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  • af

    Mostly all of these things HAVE changed, via constant innovation. We don’t drive model Ts, and guitars are nowhere the same as they were 100 years ago (for one thing, they are electric now) .

    • Somedude4000

      This guy hit the nail on the head. Now I don’t have to comment…oh wait…

    • KB

      Of course all of them have changed over time. He was speaking of the general concepts of the things on this list. They may have been changed and tweaked as many made breakthroughs in their uses, but the practical applications are still the same.

      Oh yes, and if you look VERY carefully at the wording he used in each topic, you will see that he does indeed say that as time goes on, they change. I’m being sarcastic of course. It’s pretty darn obvious.

      • FMH

        I guess it would be much harder to make a list of inventions or things where the general concept was changed.

    • ParusMajor

      Acoustic guitars haven’t changed much and they are still used today in many genres of music.

  • Martim

    You can aply this same idea to many many things, coffee, shoes, pants, etc. Ideas and concepts that cover needs are not so prone to changes as their technical implementation.

    Im from argentina and here edison bulbs are no longer sell or produce. It is funny thing we have had tesla superior model all this time without using it :S

    10, 9, 7, 6 y 4 seems to me the best of the list.

  • Silly Wabbitt

    One item that has hardly changed at all is the simple broom.

  • Lymbe

    “Thomas Crapper” lol.

  • Ricardo

    10,5 – Umbrelas

  • datdemdar

    Another thing that hasn’t changed in the last 100 years in Politicians. Same ‘ol Snake Oil and Pork Barrel Merchants still taking advantage of the feeble minded to get rich (and elected).

  • winston b eden

    I’ve said for years the one thing that has truly not changed, is the stereo speaker. Yes, there are a few innovative ideas, but the most common, basic speaker is still a paper cone on a magnet.

  • Jadakiss

    Broom, toilet paper, brush, hat… Just to name a few that virtually haven’t changed at all.

  • LeoBassy

    A HUGE miss was the lock and key which is far older than 100 years. The basic concept & design have been virtually unchanged for many, many decades.

  • FMH

    Sorry, but I can’t help myself thinking: What about hammers, houses, doors, postage stamps, funiture, candles and so on…

  • Zach Gillette

    There are a lot of things that could be on here if you just say “sure, it’s gotten better, but the function is the same.”

  • ParusMajor

    What about s – e – x ? Hasn’t changed much, everybody still wants the same old thing…. 🙂

  • Summer

    Thomas Crapper actually did not invent the toilet…

  • Adil

    These things might be considered as “changed”

    if this would be the case:

    The car would have starting fly in the air, The Iron was used to mess the cloth and Riffle would shelling bombs. 🙂 hahaha.

  • Stuart

    Ain’t no school like the old school.

  • Mohan

    This is a disappointing list…though the title was quite intriguing…i was hoping to read through some unique articles that have actually endured the test of time without changing….yet this list is a total no-brainer !!! none of the articles mentioned here are unique…as many of the other commentators mentioned there are hundreds of articles like candles, brooms which have maintained their form over more then a century…the author obviously did not try too hard !!!

  • Chris

    Sir Joseph Swan actually invented the incandescent light bulb. Edison deserves a lot of credit for his work in improving upon Swan’s original design (which Edison claimed as his own, might I add), but his claims of being the “inventor” were just flat out fraud. In fact, Swan had already improved upon his initial design by the time Edison had finished his improvements. Edison was a very crude businessman, rather than the genius inventor that America likes to believe.

  • Louis Alexandre Simard

    A lot of information in number 6 us completely false showing a lack of research. First how can a paperback novel (8’/4’/1′) be more portable than a kindle (7’/4’/0.4′) containing hundreds of books. Second, if my kindle gets stolen I dint loose my whole collection as it is backed up on my PC and with Amazon. Third if the power grid fails I won’t be able to read. That is correct if the power grid fails for a couple of weeks as eInk eReaders have a ridiculously low power consumption and a ridiculously ling battery life. And if the power grid were to fail catastrophically for a long period well no new books would be printed either way.

  • Louis Alexandre Simard

    Fluorescent and LED lights don’t use filaments therefore your comparison is unfounded. Also were in the world did you get that incandescent light bulbs last longer than fluorescent and LED lights. As for they’re shape thus is only because of something called a technological coccyx meaning that far more efficient new technologies that dont need to be in a certain shape or function in a certain way which is inneficient will be made in that shape to fit with older obsolete but widely distributed technology. The computer keyboard is the most well known examples of a technological coccyx as the standard QWERTY layout of the keys was developed to slow down typing in an effort to reduce jamming old typewriters.

    • FMH

      No, that’s not true. The QWERTY layout was made to spread out the most often used letters in a way that common two letter combinations (like th or qu) would not be next to each other. If you press two types next to each other on an old typewriter at once, it is most likely to jam.
      So it’s true that the layout was made to prevent jamming, but not by slowing down the typing process. This would have been a terrible sales argument.

      • Louis Alexandre Simard

        That was only one of the stated goals. All vowels were placed at the extremities of the layout out of reach from the easy reach from the index and middle finger. As far as slowing down typing not being a great business idea you have to remember that the whole thing was to prevent jamming so while it effectively slowed down typing it actually increased the production rate of typist.

  • Anonymous

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