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  • roger

    I dunno about putting mohammed and jesus before moses. If the first twp couldn’t have happened with out the latter. Seems he would be the more significant. by that logic I would put krishna before the buddha.

  • gabryel

    yeah jesus . easily . atheist or not . belive that jesus exist or not . you cannot deny the fact that the bible and jesus impacted the world more than anything . and the whole bible . including the jewish bible . if you can compare the quran get most of its characters in the bible (moses,jesus,noah,goliathetc..)

  • Henry

    How could you forget Paul the Apostle? Arguably the second most significant figure in Christianity.

    • ppinoy_catholic

      He’s Paul of Tarsus. @_@ Get your facts right.

      • roger

        Um, Saul of Tarsus.

  • Ysc

    Actually christianity has nearly 2 billion followers and islam has sbout 1.7 billion but christianity’s sects are very split the biggest is catholic with about 1 billion ppl while sunni islam has bout 1.4 billion. Also to the guy who said that the quran has many of the same things that the bible contains if u have ever read them u would notice there r major differences in stories and principles.

    • LOL

      well duh the bible was tampered with actually

  • Jan

    Can’t write a religion list without sparking a little controversy. 🙂

    Just wanted to point out that while most of these entries focused on the facts, the entry on Joseph Smith seemed to highlight the improbabilities of his stories. Though, as a member of the LDS church, I may just be sensitive about that. (also, it’s not “most” members aren’t polygamists. If someone practices polygamy, they’re not a Mormon. You’d get excommunicated for that.)

    I liked the one about Buddha. I didn’t know much about him before this.

  • rajimus123

    good list man, I think some other notables you could add to a later list could include John Frum, the poet-saint Kabir, Imhotep, Ankhenaten (single handedly changed the concept of God for his entire kingdom/reign)

  • skywatcher

    Wish Baha’u’llah had been on the main list. As for the number of Christians in the world, I doubt anybody even has a good idea. So many claim Christianity but do not actually practice it or know much about it. The same goes for many of the other faiths in the world. This list seemed to lean toward Christianity; I’d like to see a follow-up so we could list the ones that were left off here.

  • Trevor

    How would a man who lived 2000 years ago, make what europe, and most of the world what it believes today, oh, yeah, and I doubt Sunni will be the biggest religious denomination in the world for long, as atheism, and the new found converts in communist regimes are getting some jesus put into their lives.

  • Abdulaziz ALBADI

    Yes Jeses is #1 by followers………and Islam is the fastest growing religion………(by converts)……………

    • Your mama

      Noooo! It’s because in the Middle East people are forced to follow Islam, in the west you can choose. It’s not conversation, it’s fundamentalism!

      • midhun

        yes you said it

      • HKA

        In the Middle East, most are born as muslims, they are not converted. On the other hand, people that convert to Islam are in the Europe or North America and they do convert at thier free will.

    • Aaron

      Actualy, i hate to be contentius, but the LDS faith is actualy the fastest growing religuion by percentuge in the world, i think the last two years we droped to the second? but regardless they have been at the top of that list for years now.

  • S.R.Satyenarayanan

    It is my childhood views that unseen force caused this present world accidetal way born birds animals/insects humans have to embrace one shape to other/ shapeless to shape stage again shapeless stage perhaps so called supernature suits this evenf shapeless to shape vice versa. if we are guest to this planet we have ti leave without saying even good bye we are created by super omnipresent power or we creat images of mud to metals and recite words to consecrate power to it then we become superior to almighty it is impossible. if smallest ant can cause death of elephant a bird hit causes modern plane to grounding we having human life game chance good and bad will swallow us in any way we cannot escape after misdeeds like shaddow it will follow us cruel acts will reap cruel end wbat we sow we reap planned murders /killing derted souls will be awaeded new locations easy life comforts are given to this souls let us pray for all souls if one time birth/death is real happening like minded souls you cannot see in this world at all.let us share the truth Real propheta land this polanet once in five hundred years moutain erupyion/valley formation we cannot see with our eyes we will be perished like ash/dust. no religion can wipe other religion out of sight no need to plan planned terror activities to do tit for tat born child dies so killing groun up is coveredly act must be stopped at all costs no nation should encouage/seeds should not fe sowed extend love and affection for healthy model life show to the fellow human race one race one human life pleasant journey.

  • Mohammed Izideen

    I proud to following the religion of Allah

    • Spoon

      Will you still be proud when someone supposedly does you wrong & you are told you have to avenge this by becoming a suicide bomber to eliminate them (along with a number of innocent people), because that’s what the supposedly great Allah teaches.

      • Ahamed

        Dear brother Allah or islam never teaches to kill people like you said suicide bomb etc. most of the people have this kind of wrong information and thoughts .as I am a Muslim . brother you believe it or not Islam really teaches peace and humanity

  • auto devis

    I am against this article because it is so easy to provoke people into fighting in the comments

  • Aaron

    Just fyi, there where about five or six thousand mormons in the USA at the time of smiths death, more then half of them followed Young.

  • Religious

    Just wanted to say, that there’s no actual date that when Krishna was born, as the city of Dwarka is about 20,000 years old, one of the places he had created.. But it’s correct that he marked disappearance by 3102 BC, and a new age started, which is on going.

    Informative article.

  • Imon

    Rama predates Krishna in Hindu mythology, and would seriously like to contest your point that ” he (Krishna) is the most popular and the one closest to the heart of the people”

  • Hari

    Hindu religion is Greatest and Oldest religion in the Universe, and it has no specific founder also…
    I proud to be an Hindu..
    Jai Hindh…

    • Tasorius

      You are only aware of one planet in this universe, so you couldn’t possibly know that.

  • tami

    I read these comments because I was interested in learning if there were any other religious leaders who actually died for their followers, other than Jesus Christ. Interesting list. Also, Moses was shown the Promised Land but was not allowed to enter it because of his slip up at the waters of Meribah.