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  • Captain Soggy

    Every one of these people is a Greedy Republican.

    oh wait…

  • Ryan

    Quite a number of people I didn’t know are super rich: J.K Rowling: 1 billion dollars? WOW! I didn’t know authors could be this rich but Harry-Porter series is one of a kind and really addictive to read and Howard Stern? $500 million? whoa! I should become either a radio presenter or an author.

  • David Peace

    Were is Oprah?

  • dave


  • dave

    if,if,IF, there is a paternalistic, loving, judgemental “god” he’s got a whole lot to answer for…..lolol, now i got a nap to take……

  • john joseph montegrejo

    Where is celine dion?she is the top earner of the decade………….also madonna,whitney and mariah…..