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  1. BryanJ at |


    Bear is a dog that was featured in a book titled Bear: Heart of a Hero by Scott Shields. After the books release, Bear became a goodwill ambassador around the world and was honored by the United Nations. Three states declared Scott Shields and Bear Days, including New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. In 2003, the Book of World Records declared Bear “the most celebrated dog in the world.”

    Unfortunately, the life of Bear has since been tarnished by the actions of Scott Shields. A couple years ago Shields pled guilty to illegally obtaining government money from two separate agencies. It was revealed that he lied in his book about Bear and embellished his accomplishments to make money from 9/11 charities. Shields reputation was forever ruined. It is currently unclear exactly what Bear did at Ground Zero, but he is mentioned in a series of video interviews taken near 9/11. One video says that he contributed to finding the remains of FDNY Chief Peter Ganci. Bear’s impact on 9/11 might have been exaggerated, but he did serve an important role in the wake of the terrorist attacks on New York by inspiring people.

    1. Bearsdad at |

      In reference to the above letter claims about Scott Shields and Bear the SAR K9.

      After agreeing to testify against Rudi Giuliani and former NYPD Chief Bernie Kerik (who was just released from a 3 year jail term based on Mr Shields testimony) and a group of people led by convicted federal computer fraud Felon Phil Poteus led an internet campaign to change both the history of the WTC response and what Scott Shields and Bear and a New York Parks Enforcement K-9 accomplished the WTC.

      Please see actual video of ‘real’ FDNY personnel speaking about what Scott and Bear did at the WTC. Please also note that every negative comment are just regurgitation of words on the internet originally propagated by a site Mr Porteus was paid by a high ranking NY politician to run:

      You may appreciate these outtakes from a two hour Animal Planet special that featured my best friend and NY Parks SAR K-9 Bear
      Bear found both First Fire Commissioner William Feehan and Chief of Dept. FDNY Peter Ganci as well as many other victims of the WTC. There is a memorial to him at FDNY/EMS Academy. He passed one year and one week after his service to the nation. In memory of all of us who serve -‘So that others may live!”

      At 16 minutes and twenty two one seconds video leading first K-9 Teams to re-enter WTC (with Michael Goldberg and Norman Brodeur). Animal Planet outakes. The last 6 seconds is leading the first K-9 teams in: https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10152250908092964&set=vb.795282963&type=3&theater

      Gorge Orwell would have been proud of what a determined and well paid group of hackers could accomplish using the internet to change history!

      Scott Shields
      (732) 713 6298


  2. Carol Robinson at |

    It’s too bad the article doesn’t include dogs who lost their lives due to their service at Ground Zero. Nike is one who comes to mind.

    1. BryanJ at |

      Officially, I think only one dog was killed on September 11, 2001 and that was Sirius. Many dogs who participated in the rescue efforts at Ground Zero have since died, but there isn’t a correlation between the toxic exposure and early death. I wish every dog that helped during 9/11 could have been mentioned. It looks like Nike was a Golden Retriever therapy dog that worked with Frank Shane on 9/11. He is a hero and sadly passed away March 4, 2003 at the age of 9.

      1. Jared Ring at |

        I remember a K-9 being gravely injured from a fall from a ledge in the pile and passing away shortly after. But yes, Sirius was the only LODD

  3. monapause at |

    I really hope the police in Halifax don’t kill their retired K-9’s anymore. that is just disgusting! Where I live, the police dogs retire at 9 years old and their partners get to adopt them for $1 and they spend the rest of their lives as a beloved pet.

  4. chei at |

    i love dogs. but when i read these kind of stories, it crushes my heart and makes me love them more. its these kind of dogs make me realize why God gave them shorter years to live to show us that to live fully, one must serve a purpose. And oh, what a noble purpose they have.

  5. Jon at |

    They are all “good dogs”

  6. Matt at |

    Dogs are pretty amazing. Nice to see them finally getting so overdue credit for their hardwork!

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