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  1. PastTime491
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    I can't agree with you more Steve. I am actually the writer of this list and a long time Seattle Seahawks fan, remember that Super Bowl. The Seattle vs. Pitt and Arizona vs. Pitt Super Bowl's were originally on the list as one item. Before admitting the list I changed it to the Ed Hochuli debacle. I felt that I didn't have enough concrete evidence to attack the Super Bowl refs and didn't want to piss off Steeler Nation. I should have put it on the list. I do remember the phantom pass interference call on Darrell Jackson, Roethlisberger down on the one, the James Harrison play, and a no call on the Santonio Holmes Lebron James tribute. I did think that using the ball as a prop was a penalty in the NFL. Both games were horribly officiated. My Seahawks will probably never get another chance like that. It is tuff for a sports fan out here on the West Coast.

    1. R S
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      Wrong, and Wrong again. Shame on both of you. The Steelers/Seahawks' game was mired in bad calls that went Both Ways. As for the Immaculate Reception – the rule was that if the ball was touched by an OFFENSIVE PLAYER, the offense couldn't catch it. It could never be determined whether the ball went off a Raider or a Steeler. The rule has NEVER been that the play was dead when tipped. The defense, for instance, could, and still can, catch the ball that goes off an offensive player. Know your rules, folks.

      1. Albert
        Albert at |

        While this game was "mired in bad calls" it was the Seahawks that BY FAR suffered the most.

        -fan of neither team

        Go Vikings lol

  2. Steve
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    No Pittsburgh Steelers? This is an outrage! I’m a life long, die hard Steelers fan, but even I have to admit that 2 of our 6 super bowls depended on calls that are sketchy at best. Of course football fans remember Franco Harris’s Immaculate Reception, which, based on video evidence, most likely should have been ruled an incomplete pass and cost the Steelers a bid to a Super Bowl that they went on to win, and in this last Super Bowl, there is pretty strong evidence that James Harrison’s interception return for a touchdown should have been called back (everyone was watching his knee, which landed on Larry Fitzgerald, but his elbow seems to have touched the ground before the ball crossed the goal line). As a fan, I’ll take any break I can get, but either of those plays should have made this list as the officiating staff made controversial calls that, had they gone the other way, would have left Pittsburgh with only four Super Bowl wins in franchise history instead of their league-leading six.

  3. Jeff
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    As for number 8, it also doesn't help that the comish of the NBA is a self proclaimed Lakers fan. As a person from Sacramento, it hurts even more that we got robbed that year. The Kings were going to win it all …

    As for the first comment posted here, I agree there have been some times that the Stealers got away with stuff (the super bowl against Seattle in particular). Regarding the Imaculate Reception – there was a rule at the time any pass that went off a player (i.e. touched another player) could only be caught by that player. So when the pass went off a Raider, who didn't catch the ball, the play SHOULD have been dead. John Madden still is pissed about it …

  4. PastTime491
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    The Kings would have dominated the Nets in the finals.

    1. TopTenz Master
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      As a life-time Laker fan I can admit that I was extremely unexcited to watch the Lakers vs. Nets after the Kings series. Whether or not you believe the Lakers deserved to win, you must agree that it was one heck of a series to watch.

  5. Paul
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    A good list. I watched #1, #3, #6 & #7. In my opinion, the Sabres v Stars should be at least #3, maybe #1. Denkinger's blown call was bad, but it was one mistake by one man. The goal against the Sabres could have and should have been reviewed and disallowed. Also, the bad goal was in sudden death and ended the series. For #3 & #4 England and Cardinals still had chances to win; the Sabres didn't.

    The main reason I think Sabres v Stars should be #1 is that the NHL changed the rules for next season as if they could retroactively make it legitimate.

    If anyone is still unsure, yes, Hamburg is a suburb of Buffalo.

