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13 Responses

  1. Frank at |

    Reading at night and scared the heck out of me. Good thing those babes in the ads above are hot!

  2. Lamb at |

    Great list, fun read!

  3. Zane at |

    As to Starkweather….don’t forget Badlands with Martin Sheen and Sissy Spacek which in turn inspried Springsteen’s Nebraska album.

  4. Zane at |

    Ed Gein’s mother sounds like the mother of Carrie played by Piper Laurie.

  5. Peter Boucher at |

    Speaking of Dolls with “Robert The Doll” and its inspiration for “Child’s Play” and “Chucky The Doll”, I remember the made for television movie entitled “Trilogy Of Terror” back in the mid 70’s starring Karen Black when I was in grade school and the third part of the movie (the movie was in three parts, all three being different stories). The name of the story was “Amelia” and Karen Black purchases a voodoo doll for her boyfriend. She goes to draw a bath for herself when suddenly the Doll comes to life and the Doll’s “powers” lock up the apartment she is in, while wielding a butcher’s knife and viciously attacking her. She tries desperately to destroy the Doll in every way that she can and finally puts the Doll in her kitchen oven and turns it on which ultimate destroys the Doll, but in turn she becomes the doll at the very end. Still to this day that portion of the movie still scares me.

    1. BryanJ at |

      Interesting stuff. That would be a fun movie to watch.

    2. mills at |

      I love that movie too!
      I used to watch the remake straight after the original.
      There is also -Dolly Dearest, Dolls, and not to mention heaps from “Full moon pictures”, honestly Robert the doll must have inspired a lot of films!

  6. TriviaFan at |

    This was well written with a lot of neat details.

  7. mills at |

    The Essex (Whaleship)
    sound a lot like an inspiration for ORCA: (1977) THE KILLER WHALE..
    (one of my fav’s)

  8. Vicky at |

    I thought Sawney Bean was the basis for Sweeney Todd?

  9. Dennis S at |

    Good list but you left out Hillary Clinton being the inspiration for “Night Of The Living Dead”.

  10. Gaston Nunez at |

    The actual inspiration for Moby Dick was Mocha Dick, please see this link:

  11. Dennis S at |

    I heard they’re making a movie inspired by the King novel “Cujo”. They’re calling it “Pelosi On Elm Street”.


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