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  • Alex Daghlian

    Um…for number 1.

    What about the habz in 76, 77, 78, 79 ??

    • Mark Hill

      Yeah, meant to say the Islanders were the first expansion team to win four in a row. Bad wording.

  • Johnny Canuck

    What about the famous Good Friday Massacre? It was during the 1984 playoffs billed as the Battle Of Quebec. The teams split the first four games of the best-of-seven series before Montreal won Game 5 in Quebec City, 4–0. Game 6 took place in Montreal on April 20, 1984. The Canadiens rallied from a two-goal deficit in the third period to win 5–3 and clinch the series, but the game is best known for having multiple brawls in the last two periods. The fighting started as the second period was ending, after an incident between the Nordiques’ Hunter and the Canadiens’ Guy Carbonneau, who was “pinned to the ice” by Hunter. More than 10 minutes of brawling followed, and the teams were given 222 penalty minutes for the second period. Ten players were thrown out of the game between both brawls, but several were not immediately told of their ejections after the first one, as the officials had not finished recording all of the penalties during the intermission. A 10-minute-long bench-clearing brawl occurred after the announcement of the ejections, and the total number of penalty minutes in the game exceeded 250

  • Rollie

    Might want to do some more fact checking- just before the Islanders won their 4 Cups in a row- the Montreal Canadiens had just won 4 in a row. In fact the Canadiens won 10 out of 15 championships up until the Islanders run of 4.

  • Adam Cartwright

    Orr’s goal is number 10?? Are you kidding me?? Anyone who knows anything about hockey knows that Orr’s goal in the ’70 cup final is the single greatest goal/moment in stanley cup history. Your also forgeting the ‘Miracle in Manchester’, The LA Kings were down 5-0 going into the third period in the ’82 divisional semifinals against the Oilers, they scored 5 goals in the 3rd to tie the game and won it 6-5 in overtime.

    • Peter Boucher

      I have to agree. Bobby Orr’s goal against the St. Louis Blues in overtime was the greatest moment in Hockey history. Lets not forget that Bobby Orr won 3 scoring titles……….AS A DEFENSEMAN. That will never happen again. I even remember the date : May 10, 1970 and I was 9 years old. This is a very serious overlook on the authors list and should be Number 1 of all time

  • Peter Boucher

    This is INSANE !! How could Bobby Orr’s overtime goal against the St. Louis Blues, be only #10 on your list ??? To me, its NUMERO UNO. May 10, 1970. I remember it like people who remember where they were when Kennedy was assassinated. Lets not forget that Bobby Orr won 3 scoring titles in a regular season……………AS A DEFENSEMAN !!! Do you think that will ever happen again ?? I don’t think so. Even the Great One himself (Wayne Gretzky) will tell you that the greatest hockey player who ever lived was #4, Robert Gordon Orr !! Enough said !!!