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  • fred perillo

    Were is TOTO!….HEARD OF BOZ SCAGGS THATS TOTO,, STEELY DAN, THATS TOTO…HALF MICHEAL JACKSON THRILLER ALBUM…YEA TOTO TO…HELLO REDO LIST, can add more george benson, micheal mcdonald ,kenny loggins even lional ritchie songs, come on guys. And get’em in the hall of fame already.

    • fred perillo

      At Least Jeff Pocoro And Steve Lukather, and paich wrote a lot of hits.

  • Stephanie

    I watched Standing in the Shadows of Motown in film school and it actually brought a tear to my eye. It’s one thing to simply be a musician who plays on a track something that someone else wrote, but another to not be credited with music you made up. That is sadly the case with many of these studio musicians who sometimes bring us the most famous riffs of all time.

  • Patrick G

    This comment is coming way too late, but I’m not going to criticize Evan Andrews for not getting every important session player on here – it’s a daunting task to bring it down to just 10. For instance, the man who currently holds the record for most recorded drummer in history is John JR Robinson. Hey may not have the iconic list that Hal Blaine boasts, but he definitely has a place. He’s one of my favorites – that’s for sure.

  • Murray Pettinger

    Can someone please tell me who is the drummer on the Chi Lites ” Oh Girl”. Just can’t get over the groove!!!