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  • Tom White

    “Iceland does not have a minimum wage.”

    I bet they don’t have a Latino wage either.

    • Julio A.

      Greatest f’ing comment in the history of American comments

  • Petter

    If i wasnt already living in Norway i would consider living there.

  • I spent a summer (or more accurately 3 weeks) in Iceland and was also there in winter time. It’s a beautiful country. You forgot that they also have a great culture of hitchhiking. The country’s so safe that people feel entirely comfortable doing that. I was there in 2007 and there was a big thing on the news around August of a husband accidentally killing his wife with a glass bottle during a domestic quarrell, it was the first murder of the year. If the homicide rate went up to 4 in 2009, i’d be disappointed considering it’s a country of only a 3rd of a million people but that’s still pretty low.

    One negative about Iceland is they have a trouble with price control. Food is generally 150%-200% as expensive as it is here.

  • gisman

    Population of Iceland – 322,000
    Population of USA – 314,000,000 (plus 20,000,000 illegals)

    Area of Iceland – 40,000 sq miles
    Area of USA – 3,800,000 sq miles

    % of lazy Iceland – ?
    % of lazy USA – 51%

    enough said.

    • B.Tree III

      percent of lazy USA – 51%. Cite?

      • isolation

        At least he didn’t say 47 percent lol

    • Louis Alexandre Simard

      Im not even american and don’t get your comment. Is it an attempt at humor. Cruz I don’t a correlation between population, area and laziness and that’s beside the fact that lazy ness is just not quantifiable. Like its 9-10 am and your posting comments on a list based trivia website. Is that enough in your opinion to say your lazy Cruz you should be preparing for work, commuting and working or at work.

  • James 3

    If the Icelanders tried to have George H. W. Bush (Bush 41) indicted as a war criminal, why are they using a picture of George W. Bush (Bush 43)? Might it be a Freudian slip?

    • No, it was editor error. We have placed the right image on the site.

  • Louis Alexandre Simard

    Except for numbers 4, 3, 2 and one its the same social democracy as Canada. It will confound a lot of Americans but guns are legal here too. We just don’t see the reasons why we should own one if we don’t hunt. I live in Montreal and I sincerely haven’t locked my door for the last couple of weeks. Even at night. And in the summer not only is it not locked but I leave it open.

    • Martin Fierro

      I live in Inglewood California a notorious suburb of Los Angeles. I don’t lock my door even when i go to work. then again i wouldn’t post my address up for all to see.

      • marc

        I live in New York, in the Catskills. NOT New York City, which I consider the most self-obsessed degenerate heap of trash on the planet. I don’t lock my doors unless I leave town for more than 2 days.

  • Pat Temple

    Coal mines have poor teeth?

  • Cole

    Yes, yes… Lets all of us Muricans just up and learn to live longer. Is there a book from Iceland we can order and read up on it? Although points 2 and 3 are awesome. Keep on keepin’ on Iceland.

  • Don

    I bet if Iceland had the population size and diversity of the US they would have similar issues.

  • Anthony

    Unfortunately it’s not very fair to compare a country like Iceland to the USA. Iceland is pretty much like one giant family (and practically is one- check the Mitochondrial DNA history of Iceland), so one could see a lot of policies working where in most other places they would not.

  • JillDub

    #2 is rubbish, but #4 makes up for it, and should have been #1.

    • marc

      While I agree that the reasoning (elves) behind #2 is rubbish, I appreciate the fact that developers in Iceland aren’t allowed to bulldoze whatever they want so they can toss an Aldi and a parking lot anywhere they want.. I guess it comes from the fact that Iceland is smaller than Kentucky. When things become scarce they become more valuable.

      • FMH

        I wouldn’t put it like this. Sometimes the construction takes more space because of that law, for example if you have to build a curve in the road just to avoid an important rock a troll lives in. There’s a famous photo of that.

  • Pajax

    Lol look at the Americans again getting defensive about statistics, when will they accept that USA
    And it’s citizens are a lot more violent than nearly any other western country.
    And as for what Alex jones was talking about uk having worse crime statistics on knives and other types of violent crime, there’s probably more stabbings in somewhere like Chicago alone than the rest of uk, yeeeee haaaaa

  • David Verney

    Number 11 – Open your own frozen foods supermarkets. They just may be profitable

  • mantas

    Iceland doesnt have a bunch of violent, gangbanging minorities sending their crime statistics through the roof. Adjust for blacks and latinos and our crime rate would drop dramatically. In the US there are many areas with low minority popuations and the violent crime rates drop to almost nothing. Fill iceland with a bunch of angry, violent blacks and hispanics and you would have A LOT more crime. Just look at crime rates around the world. Lots of blacks and hispanics equals lots of violent crime…..and dont blame it on the guns alone, in africa they do just fine with machetes thank u very much…..

    • marc

      I haven’t seen trolling this awesome since the early days of AOL.

    • Anthony

      Unfortunetly, the statistics do show that a higher black population = higher crime and deviance. Coorelation is not causation however, and this could just as easily be attributed to low income, low education, ect. but the uncomfortible truth remains that black population is usually a good indicator of criminal activity.

  • skywatcher

    Is there much use of dangerous drugs in Iceland? I mean besides lutefisk…

  • FMH

    That the icelandic government consults psychics before construction works is definitely something no country should try to copy.

  • TicTac

    Iceland is also banning online adult websites so……………USA! USA! USA!

  • Jared

    I want to move to Iceland.