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  • malaki

    lol, a list about hockey. every number is a canadian, except for Lindbergh, whos Swedish. When it comes to hockey, canucks dont take chances. at the winter olympics we all went and kissed the lucky loonie, and of we couldnt get there, kissed our own loonies. too many superstitions to count

  • Terry Hamilton

    What about Phil Esposito? I don’t know if there is enough room for all his superstitions.

  • glen

    the reason they put baby powder on their stick blades is to neutralize the stickiness of black hockey tape, which is sticky on both sides..this provides better puck control .
    any Canadian that’s ever played the game will know’s not superstition

    • PhilCap

      You stole my thunder, Glen. I was just about to explain that this “superstition” has a practical purpose beyond hocus pocus.

  • Frank Rizzo

    Gretzky didn’t always tuck his jersey in. There are tons of pictures of him with the jersey un-tucked. To my recollection he started tucking it in, secured with velcro, for the 1982-83 season. In fact, NIKE provided the jerseys and they complained about Wayne hiding the logo. They moved the logo to the other side of the jerseys for the following season.

    • pklNHL

      He ALWAYS DID IT.The pix where he did not have it in (tucked in,I mean),is because like you mentioned,before he start putting velcro in,the jersey was coming out sometime!!!

      Watch some of his pix when he played junior…even then he tucked it in!!!

    • Brian

      He ALWAYS tucked it in. As he explained in his DVD bio, he started doing it when he was I think 9 because he was on a team of 12 year olds, and the jersey never fit, so he tucked it in, and just kept doing it as a habit.

  • Kat

    Sidney Crosby also has to eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich before every game. He even has to use certain brands. Also when entering the new arena, he goes in the long way, so he doesn’t pass the visitor’s locker room!



    • pklNHL

      If only Crosby was playing with the Habs….(a guy can dream,right?) LOL

  • I think hockey players are the most superstitious athletes. Almost all of them have something.

    • David256

      Hockey involves a lot of skill and strategy, but, like any sport, there’s a fair deal of luck involved as well. Games can be decided by fractions of an inch at the net, so I don’t blame hockey players for being superstitious. As long as it doesn’t hamper their abilities, it doesn’t hurt them!

  • ChristineC

    I wonder if Mr. Alzner has ever been reprimanded by his fellow Canadians for being “disrespectful” toward the anthem when going through his routine. If he were an American and did that during the playing of the “Star Spangled Banner”, some folks would tear him apart.

  • liam

    Where is Phil Esposito on this list he is by far the most superstitious hockey player of all time. You are also missing Tyler Seguin on this list

    • Terry Hamilton

      So now there are two votes for Phil. Maybe the list should be updated.

      • If someone wants to write it, I’ll be happy to add him as an honorary member.