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  1. kass
    kass at |

    All these reasons are supposed to be good? lol

    1. redstick
      redstick at |

      Ummm…yeah, I think that was the general idea. Why do you ask? In what way are they BAD reasons? Or even mediocre reasons?

      citation needed

    2. Joey
      Joey at |

      Yes, 10 truths here. Great list. I agreed with every point, especially Lucas not directing! I would have made that #2.

  2. TJ
    TJ at |

    As long as they don’t get that John Carter actor to play any major character…

  3. Milo
    Milo at |

    I’m feeling really good about the new trilogies. I’ve loved Starwars since i was a kid and after growing up felt the same but not with the same gusto. I think with Disney behind the wheel we’ll get the best Hollywood has to offer thrown into the pot.
    I’m just hoping for a few nostalgic cameos at the very least: an older Luke( Mark Hamil) teaching a new bunch of young Jedi would be awesome.

  4. Nathan
    Nathan at |

    How is adding star power a good thing exactly? Do you not remember how the trilogy was cast full of nobodies?

  5. Jonathan Reiter
    Jonathan Reiter at |

    Those ten ingredients sound good, BUT NO TAYLOR KITSCH. Stephen Amell, maybe, BUT NO TAYLOR KITSCH. If that much holds true, then everything looks like a go.

  6. kjbgd
    kjbgd at |

    Well stated. I agree on all of your points and am so excited for these movies to come out.

  7. auto devis
    auto devis at |

    It can’t be worse than episode one.
    therefore, with our lowered expectations, the movies will seem to us as awesome.

  8. Juno
    Juno at |

    unfortunately all these topics could be on a “Top 10 reasons why the new trilogy WILL SUCK” as well. Especially topics 2, 6 and 10. Maybe even 7, because when it comes to star wars,cheaper rubber masks looks much better than the most expensive special effects

  9. Big Guy Movie Reviews
    Big Guy Movie Reviews at |

    This list is so full of it. George Lucas directed the Star Wars prequels and those sucked. Now we have fans whining about George not directing the next Star Wars films after he ruined the last three and Indy four. Man some fan boys are never happy. You whining brats.

  10. Dan
    Dan at |

    Did this genius really just say that Pixar should do the special effects for the new Star Wars movie? Have you never heard of a little company called Industrial Light and magic? A wholly owned subsidiary of LucasFilm Ltd., which has done the special effects for just about every big budget film since the 70’s, including The Avengers, the Pirates of the Carribean movies, the Transformers movies, The Star Trek movies(old and new), and the Harry Potter Movies. For a complete list, see here:


    You can be sure that Pixar will not be doing the Special Effects for any Disney Movies.

    1. Louis Alexandre Simard
      Louis Alexandre Simard at |

      Totally right. Also Pixar isn’t a f/x studio. They are an animation studio. Pixar has nothing to do with Star Wars unless Disney decides to do some Star Wars animation features for the big or small screen. Why would the author even dedicate a point on that. Its one of the stupidest idea I’ve heard ever since the news of the new trilogy was announced. Its like saying that Home Depot will take care of the art department. Yes they sell wood and other building materials but they are not in the business of building sets.

    2. Voorhees
      Voorhees at |

      Id get WETA to do it. ILM special effects are either great or mediocre.


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