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  1. Theodoros II at |

    Nice list, but to me at least, felt like the most famous case of all time was ignored. Socrates was pardoned almost 2,000 years after his unfair conviction to death. His trial is the most historic ever and judges from around the world today will revive it only so they will pardon and find Socrates innocent. I think it deserved a mention if not the top spot :)

  2. eatdogs at |

    Free Peltier

  3. Christine at |

    There is another person that (in my opinion) should be on this list. You should check into Alferd Packer who was convicted of cannibalism in Colorado Territory in 1883. He was formally pardoned in 1981 98 years AFTER he was sentenced to death. He was granted parole after serving 40 years in prison after the death sentence was reversed. This is a fascinating story in western history, and worth checking into.

  4. Dave Verney at |

    What about Troy Davis? He was murdered by the authorities and he was an innocent man.

  5. KarenH at |

    Timothy Evans knew about his daughter, 2 year old Geraldine.

    Christie offered to abort Timothy and Beryl’s second child. Beryl and Geraldine then turned up dead, murdered by Christie.


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