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  1. Douglas
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    Answer: BS! Perhaps Mexico City MIGHT, just might be able to sustain an NFL team. Not only will travel and time zone differences make a permanent European NFL venue impractical…the stadium layouts of what the rest of the world calls “football” and the NFL game virtually preclude it. Even in London, how do you foresee, for example, that Wembley stadium could be retooled (far more luxury suites) to make an NFL franchise financially viable? Something like the World League (later NFL Europe) only worked with a significant American military presence, hungry for football. Is it any wonder that most of NFL Europe’s teams were in Germany?
    Besides, the 32 team configuration is the most stable at the moment. You have even divisions for the first time since 1970, and a regular rotation of intra and interconference play. The portion of intradivisonal games (6 of 16) is enough that divisional games have an impact without making it easy for an otherwise ordinary team having an easy route to a first-round bye by feasting upon its considerably weaker divisional brethren. NFL management is by tradition very conservative and they’ll be loath to screw around with what works.

    1. 5minutes
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      I agree. Europe is a pipe dream, and Mexico City is nice, but doesn’t have the dollars to fund a major NFL franchise the same way an American City would. I expect there to be a Canadian franchise long before a European one.

      Heck – I’d even go as far as saying that I think Tokyo is a better choice than anywhere in Europe at this point.

  2. senor boogie woogie
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    I do not think that the NFL will go international or even have a team in London.

    The NFL tried that in the 1990’s with a Junior League called at first World League of Professional Football which had American, a Canadian based franchise and several franchises in Western Europe. The American (and the Canadian team) quickly went under, while NFl Europe sort of limped along for another decade, with most of their teams in Germany, and one in Amsterdam. Even the London team (The Monarchs) folded as well as the Scottish Claymores.

    I would suggest if the NFL wants to try the international thing, try Germany and Australia. It might work there, although Australia would be a small market. Mexico City? No offense, but who would want to play and live in Mexico now? Too violent and drug ridden.

    People outside the USA are not familar with American football, and mostly are not intrested in it whatsoever.


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