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  1. Pasttime
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    Interesting list, I don't think I have seen one quite like this before. It is always nice to learn about famous individuals who lived full lives. One interesting man that came to mind when reading the article was Simo Häyhä, Häyhä was a Finnish soldier and sniper that fought in numerous wars, mainly WWII. He defended Finland against the Soviet Union and recorded 505 confirmed deaths, making him the most deadly soldier in history. He was shot in face, but continued to serve his country. Amazingly Simo Häyhä lived until he was 97-years-old.

  2. Ash
    Ash at |

    I've read a lot about Schoenberg and he definitely had some weird stuff going on with the number 13. He even shortened some of his song titles so that they wouldn't be 13 letters.

    Overall, great list. Definitely a cool idea.

  3. james wood
    james wood at |

    also interesting is the fact that John Adams last words were “Thomas Jefferson survives”

  4. Michael
    Michael at |

    These are some crazy deaths. Nice job. One thing though, Jefferson and Adams were long time rivals. When Adams lay on his death bed saying “Jefferson lives,” he was unaware that his old rival had passed just hours earlier.

    1. Kate
      Kate at |

      Glad I'm not the only one who knows this! Jefferson and Adams were indeed rivals, and when Adams died about four hours after Jefferson did, his last words were "Thomas Jefferson still lives." (understandable in the days before the Internet, phones, or anything that would give instant communication)

  5. Amy
    Amy at |

    If you add together 1, 1, 4, 7 from the time of death of Arnold Schoenberg it also adds up to 13

    1. Morrison
      Morrison at |

      Now I'm beginning to get freaked out…

  6. Peter
    Peter at |

    Irene Ryan, best known as Granny in the Beverly Hillbillies was appearing in the Broadway musical Pippin when she passed. Her character's big song? "Time To Start Livin'"

    But why, oh why, give Jefferson a spot on the list and not Adams? Their deaths are noteworthy for precisely the same reason– why give Jefferson the spot and stiff Adams, who is just as noteworthy in every way?

    1. moenynei
      moenynei at |

      Don't get too torn up about it. Adam's last words were something about Jefferson living, and Jefferson's were about calling out when he was going to die and making sure it was OK.

      The events were unrelated and not a big deal. Make your own list.

  7. El Fuego
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    freaky stuff indeed…..here’s an interesting one..French queen Marrie Antoinette’s last words were: ”Pardonnez-moi, monsieur, je ne l’ai pas fait exprès.”
    meaning:’Forgive me sir, I did not do it on purpose.”
    These words were spoken to Sanson, Her executioner, when she accidentally stepped on his foot when she walked past him to put her head on the Guillotine so he can behead her .

  8. ping
    ping at |

    what did halley comment that cause mark twain to die? :I

  9. blubberndster
    blubberndster at |

    Notice that in Schoenbergs Case the Time 11.47 count together also is 13. Man Thais awesome.


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