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  1. Jessy
    Jessy at |

    hahahahahaha great disturbing list!! laughed so hard

  2. Susan
    Susan at |

    Oh dear god no!

  3. ZDN
    ZDN at |

    I love fanfiction, but even I think these were too much. Maybe, just MAYBE if they were well-written to begin with instead of just putting together all your fantasies and type them out as fast as you can without looking back, who knows…

  4. Claypot
    Claypot at |

    Such a great list!!!
    i practically laughed my way to the end.
    where do you get all this material!?!? you must have done alot of research and errrr ALOT of reading…
    i hope it was as fun for you to read all those as for us to read this :).

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  6. A reader
    A reader at |

    A decent list to say the least, but i think this should of been your #1

    1. xavier
      xavier at |

      Wow, just wow. I read two chapters an it was enough. My mind will be disturbed forever.

    2. Maze
      Maze at |

      WOAH!!! wth! lol..thats too much. Ppl have some weird minds. Well that waht u call ‘creativity’ lol

    3. Rosa Binnendijk
      Rosa Binnendijk at |

      I was just about to comment the same thing.

  7. Madeleine Swann
    Madeleine Swann at |

    Oh, how I laughed…

  8. Kina
    Kina at |

    If anyone thinks these are bizarre and disturbing, you should see some of the odd stuff I’ve found as a part time fanfiction writer and a full time fanfiction reader. Personally, I try to keep my stories from bordering on the bizarre (although, I have tried crossing over Sonic and Kirby as well as Kirby and Dragonball Z), but there are some fanfiction authors out there that are insane.

    Especially the one Super Smash Brothers Brawl story I read where it described, in horrifically agonizing detail, Pikachu getting skinned alive.

  9. scalvim
    scalvim at |

    First I loved the list.
    Second, I also love fanfiction.
    Third… (and by far the most terrifying) I checked all the links above and even though some are no longer available the HP/Twilight crossover w/ mpreg that is in number one… well, I read your summary of it, then laughed and mocked and thought like everyone else:” who the hell writes this stuff?? they’ve got to be crazy…” then when I was checking the link I noticed I kindda knew the author’s image, go check the author’s profile and stories and imagine my surprise when, yes, you guessed it I’ve read one of their HP fics (not the hp/twilight crossover abortion on top, a different one, only hp fic), it’s quite good actually… I feel so ashamed…

  10. Rose
    Rose at |

    The tragically terrible yet heartwrenchingly hilarious Harry Potter fanfic “My Immortal”, anyone?

    1. Katie
      Katie at |

      haha, true. that has to be the worst one out there! so funny XD

  11. Adolphedie
    Adolphedie at |

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  12. Annie
    Annie at |

    Seriously loved your list! I must say, whoever wrote these stories must’ve been crazy… crazy creative! Talk about out of the box. Anyway, thanks for the list, probably made my own top ten lists of top ten lists.

  13. kuku
    kuku at |
  14. Donckers17
    Donckers17 at |

    Max Wolf Revolutions is weirder, more messed up, and also funnier to read than all the fics you mention in this article:

  15. Winnie
    Winnie at |

    Wow….I thought my fanfiction crossovers were uniquely wrong. That’s coming from a person who tried to write The Penguins of Madagascar reenacting Star Trek.
    I’m going to read these now.

  16. Saori
    Saori at |

    Fanfiction is a great tool for writers. Primarily to deal with fine tuning grammar, dialogue, setting, and characterization while not needing to worry about inventing something entirely new and having people destroy you. Really it’s a plot exercise, or just for fun!

    Then there’s this. I swear, I’ve written crack, I don’t think I could get this close. Has anybody read the Hogwarts Castle/Giant Squid thing? A friend of mine thought it would be fun to send that to me, and I was so horrified I couldn’t stop reading. Laughed so hard I almost died. And of course, My Immortal. Which is a great drinking game for the suicidal. Seriously. Whether you love writing it, or reading it, fanfiction is a great place to go to find the darkness of humanity. Primarily the Harry Potter fandom. I mean, Twilight in and of itself was a joke, so we can’t blame the authors in that poor fandom.

    Cracked.com also has a wonderful anthology, primarily of sex scenes that should never have been written. f you want to kill an hour laughing until you choke, check it out.

    This has been a message from someone who actually likes fanfiction. Also, someone actually getting a degree in writing, who can verify trying to layout plots, dialogue, setting, etc, without needing to do it from scratch will help you in actual writing exercises for class, or your own work.


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