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  • Yuki

    I wonder if the person who made this list knew that Shih Tzu is the english bastardization of the chinese word for "lion"? They named the dog that because, small as they are, they're meant to guard houses and take bites out of potential thieves, etc.

    Isn't it amazing that the Poodle didn't make it on there? I mean, you've got one for a topknot. I think the bizarre afro-puffs are just a tad bit worse than that. The whippet? Really? Have you seen a saluki? They're thinner, taller, and more "freakish". What about Afghan hounds for those long faces? Droopy Saint Bernards and bassets?


  • DAn

    Shih Tzus can be very cute and i dont see whats ugly about a chiwawa, the ugly dog is the poodle i mena wtf is that.

  • Fledge

    I think this list is very unfair as everyone has their own opinion about what dogs are pretty and what dogs are not. Every dog on your list was bred for a specific task. For example, whippets are bred to hunt small game. If you ever saw a whippet in action on the lure-coursing field, you'd feel differently.

    And just to prove you wrong I'll show you a beautiful dog from each breed you've chosen:


    French Bulldog:

    Japanese Chin:

    Dandie Dinmont:


    Shar Pei:


    Shih Tzu:


    Chinese Crested:

  • BillySmith

    I have a whippet and she is not one bit ugly.

    They're skinny because they're sighthounds and aren't supposed to have any fat on them.

    And, the Chinese Crested Is actually a very good looking dog.

    You just happened to have a picture of a mutated one.



  • sonja

    PUG is the cutest dog in the world!you are crazy!!!!!no dog is ugly but the english and french bulldog are less cute than pug for sure!!!

  • Kangel

    chihihaus are not ugly and neither is a shar-pei

  • Ces

    There are no ugly dogs – just humans like the one who wrote this!

    Dogs don't judge, they're very loving even if you're the ugliest or stinkiest person in the world. They're creatures who will love you more than they love themselves!

  • Octubre

    I knew it! chihuahuas are ugly!

    and my friend says theyre cute

    creepy little things

    besides they bark and growl at everything and theyre noisy and hump everything

  • Casee Walker

    I disagree on some of those but the top ugliest dog is true it almost looks fake

  • Casee Walker

    I am going to look up chiniese crested dogs because these comments above seem really angry about that picture I will leave annother comment when I am done researching and I agree with Josh everybody needs to calm down everybody has their own opinion:)

  • Hanna

    #1 doesn't just look ugly…it looks terrifying. I don't know if its just the picture or what, but it's eyes are creepy. It reminds me of those zombie-dogs in Resident Evil.

  • Jess

    Shar pei and Chihuahua ARE NOT UGLY!

  • alie

    note to readers: the list title indicates ugliest dogs, not dog breeds. Besides, most of the people protesting this list own the dogs included in the (would be) breeds in question and are therefore biased. Not that you shouldn't be but you should consider that there are a lot of other people out there that think that all chinese crested ,for example, are hideous (with or without hair). Congratulations your skewed idea of beauty puts you in the minority. Your unique, shut up and be happy about it.

  • TJ

    You know what, #1 shih tzus are not ugly! I have one and my uncle has one. They are good smart dogs with good attuides. #2 No chinese crested looks like that! That is some weird mixed twisted breed! And schnazuars, dandie diamont terriers and whippets are not ugly.

  • munir ahmed

    this is totally wrong that pugs and shi tzu are ugly.pug is so cute so cute like maltese and pomeranian this all rubish.

  • Gene

    Whoever made this list just shows their predjudice. First they put the ugliest pictures of each breed they can find (lots of ugly Labs and Golden Retrievers out there too!). As for specific breeds Pugs, Whippets, and Pugs are all very attractive dogs. List written by a snob.

  • showergel

    You included shih tzus and schnauzers in your list? You are kidding right? Or are you just mentally challenged? Shih tzus are considered the most beautiful dogs in the world. Especially if they are kept in fullcoat like I keep mine. I really wonder what breed of dog you own that you have this huge inferiority complex. The name shih tzu means “little lion” in chinese (where the shih tzus were only owned by Chinese royalty for hundreds of years).. perhaps you should check your facts (if you have any at all), before you compare breed names to crude slang.

    • huhu

      ur right siter!

  • Mafy

    oh, come on! the Chinese Crested it’s not like that! that´s the picture of the world’s ugliest dog that made it to the Guinness =s

    And Chinese Shar Pei as well as Schnauzers are not ugly=s that´s a totally personal opinion with no bases what so ever.

    There are features that make a doganimal ugly to the human eye, it´s related to our bond with human babies. Big heads, big eyes close to each other, small noses, etc…in sum with our love for fear and cleanliness comes our sense of “cutiness”.

    There are other breads far from these aspects that we like, and i don´t see them here=s

  • TorachiKatashi

    There are a lot of things I could say about how unfair, inaccurate, and insulting this list is, but I think most of them have been said already.

    I WILL say, however, as the fan (and future owner) of hairless breeds, that to say that "dogs are supposed to have hair" as though you have some kind of authority and to therein insult all hairless dog owners, is no different than saying, "humans are supposed to be white."

    Did you grow up in a house with a father who often yelled at the TV about, "them kinds of people," by any chance?

  • I am closing comments on this list. We humans are too sensitive.

    This list isn't meant to be taken seriously. I have a Jack Russel Terrier and he is the cutest dog ever. Okay, to me he is. Not to everyone, but most people. 😉 But, on to my point, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and so is ugly. And it is your right to feel a dog is ugly, cute, or whatever. In truth, I have never met a truly ugly dog. By their very nature even a dog classified as "ugly" is really just another kind of cute, right? Although the Chinese Crested dog really pushes the envelope.

    So, everyone take a breath and know that your dog is cute. All dogs are cute, even the Chinese Crested. This list was not meant to be mean or hurt your dog's feelings (don't show him this page, for God's sake), so please settle down and just have fun looking at some strange looking dogs.

    TopTenz Master