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  1. Martin Fierro at |

    the truth about kava. Kava causes numbness. it numbs your muscles and nothing more. You would have to drink gallons of the stuff to make you start loosing feeling. Kava does not cause hallucinations, or euphoria. So a heads up to all you recreational drug abusers: Don’t waste your money (its Farley cheap). It does cause a sense of relaxation, again do to numbness. like all things problems arise from excess consumption. In Tonga a kava circle is called a Faikava. At the Faikava people drink lots of kava and never get inebriated.

  2. Colbjourn at |

    Diphenhydramine is absolutely awful. Took 24 Benadryl more than once in my younger days and it’s like a waking nightmare, I wouldn’t recommend it to my worst enemy.

  3. Codiekitty at |

    No Mucinex? Man, the only time I ever took that stuff, all it did was make me high as a kite.

  4. toad3527 at |

    the last comment regarding Kratom is not accurate. It was not banned because of abuse of the plant. it was banned cause it competed with opium. The Government didn’t want that.

  5. jason stone at |

    while nasal spray could be addictive..i’ve been a Vick’s nasal spray user for all of my adult life..i use it only when i get nasal congestion and only for sleeping at night..i’ve taken it as long as needed until my nose cleared up and then i stopped..i never had a problem with feeling like i needed it unless i had a sinus infection or something similar..i’m not doubting that it could be..but i’ve never had a problem using it as intended, even for longer than a few days as directed not to, and being able to stop with no problems at all.

  6. Johnny at |

    Dimenhydrinate is just a combination of diphenhydramine and 8-Chlorotheophylline, which is in the same chemical-family as caffeine. On that note, doxylamine is very similar to diphenhydramine as well, as they both share similar effects due to their similar structure (with doxylamine being the stronger of the two). Also, Oxymetazoline is not addictive, and is has stimulant-like properties, not hallucinogenic properties. Lastly, I don’t know why pseudoephedrine and levomethamphetamine (found in Vick’s Inhalers), as they are significantly easier to get than diethyl ether.

  7. Ehab at |

    I need to find a over the counter drug that is a good substitute for cannabis because cannabis is illegal in most parts of the world.

  8. JAson brown at |

    Get some posin ivy and spry it down with rouch spay and shove it way up your butthole and you will trip

  9. darvon30 at |

    why does almost everyone ive seen on any forum bash every drug no matter what it is? ive seen people bash oxygen!! sometimes in life some people need these things cause “they” think it will help. the only thing that sets aside a prescription drug from an over the counter drug is mostly a good feeling or high. hemp is 100% legal where ever i go, however marijuana isnt because of the buzz. if marijuana had never become illegal who knows what we would have for meds. or if wed even have pharma at all. thanks britain.


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