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  1. crazy2
    crazy2 at |

    Are they trying to kill US????

    1. Mick
      Mick at |

      You forgot to mention Sodium Fluoride

      Used to kill rats and cockroaches

      Just google it

      1. ms concern
        ms concern at |

        Yes..i have to agree with that..and so, my company has created tooth powder with herbal ingredients which may strengthen gums, teeth as well as immune system.. not many people know that the ingredients in toothpaste can cause fatal..check out my blog:www.serimelmax.com (dentalmax)

      2. Dianedi
        Dianedi at |

        I too am “stunned” that fluoride is not mentioned in this top 10 list. Wow! Fluoride is no doubt far more toxic, plus it is in a higher concentration. Health Canada warns parents to NOT give any child under 3 toothpaste, and under 6 should only use a *RICE* size grain to brush with. I avoid fluoride like the plague, ever since it killed my thyroid and on the advice of my doctor. Too little too late, but at least I can warn others.

        1. Sheryl
          Sheryl at |

          I agree with you 100%. It seems like fluoride is one of the most dangerous ingredients, and then the article mentions stuff that should not be in a list of dangerous ingredients list at all. Go figure.

    2. fluff
      fluff at |

      This is why you weren't supposed to swallow it.

      1. nobby
        nobby at |

        do u spit of swallow?

  2. Andrew
    Andrew at |

    Awesome list!

  3. Jake
    Jake at |

    They forgot Sodium Fluoride, It's printed on the Front of most toothpaste tubes as well as on the back with the other ingredients..

    It's Extremely Toxic and provides ZERO health benefits.

  4. Craig in Portland
    Craig in Portland at |

    Glycerine Glycol isn't in antifreeze, nor is it toxic.

    You're thinking of Ethylene Glycol. Which isn't in toothpaste.

  5. Resveratrol Tablets
    Resveratrol Tablets at |

    What? I thought fluoride or sodium bicarbonate would make it to this list. Isn't that what cleans your teeth?

    1. Noxious Dan
      Noxious Dan at |

      Sodium bicarbonate is not dangerous. It’s just baking soda and is even ingested in water for stomache discomfort. The real problem is sodium fluoride.

  6. Charter Jacobson
    Charter Jacobson at |

    You forgot Trisodium Phosphate (industrial wall cleaner). also, I knew there was a reason i got stomachaches after i brush my teeth!

  7. bob
    bob at |

    Titanium dioxide is also used in white food dyes. It's quite common. It's even more common in foods than it is in paint. There are no medically recorded adverse effects.

    1. gail
      gail at |

      The IARC has classified titanium dioxide as a Group 2B carcinogen.

      1. Armand K
        Armand K at |

        So it has classified coffee, too. What’s your point, again?

  8. Pimp Juice
    Pimp Juice at |

    So what? Everything has something that might kill us. Deodorant has aluminum, that is poison too.

    1. Armand K
      Armand K at |

      The dose makes the poison. There is no Platonic property of poisonousness, everything is toxic in high enough quantities — including water.

    BLABLABLA at |

    … and i used to eat toothpaste when i was a kid…..

  10. Karl
    Karl at |

    “Top 10 Dangerous Toothpaste Ingredients” – three of them on your list you say yourself wont do anything bad if ingested!

  11. A BiPolar Guy
    A BiPolar Guy at |

    I’ve never seen sodium fluoride, usually stannous (tin fluoride). Yes it’s poisonous. By far the most dangerous ingredient. A tube of toothpaste could kill a young child. Contrary to claims their is no health benefit, the fluorine has been scientifically proven repeatedly to reduce the incidence of cavities. Fluorine is also commonly added to municipal water for this reason.
    Conspiracy theorists have long had bizarre and somewhat hilarious ideas about fluoridated water and toothpaste. As usual they do not have science on their sides and simply present illogical plots and/or incorrect science in support of their ideas.

    1. ms concern
      ms concern at |

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    2. Denise
      Denise at |

      You best check your History concerning sodium fluoride… Hitler used it in the drinking water
      giving it to those in his concentration camps… to Poison them.

  12. YouRang?
    YouRang? at |

    The flouride debate will continue. There is no conceivable reason to fluoridate water as fluoride can be made readily available in other forms and products and people can choose whether they want fluoride or not. As to the other ingredients, most of them are not really necessary. And, yes, they ARE deadly. The fact that this situation continues says something about this country, but I can’t figure out what.

  13. Frank
    Frank at |

    OMFG, menthol and chalk in my toothpaste????

    What a stupid article. These things are not harmful in these amounts. Some are not harmful at all and only beneficial.

