an intervention, (I had become far more wacky than they were used to.) So I quit. Spent the day in bed and threw up once and then all was grand.
    Flash forward to a severe car crash in the US when I was aprox. 40 to 45 years old. Hospital for two weeks then home with script for 2 Vicodin every 4 hours. Of course that became 1 vicodin in the morning, 1 in the afternoon and the rest maintaining a great high in the evening. I loved them and they were easy to control. When, with no warning, they were cut-off. I missed them but experienced very, very mild withdrawal. A few years later I was depressed and called a friend who knew somebody who could get vicodin in bulk. So I started up again. Maybe it lasted 6 months. Again the easiest possible “withdrawal”.
    I have recently started reading about “all those overdoses”. I have a few questions about the coverage:
    1. How involved is the DEA in spreading these stories? (A couple Presidents have come right out and said “We have lost the war on drugs”.) If I worked at the DEA I would not want my job eliminated, nor would I want to be transferred by Homeland to where we really need coverage–like the immense dock facilities that are wide open to terrorists!
    2. Why is Fentanyl being stuck into the heroin supply? Even the most ignorant drug dealer knows a dead junkie does not buy product!!
    3. Why, since Alcohol kills and maims many more people directly and indirectly per year does no story produce graphs or pie charts, or just plain numbers, to let people know that drugs are not the demon we make them out to be.
    I do not recommend taking heroin or a version of cocaine. They are both highly addictive and will control you. But everything else: research, beware the seller and enjoy!!!

  26. Jayse Aldersea on

    Sorry, but i dont understand why were comparing all these to marijuana? Barely any of these replicate a proper weed high, and everyone has their own idea of what an ideal high is.
    Ive had battles with heroin, xtc, meth, weed, and alcohol. Im no longer an immediate junkie anymore, ive spent the past of many years drifting between sober and medicated.
    Im on Anti Depressants now for 5 years and have been on and off Xanax and now im comfortable with 2 x diazepam a day as prescribed. These no longer have a high or sedative effect as such due to the tolerance ive built up which is quite ok with my doctor who believes this is lowering my addictive problems and along with the AntiDepressants have somewhat kept me quite stable for most part which allows me to work, study and function normally.
    Now lets not kid ourselves that the urge to have a sneaky dabble after a few wines or whatever doesnt pop up now and then, which it does. Ive found the best way is to just bomb out and sleep the urges off.
    Codeine, Unisom, along with a few drinks isnt ideal but it dulls the serious cravings.
    So if youre after a simple but effective real high, that combo works a treat, especially with low tolerance … if you enjoy weed then that probably is the best alternative to all of the above , although nothing wrong with a glass or two of wine and a sleeping pill, so long as is moderate and not a daily habit.
    Weed doesnt seem to have much of a withdrawal once stopped but i challenge that for daily users who smoke morning noon and night for over25years, theres a mental addiction that needs to be dealt with, but weed is probably the safest in moderate amounts.
    Just be aware of your useage of any of the above and you can stay in control.
    Like i said unfortunately for me i succumbed to addiction so i have a slightly harder journey ahead of me to remain stable and in control. Im getting better , its a hard road to follow.

  27. Michelle Dwyer on

    Now I want to sniff some glue. Weird…BTW Larry King don’t wanna go down in the basement.

    Apparently theres somfin down there.

  28. Michelle Dwyer on

    Just call dyphenhydramine and porn “Joey”…or “Tommy”. Getting back to Coney has never been more exhausting or sexually gratifying. Yes battle porn stars (Lizzies by proxy) all night or until evicted. Can get loud.

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