    1. Ron
      Ron at |

      There is one thing about the Buffalo call that no one ever seems to point out. The rule mentioned states that a player may enter the crease before the puck if he is in control of the puck. Hull clearly controls the rebound and after kicking the puck with his skate to his stick, his skate barely enters the crease before the puck. No controversy, just a bunch of whiny Buffalo fans upset that they can never beat Dallas.

      1. Jay
        Jay at |

        Yeah..convenient how they leave that part of the rule out. You used to see a lot of goals get waved off b/c another player had a small part of his skate in the crease, usually off to the side of the goal, and with no effect on the goal itself. After the Hull goal, the NHL changed the rule to allow players in the crease ahead of the puck, provided they didn't interfere with the goaltender's ability to make the save. Didn't they even reduce the size of the crease after that?

  6. PastTime491
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    Paul I here what you are saying. It was the biggest moment in the biggest NHL game of the year. Equivelant to bases loaded, two outs, extra innings, in game 7 of the Series. In writing this list, I kind of put the Olympics above all other athletic competition. Just because it involves the entire world's athletes. I put the NHL game down a little bit just because hockey isn't as popular a sport. Don't get me wrong, I love hockey, but soccer is recognized nationally. This was about as high as I would have put a NHL game. Olympic hockey would have been a different story.

  7. Scott
    Scott at |

    What! no Suns vs Spurs game 3 semi finals in 2007!

    The game alone is worth a top 5 mention. The repercussions and following scandal has to make it #1. How does a Stern tell a team that the NBA screwed them out of a championship? …..(Crickets chirping)….

  8. Mike
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    Great list.

  9. Gil V.
    Gil V. at |

    how can this list even begin to be complete without the the "tuck rule" being mentioned????

    2001-2002 AFC Divisional Playoff game, without question.

    1. Jason
      Jason at |

      AGREED! how can the Snow Ball not make this top 10? It had way more implications than a regular season rival game (Denver vs San Diego) and the ruling was a lot more controversial

  10. Benjamin
    Benjamin at |

    Superbowl XL for sure!

    Awful calls against the Seahawks!

  11. glasgowjohn
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    typical of americans 99% of all things must include them im sure there are many other games around the world that could be included

    1. Zach Gillette
      Zach Gillette at |

      Yea but nobody cares about that.

  12. vannystice
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    What about game either six or seven (can't remember which) of the 2001 Eastern conference finals? The Bucks were <cheated> by the refs so much I think that was one of the games bet on.</cheated>

    1. sixerfan
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      hahahahahaha give me a break i was at that game stop whining your Bucks lost to a sixers team with a bunch of nobodys and Allen Iverson

      1. scott
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        Ehh it was Game 6 with the BS flagrant on Jason Williams but the whole series was rigged not just that one game and if there was one game of that series that was rigged the most, it was Game 5. The calls in that game changed the whole series. And the Bucks still almost pulled out a W despite it had Big Dog made that jumper in the final seconds. The only people who don’t think that series was rigged are Sixers fans and Lakers fans. The Lakers got swept by the Bucks that year and I would almost guarantee the Bucks would have beaten them in the Finals.

  13. Maryann Johnson
    Maryann Johnson at |

    #3 was unbelieveable. I watched a show on MLB Network called "Prime 9" the episode was mistakes. It was #6 but it should have been higher because the call was ridiculous.

    1. Unanimous
      Unanimous at |

      "It was #6…" it wasnt maryann. it was #4. #6 was bruce froeming's call (that i personally think was right) to "take away" the 1977 NL pennant from the Phills. "but it should have been higher" absolutely RIGHT!!!!!!!!! I've seen controversy,but I've actually never seen a pennant saying"St. Louis Cardinals 1985 World Champs" when they actually did not win it!!!!!!!

  14. Ibis1926
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    Let's never forget the 2003 Tostitos Fiesta Bowl. The officials simply couldn't allow Miami to repeat.

    "Robbery in the Desert"

  15. Heights09
    Heights09 at |

    No mention of the Oklahoma – Oregon onside kick fiasco, as well as a tipped ball non call a few plays later in lieu of a pass interference penalty?

