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  • Dan

    Haha I was an extra in Gregorys Girl. Funny you mention it. Pretty good movie.

  • ZsaZsa

    Great to see some love for Gregory’s Girl lol It’s one of my favourites

  • Murray

    Saved is unbelievably awesome and cynical.

    • Britt

      Agreed, its one of my favorites !

  • Brobalt

    SubUrbia wrecks me everytime. So good.

  • James

    subUrbia is available on Netflix instant streaming.

  • whoopla

    I actually own Saved. Love it.

  • Spikesent

    Corey Haim did NOT die of a drug overdose. Please get your facts straight before posting things like that. The causes of death include diffuse alveolar damage (from respiratory distress), pneumonia and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (thickening of the heart muscle) with coronary arteriosclerosis. Haim died of natural causes; the toxicology report revealed no significant contributing factors.

    • Jamie

      Which are all complications of excessive drug use….duh

  • 277Volt

    Great list indeed but I feel its a bit remiss without the inclusion of “Heathers”. I’ve run in to many folks who’ve never seen or heard of it.

  • Great list. Though I do think that a phenomenally obscure and subversive addition might warranted in the form of the film “Pretty Persuasion” (2005), starring Evan Rachel Wood and James Woods as her horrifically racist, sardonic character of a father. It would likely become the most divisive and vulgar of the films to find itself on your list, but it’s darkly funny and unexpected plot centered around a private school fabricated-controversy makes it a must see for people who enjoy such fare.

  • Not A Squirrel

    IDK if this would count as a Teen Comedy, but Heather’s was a very interesting film.

  • I love how you put “Flirting” on this list. Great movie. I got to see it when it was released in America, and I thought it was brilliant. And “Gregory’s Girl” is a fantastic pick as well. Good list.