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  • Hugh Man

    The map of Mu has Atlantis placed in the North Atlantic, so I’m not quite sure if it is indicating that Mu could have been Atlantis.

    • Dave Mowers

      “For Sleep is the Bond Forged for Kronos” -Plutarch

      Tell me where Armoria, Amar, Awar, Ahar, Arihia, tell me where this is if not inside the great sea? Ogyges. The place where Sun rests in heaven is the mythical land you seek. We should still follow the sun by journeying outside of our planet. local system and onward throughout our larger system. What kind of “Celt” are you? How can you allow your people to sit and wait when such bounty is to be had out there?

      Forge the bond that will not sleep; become Chronos; you are Kairos!

  • Noah

    Atlantis is an interesting subject, and to be fair about it, this link –> tells of a Atlantean Crystal Sphere that can make a certain material float. Since we know that Atlantean Crystal Sphere is real, due to the fact it has been found. We can easily determine that Atlantis was real, we just can’t tell where it was. The reason I say it’s easy to determine Atlantis’s existence, is because there’s a belief about Atlantis actually causing itself to sink. In that case, if they had too many of those Atlantean Crystals Spheres, (Which I believe they’re made out of quarts if I remember correctly) they could have easily made themselves sink to the bottom of the ocean.

    Quartz, in the words of my friend, is “A very powerful crystal, you shouldn’t keep around if there’s any negative energy.”

    As Atlantis was an advanced civilization, they probably didn’t read the warning label on that kind of crystal. (Meaning they didn’t look into how dangerous it could be)

    Some people think we could’ve been in the stone age quite a few times, (Yes, I’m talking about Earth in general here) because we could’ve had advanced civilizations, then because of one thing going wrong, 99% of Earth could’ve been changed, so that there was the 1% left, but none of it was advanced, and they just so happen to tell tails of advanced civilization, even though they couldn’t prove any of it.

    So you may be thinking, “I have no idea what this person is on about. So, does he believe Atlantis was real, or not?” To answer that: Yes, I do believe Atlantis was real, but I believe they probably gained too much power and destroyed themselves, leaving behind various ruins of their civilization.

  • Elias Mavrommati

    What if the elephant really did walk through the snow drift, perhaps thousands of years ago and had subsequently been followed by a massive herd of wildebeest numbering in the tens of thousands. Would you still be hoping to see elephant footprints?

  • Neale

    I feel that the Great Flood reference, caused by the melting of the glaciers and ice at the end of the last Ice Age is a distinct factor in the loss of much of the world’s ancient civilizations, not just Atlantis! Think about the land mass exposed if we subtract 100-200′ of water level from the surface of the Earth, and how much coastal area would now be dry land! The Indonesia theory is a good one, but perhaps other island chains and even shallow ocean areas are also possible contenders for this honor? Safe to say that the world was very different then (10,000-12,000 BC) than now, and most do not take this into consideration at all. Our conceit and delusional and dismissive thinking is to blame. Most civilizations flourish along the banks of the ocean, lakes and rivers, and all of these would have been submerged following the event. Food for thought!