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  1. M Perrote
    M Perrote at |

    What an amazingly stupid article. I feel really sorry for anyone that relies on crap like this to make an important decision like where you are going to live next. Having been born in New York and being raised in the New York metro area, I will tell you that there are reasons that you don’t want to live there:: the disparity of wealth, all the front running and spoiled douchbags that are ruining NYC. Those reasons are not listed in this incredibly self-serving article (who composed this garbage?). However, the experience of being in New York is indescribable; you have to go there to experience the place. Also, I will remind people of reason number 4 in this amazingly corny article: there are too many people in NYC. Well, why do you think that they are there?

  2. Nana Lenore
    Nana Lenore at |

    This list should be titled Top 10 Reasons (mostly gleaned from movies and TV) Not To Live in New York CITY.

    I live in New York, 400 MILES from New York City. There are more cows in the township I live in than there are people. On clear nights I can see the Milky Way in the sky.

    I am not unfamiliar with New York City, having lived less than 20 miles from Times Square (on Long Island) the first 33 years of my life. As a teenager my friends and I thought nothing of going ‘into the City’ for ball games, museums, and to see touristy things like Radio City Music Hall and the Statue of Liberty and we were not accompanied by adults.

    It is true that New York City has problems today (and so does the very small town I live in), but they are not problems unique to New York City. The crime rate is dropping and has been for a number of years. There are problems with the NYC Police Department, partly caused by budget cuts that reduced the pay scale, which reduced the quality of new recruits, and also partly caused by lack of proper leadership.

  3. Ahana
    Ahana at |

    It’s funny that one of you’re problems is that the state is judged by New York City, and then all your other arguments are based off New York City. A little hypocritical i would say.

  4. Aniello
    Aniello at |

    I’m from the Bronx and this is the most ridiculous article I have ever read. First off for the size of our city, it is actually safer then most other US cities per capita. The only thing somewhat correct about the article is about the police and the tourists. And the tourist part only applies to Manhattan, not the outer boroughs or the rest of NYS. Yes we have the mafia, but they don’t bother normal citizens and they keep the street gangs under control. We don’t have a 10th of the street gang problem that cities like LA and Chicago have. Part of the reason we don’t have that problem is cuz of the mafia, they are soldiers they only hurt other members and keep women and children out. Look at all the ppl killed in LA and Chicago, that would never ever happen here.We do have accents but that makes us unique and it sounds better then most of the accents across the country (stupid southern and boston accents). If you don’t like it here stay the hell out, nyc isn’t meant for the weak hearted. This is the city where dreams are made and the best city in the country hands down. We are the financial capital of the US and there are more opportunities here then anywhere else in the US. As for the rest of NYS it’s beautiful and has great recreational rural areas and other small cities. In the city, everything you need is on your block, you know everyone that lives around you and the food is the best In the country by a long shot. Iv been all over the country and the food isn’t even comparable to what we have over here. To make a long story short, if u hate this city so much don’t come here. Noo Yawk is the best city in world and if yew dawnt like it, get da hell oudda he-ah (nyc accent)!!!!!!!

  5. bob
    bob at |

    i still want to live there i see only beutifull things coming from the city


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