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  • Evan – Great list as always. As I was reading this I thought about how silly and ignorant most, if not all, of these lawsuits were and after the chuckles I felt a little angry. What a waste these lawsuits were on the court system's time and these are only 10. How many thousands are happening every year? Just makes you think.

  • Mr. Bojangles

    i thoroughly enjoyed this list. interesting stories I wouldn't have otherwise known.

  • Maple

    Link doesn't work, sorry. Oh well it doesn't take much searching to read about the facts of the case.

  • Skateboard Shoes

    Wow, the streetcar nympho did 50 guys in one week, I wonder if she was hot or if guys are just that easy?!

  • Maple, I fixed the link. Thanks for including it.

  • Maple

    Ugh, another site perpetuating the myth that the McDonald’s coffee lawsuit was frivolous. It wasn’t–see the facts at

  • orange girl

    Many cases sound silly, until you actually take the time to read the opinions of the judges, to learn about it. For example, can you blame a 79 year old woman who recieved 3rd degree burns to her groin from a cup of coffee from suing McDonalds, especaily considering that they had gotten in trouble before, and they served the coffee a lot hotter than was needed because "this way the coffee would be hot when people got home to drink it" since no one drinks in the car. Also, the jury did find her negligent, but they just found McDonalds more so.

    • Pete

      I kind of see what you are saying; the coffee' could have been a slightly cooler temperature. But she spilled it. She would not have been burned if she had not caused the spill. It is her fault. Its like suing a knife company for making their knives too sharp and not posting a warning about the sharpness after you slice off your finger. You still cut off your own finger. Doesn't matter that the knife could have been a bit more dull to still do the job and maybe not make it through the bone.

      • orange girl

        Part of what makes me so annoyed about these "frivolous" lawsuits is that the press they recieve isn't accurate. There are standards of evidence, and they are tried by a jury of people who decided to give her the money, not the courts, many lawsuits are dismissed every year for failing to have a valid claim, such as a knife being too sharp. However if the knife had a false claim such as being of some design that it wouldn't cut, or that a child could use it, there is a claim. Also as a coffee drinker I do not expect my coffee to be near the boiling point (it was about 180 degrees I belive), and give me third degree burns, the type that causes permanent nerve damage and scarring, not just something similar to a sunburn, when I drink it. I have spilled coffee on myself that was hot enough to cause a slight burn and it hurt, I can't imagine what it would be like to have to spend weeks in the hospital and have numerous skin grafts to an already sensitive area of my body all because of a cup of coffee, something which is supposed to be drinkable… would you drink water that was boiling. Also the damages were large because they were punitive, meaning they were meant to punish McDonalds, because they had had numerous complaints and lawsuits about the temperature of their coffee and had failed to do anything about it. And guess what, McDonalds coffee is no longer that hot, so it worked.

        • BunnyBear

          I have to agree with this. The knife analogy doesn’t hold up. The coffee was being sold as safe to put in your mouth, and at that temperature, it’s not. It’s true that you wouldn’t expect to be able to hold a sharpened knife by the blade and not get cut, but in this case, it’s like they handed her a knife where the handle had been sharpened as well as the blade. In the years immediately prior to the “Hot Coffee Lawsuit,” McDonald’s had received over 700 complaints from customer’s who were burned by their coffee. There is a reason that knives are sold with sharpened blades, cutting is their intended use. There is no reason for coffee to be sold at close to boiling temperatures, since it’s intended use is for consumption, and it cannot be safely consumed at that temperature. The fact that McDonald’s was aware of the danger, coupled with the fact that there is no necessary reason for them to serve the coffee at such extreme temperatures caused the case to fit the legal requirements for negligence. The jury also accounted for the plaintiff’s responsibility in the case, finding her to be 20% at fault, and reducing her punitive damages accordingly.

  • Melissa

    I was told by my instructor for insurance class that a woman in CA sued KY Jelly. She claimed she had been putting it on toast and various foods….she won some big money, and KY was forced to make sure the label was clear about what its uses were.

    • So she needed the sentence, "Doesn't go with peanut butter" added to the labeling. 😉

  • fidgety_sam

    I should SUE YOU for that!

  • FCS

    All of them as stupid as they are could somehow be treated as legitimate except for the dude that sued God.


  • Soendoro Soetanto

    I think some of the cases are not making any sense.

    Soendoro Soetanto

  • vesey

    You left out the stupidest one of all: suing a state for trying to uphold US immigration laws……..

  • ding

    You should include the story where some woman sues Google due to a traffic accident allegedly caused by directions she downloaded from Google Maps

    The woman got hit by a car while crossing the road without sidewalks and she's sueing Google because they didn't provided a safety disclaimer telling her NOT to cross a road with no sidewalk on it.


    Well, this story was fairly recent. This list was probably made before this case happened.

  • Anon

    Thanks i really enjoy Russian Astrologer Sues NASA and Man sues God. 🙂