  16. D Israelson
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    why is Illinois / ohio st # 10 , if u want bad calls look at ohio st's whole 2002 season

    there where terrable calls in the cincinati game , penn st game , a TD in the illinois game taken away from the illini that would have beaten ohio st , then there's that pass interferance at the end of the championship game against miami , all of these calls helped ohio st but yet u say the illinois fumble is #10 please .. if you want to see bad just look at O$u

  17. Lee L.
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    Yeah, the reason why we include mostly our sports is because few if any international sporting leagues have playoff series.

  18. Ctb
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    Homorable mention to the no-facemask called against Arizona that capped their win against Greenbay in the playoffs this weekend.

  19. MichaelofCork
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    every single other sport has some form of knockout series. theres countless soccer leagues, both gaa games, (although they'd never be world sports, just im only able to give examples from sports im familiar with) as well as cricket and rugby. it wouldnt be so bad if the writer didnt put the word "world" in the title.

    1. MichaelofCork
      MichaelofCork at |

      right, i for some reason i thought i saw world in the title. now i see its not there. thats my argument destroyed. bye guys!

  20. Jeremy
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    Not surprised a lot of these are the Olympics. It's why I don't watch, which is a shame because it SHOULD be a competition between athletes regardless of nation, but what it actually is, is petty, power-tripping judges from whatever country wants to feel more powerful than they are this year using the little clout given to them to try and impose their will upon the world stage. Judged events in the Olympics are a farce that have far more to do with politics than athleticism.

  21. wojo364
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    I know this list was posted before this incident happened but I had to comment on it. Jim Joyce's blown call on the last out of Armando Galarraga's "perfect" game was a crying shame. I know it wasn't for any kind of championship or pennant but seriously, its not often you see a perfect game pitched.

  22. Steve
    Steve at |


    You state that “I canâ??t tell you how important it is to get the first batter out in this situation.” You overplay the importance of the first out.

    Yes, it is to the defense’s advantage to get the first out; however, you still have to get three outs. I have seen many a game where a batter was at a two strike count with two outs, got a hit, and that started a rally that resulted in multiple runs.

    Yes, ti was an awful call. Still they had opportunities to get three outs. The problem was that a team fell apart because of a stupid call. True championship teams put that aside and win.

  23. Steve
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    You state that “I canâ??t tell you how important it is to get the first batter out in this situation.” You overplay the importance of the first out.

    Yes, it is to the defense’s advantage to get the first out; however, you still have to get three outs. I have seen many a game where a batter was at a two strike count with two outs, got a hit, and that started a rally that resulted in multiple runs.

    Yes, ti was an awful call. Still they had opportunities to get three outs. The problem was that a team fell apart because of a stupid call. True championship teams put that aside and win.-

  24. P Smith
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    Everyone talks about the boxing scandal of 1988 but plays down the boxing scandal of 1984. What nobody wants to discuss is how the US fixed events because of politics.

    In the 1980 Moscow games, with the boycott, the USSR set a record for 80 gold medals. In 1984, the US broke that record with EIGHTY THREE. If there had not been rigged judging in numerous events (boxing, synchronized swimming, gymnastics, among others) the US would have finished with fewer than 80 medals, leaving the Soviets with the record.

    That just couldn’t be allowed to happen, could it? No no no, so in events that were judged and could go the US’s way to win gold, they did. And let’s not forget Carl Lewis’ positive drug test in 1988 which was covered up. He was probably dirty in 1984, too.

    Read the link: Lewis tested positive for performance enhancing drugs.


    Anyone who whines about 1988 should go drink drano. The rigged boxing in Seoul was payback. The US wasn’t an innocent victim.

    1. Passerby
      Passerby at |

      So you’re saying that all the rigged fights vs. the winner was a payback against the US? Even against the French boxer?

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  26. ggjh
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    what about the pass interference call in the miami/ohio state national championship game

  27. Charles Campbell
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    Ed Hoculi is still the most widely respected referee in the NFL. A rare blown call!


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