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  1. Ico
    Ico at |

    Sam & Max (video game) series has Abraham Lincoln as one of the main characters.

  2. "Ted" Theodore Logan
    "Ted" Theodore Logan at |

    Oh, you beautiful babes from England, for whom we have traveled through time… will you go to the prom with us in San Dimas? We will have a most triumphant time!

  3. Graham
    Graham at |

    What about Adventure Time “Sons of Mars”?

    1. TopTenz Master
      TopTenz Master at |

      You mean this episode?

  4. CJB
    CJB at |

    I don’t know anything about the other 9 on this list, yet I did read AL:Vampire Hunter last summer, and totally enjoyed it, despite the fact that it creeped me out. Although I haven’t been brave enough to rent the movie (I will have nightmares for weeks), I found the book a rather refreshing twist on all the vampire hoopla out there. I highly recommend it. It even has rather humorous parts.


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