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  1. Tom
    Tom at |

    Outstanding list. My only nit-and I apologize because sometimes it seems like 9 out of 10 people can’t just take a list for what it is without making their own adjustment-is #1 should have been shared by Smith and Ronny Cox together. I feel that the two was an awesome tag team of evil and that to me is one of the things that elevates this movie. Good action films require a strong bad guy, but Robocop is even more awesome because it had two utterly reprehensible human beings in a dark partnership.

    Still, I see your point in that Bodecker is the more entertaining of the two bad guys.

  2. Dan
    Dan at |

    RoboCop was on a movie channel this past weekend and I enjoyed it again. I have the DVD in my collection and it ranks as one of my favorites in the sci fi genera. It’s still fresh after 24 years and there should be a whole new audience to enjoy it again as well.

    I would have to add Miguel Ferrer as Bob Morton to the list of excellent villains. As a profligate up and comer he epitomizes corporate greed and corruption. Easily one of the best bad guys casts of all time.

  3. briangunn
    briangunn at |

    like really? you must be out of ideas—if you continue with this kind of mindless garbage i will not be visiting this site in the future

  4. wombat
    wombat at |

    Great list, Robocop is a fave of mine and your list was perfect, lining out in 10 points exactly why I enjoy the movie. Don’t forget the 6000 SUX the ultimate 80’s car!

  5. ScytheNoire
    ScytheNoire at |

    Robocop is one of those great movies that you can watch every year or two. It’s a classic, and one that any action movie fan must watch. What I found odd when the movie was released, it was R-Rated, yet they ended up having Robocop toys, cartoons, comic books, etc. What is up with that?

  6. vivekananda
    vivekananda at |

    can you please add the list on most influential stars who are not from hollywood?

  7. Waterboarder
    Waterboarder at |

    I can`t believe this is 0ver 20 years old! I love the look on the guy`s face, when the melted guy jumps on him. DON`T TOUCH ME MAN!! GAH! Brilliant. Why the hell don`t they make films like this anymore is beyond me.

  8. Stinkyp00t
    Stinkyp00t at |

    I think the “I’d buy that for a dollar” spots were ads for a brothel. That’s how I always interpreted them anyway. Just another sign of the economic and moral decay. I get the same vibe from payday lender ads.

  9. Michael
    Michael at |

    I’m the author, thank you for reading.

  10. Muffy
    Muffy at |

    Great list. “RoBoCop” is a great film. Now, don’t get me wrong KS played a damn good villain, but I think the kid in the second film is worse because he’s a kid. That was also really realistic. Tragic too. Critics and some moviegoers didn’t like the violence in part 1, but they still were somewhat okay with it, but no one was okay with a murdering child.

  11. Katie
    Katie at |

    I loooove Robocop, its my favorite movie of all time, I have a Robocop riding a unicorn tattoo loll

  12. intern
    intern at |

    Great list, Robocop is a fave of mine and your list was perfect

  13. Santiago
    Santiago at |

    My favorite too… and do not forget one of the most amazing “bloopers” in movie history… that even the director Paul Verhoeven decided to keep “on purpose”… Do you remember when Robo punches a city officer terrorist that falls out of a window… He was supposed to fall several floors down, but when the news reporter is telling the story, the TV monitor at her back shows the guy legs bouncing, probably because the stunt man fell over a soft mattress… Did you notice that?

  14. Freya Roosevelt
    Freya Roosevelt at |

    The REAL #1 reason he is awesome: I married him!

  15. Connie
    Connie at |

    Not only does Peter Weller have a great performance in Robocop, he also has the best lips ever!
    Just thought I should point that out. I know my lips would never look that good if that was one of the salvaged pieces of my body.
    Great list! I love Robocop!

  16. marc
    marc at |

    One of the things not mentioned was the incredible costume/makeup job on RoboCop. Take a look at the picture in #3. The way the back of Robo’s head seems smaller than his face adds a horrifying man/machine/monster look to him. His face just looks even more out of place. I guess he lost a lot of skull when Clarence took his last shot.

  17. Joey
    Joey at |

    I have to admit, I’m not a gore fan. But as much as I hate all that bloody violence, this is still the greatest sci-fi/action film of all time, and RoboCop is the ultimate action hero. To quote Bob Morton: “I f*****g love that guy!”


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