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  1. overneathe
    overneathe at |

    This list is missing a Gorog.

  2. saberkid
    saberkid at |

    Yes, Gorog! That battle was EPIC in Force Unleashed II. This list is boring, even my Mom recognized 8 out of the 10 listed from the movies. Why not list creatures most people haven’t seen before? Most boys would come up with a more interesting list of Star Wars creatures.

    How about the Krayt Dragon? We saw the skeleton of one in A New Hope, C3P0 walked by it. And Ben used it’s call to scare the sand people. It’s a f*#%ing dragon in Star Wars! A creature so scary the mere sound of it drives off sand people.

    Womp Rats. Luke talked about shooting them in his T-16 and mentioned them being “not much more than 2 meters”. A freaking 6 foot long gigantic rat with fangs! You see a pack of 6 foot tall fanged rats coming at you, anybody but a Jedi would crap themselves.

    Dragonsnakes, the gigantic creature that ate & spit out R2 on Dagobah. Luke later hurt it with a lightsaber. It’s scales could withstand some small arms blaster fire.

    “You look strong enough to pull the ears off a Gundark.” Said Han to Luke. Gundarks were put into arena matches against Rancors. That’s how badass they are.

    There’s just a few more interesting & more scary creatures, in my opinion, than what you listed. I didn’t even go out of your “official” cannon of the films. They have been used in other Star Wars properties & shown what they look like. Just Google ’em.

    1. Bogleech
      Bogleech at |

      If you read my website I’m usually more into very obscure stuff, I have another article on Star Wars beings that includes some stuff completely cut from the films. I chose to pick a balance between scariest and most “famous” for this list, with just a couple obscurities…plus, I wanted to pick things whose known information is explained in the films as well. Womp rats are never indicated to be dangerous and we never see a living Krayt dragon.

    2. Bogleech
      Bogleech at |

      You’re right though that I should have included the Gorog if I included the Temptor.

      And some of the things in the Dejarik hologame are gorgeously horrific.

  3. orange senorita
    orange senorita at |

    The Sarlacc is scarier than the Acklay in my opinion. I closed my eyes when Luke and Han Solo were being fed to it!

  4. Jon
    Jon at |

    I had forgotten how many monsters there were in Star Wars. The dianoga is the one I remember the most as being a bit scary – the fact that it is hidden for the most part.

    Some of those Ewoks looked a bit mean though!

  5. Daniel
    Daniel at |

    I think Jar Jar Binks is the #1 Scariest Star Wars Creature…

    1. Gian Faye
      Gian Faye at |

      Hahahah. You mean scariest-looking? But he’s not scary at all, not even a bit. O.o

  6. Manoli Stavrinakis
    Manoli Stavrinakis at |

    Good list but it would be nice if you included videos of the scenes the monster’s appeared in. I know some of them are long but you could show the best part from that scene

  7. Cameronsettokill
    Cameronsettokill at |

    Did you refer to Jar Jar as good cinema?

    I love you.


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