  14. Nightprowler
    Nightprowler at |

    10. Formaldehyde: If a large amount of formaldehyde is accidentally ingested, the result could be fatal. Severe formaldehyde ingestion results in jaundice, kidney damage, liver damage, and death.
    9. Detergent:
    if you accidentally ingest a large amount of this stuff – swallowing detergent can cause digestive tract burning.
    8. Seaweed: The good news is that seaweed isn’t toxic. In fact, seaweed has a number of nutritional benefits, though hitting the sushi bar is a better way of gaining those benefits.
    7. Peppermint Oil: peppermint oil can cause a slow pulse, heartburn, and muscle tremors if it is consumed
    6. Paraffin: If you happen to swallow this ingredient, you may end up with abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, and severe constipation.
    5. Glycerine Glycol: Even though glycerin is not toxic, this additive may cause nausea if swallowed
    4. Chalk: Chalk dust may cause lung problems if inhaled, and swallowing a bit (piece) of chalk could cause bleeding.
    3. Titanium Dioxide: Ingesting titanium dioxide won’t hurt you, but it isn’t recommended either.
    2. Saccharin: Saccharin has been a hot topic of debate every since Theodore Roosevelt was in the White House. The USDA tried to ban the substance in 1972, though it is considered “safe” to ingest today.
    1. Menthol: Go ahead and ingest menthol if you like, but sipping some tea containing menthol is a far better idea than chewing on your tube of toothpaste.

    Looking at all your dissuastions , I’m sorry but thos “negatives” don’t outweight the positives, and the counter argement to every point can pretty much be summed up as:

    Good thing there’s only a little bit of each in TP and you spit most of that out.

  15. nathan almond
    nathan almond at |

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  16. Matthew
    Matthew at |

    Its funny because after Fukushima now even the seaweed is deadly.

  17. Delmar H. Knudson
    Delmar H. Knudson at |

    Many toothpastes and other things you may put into your mouth contain water. If you fall into a large body of water you may drown. If given a large intravenous or intra arterial injection of pure water it can kill you. Sodium is found in many foods and other materials used in the mouth. Sodium injected into the body in large amounts can kill you, or ingested in large amounts can kill you. Potassium is found in many foods and in other materials you may put in your mouth. Too much or too little potassium in your blood stream will kill you. So, in this paragraph I have presented a similar scenario to the article above. All the statements are true. If you fear potassium, sodium, water, etc. then the only thing to do is to stop eating or drinking anything ever again. Thank you.

  18. Reimann Borkly
    Reimann Borkly at |

    This list is total garbage. What about toothpastes with unnecessary antibiotics (triclosan)? And you left out the main active ingredient, fluoride? And while I could list the DaNgErOuS effects of fluoride, one should note that these ingredients are not in concentrations likely to cause the symptoms you’ve listed (sure, systemically, if you suck down toothpaste like gogurt). Chalk dust? It’s hard to inhale calcium carbonate when it’s suspended in a paste. And there’s not seaweed in there, it’s carageenan, a common thickener that’s a seaweed extract. Carageenan is not only NOT dangerous, but is a great substitute for gelatin in vegetarian/vegan products, by the by. Not sure where you buy toothpaste with formaldehyde, but it’s likely in places where you wouldn’t drink the water.

  19. Dianedi
    Dianedi at |

    FLUORIDEGATE ~ A Film by Dr. David C. Kennedy — http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T_vlwJPcYW8

  20. Makbul Latif
    Makbul Latif at |

    With Billions of people using tooth paste everyday in the the world, the hospitals would have been the filled with the population.

    1. dianedi
      dianedi at |

      The hospitals ARE filled… it’s called, cancer, thyroid disease, arthritis & other bone diseases. Pretty much what is ailing the population in North American is related to artificial water fluoridation & all other forms of fluoride. It’s cumulative and it takes decades to manifest itself and you don’t just drop dead with a little daily dose — but you are slowly poisoning yourself. You do know this is a rat poison right? You also know that it comes from the phosphate fertilizer and aluminum industry. It’s a toxic waste by-product from their manufacturing plant. It would cost billions to dispose of it safely, however they found a way to sell it to professionals and government under the guise of healthy teeth and they are now making a profit.
      Their solution to pollution is dilution and you my friend are using your body as a filter.
      In all honesty, you might want to do a little more research on the subject.
      Check out *fluoride alert network*.

  21. kim
    kim at |

    This kind of misleading article still got published? lol.

    Do you even know Vit. A become toxice when it consumed beyond our daily need dose?

    How about cavity leading to blood poisoning?
    Who tell you to swallow your toothpaste?

  22. Noxious Dan
    Noxious Dan at |

    This is why i make my own toothpaste. I did not see sodium fluoride mentioned however. Peppermint oil, yes if ingested can cause problems because it is highly concentrated plant essence, but can be effective in killing bacteria like many essential oils. Also for menthol. It is the same chemial compound found naturally in peppermint oil at very high percentages unless menthol is synthetically made. Most menthol is synthetically made today.

  23. Informed consumer
    Informed consumer at |

    The fact that this website has produced a list of top ten harmful ingredients in toothpaste and never put Sodium Fluoride on the list, destroys their credibility. It is a well known fact that any form of fluoride is toxic to the human body and will destroy brain cells. The Evil US government and the shadow government agenda has put so much propaganda out denying fluorides toxicity and even lying to say that it is a teeth whitener when in fact, it is corrosive to teeth. C’mon people wake up. Hitler did the same thing to Germany to dumb the people down in Germany. Look it up, it is all documented.

  24. Telecasterdude
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