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  • corwyn

    wheres THE WATCHMEN!!!!

  • Mr. Happy

    Texas chainsaw massacre… Ichi The Killer… Saw… Hostel.. Cannibal Series.. MidNight Meat Train… Clockwork Orange… Tokyo Gore Police.. Hills have eyes… – Man, the movies really not for kids… and not for adult with a kid hearts too – Not violent, sadistic more agreed.

    btw, thank you Heather for the effort. At least you try.. ^_^

  • Heather Matthews

    Thanks Mr. Happy,

    How polite you are 🙂 It's so nice not to be insulted. I'm very grateful 🙂 Your picks are really good, I'm sorry if this list wasn't my best – I did try.

  • there you go

    ha ha my vilage names on travian answer this one i was just serching for some more untouchables and training dya still to come


    ? [A]merican history x (97|-14)

    ? [B]oyz In Da Hood (90|-10)

    ? [C]lockwork Orange (130|-8)

    ? [D]onnie Brasco (97|-11)

    ? [F]ight Club (95|-16)

    ? [G]odFather (94|-9)

    ? [G]oodFellas (90|-5)

    ? [M]enaceIIsociety (98|-12)

    ? [N]aturalbornkillers (98|-16)

    ? [P]ulp Fiction (94|-7)

    ? [R]eservoir Dogs (129|-10)

    ? [R]omper Stomper (98|-15)

    ? [S]carface (100|-14)

    ? [S]cum (99|-16)

    ? [T]he Krays (91|-8)

    ? [T]rue romance (86|-15)

    ? [U]sual suspects (93|-9)

    ? [W]arriors (92|-10)

    • hey there

      great list! but "clockwork orange" is actually "A clockwork orange" so it would start with an A. (i really debated on even sending this. im not trying to be mean… just thought i should point it out ) have a good day!

  • Heather Matthews

    Hi There You Go,

    Great picks, what a cool idea to use these films as your village names 🙂 have a great day, thx for commenting.

  • Mike

    I think the authors reach exceeded her grasp.

    Lord of the Rings? That movie trilogy was bloodless and the author clearly either didn't see the movie or wasn't paying attension. Gollum is not thrown into the volcano by Frodo. Gullom was consumed literally and thematically by his greed and his pursuit of the ring.

    • Mike

      Also….Gollums death was the thematic conclusion of the third movie but according to the poorly written recap it sounds like Gollum died at the "begining" of the quest.

  • Heather Matthews

    ok, Mike. Fair enough. Thanks for your comment.

  • chad

    Mike, if you read the lord of the rings trilogy, or even watch the movie, u will see that gollum is thrown into mt doom by frodo. there is no alternative. yes, gollum was consumed by the ring but thats not why he died…..frodo killed him. threw him into the lava……it happened in the movie and the book….what were u watching/reading? dont ppl have better things to do than badmouth other ppls opinions?? the only opinions worth badmouthing are religious ones…….sorry to anybody religious out there….my advice, watch the movie zeitgeist or zeitgeist: addendum. better still watch both. the venus project = something worth spending time on. a bit of a speel there, sorry ppl.

    • Mike

      What movie and book did you read? Gollum tumbled into Mount Doom after getting his ring back. He's dancing around while Frodo is sprawled out on the ground clutching his newly fingerless hand. You should be really embarrassed for yourself.

  • UNi

    Hey not an impressive list! Try the asian flicks – Jap ones for sure. And where the hell is Takashi Miike??? Go watch Ichi The Killer for starters!!!

  • Heather Matthews

    Thanks for your input UNi.

  • Heather Matthews

    Yes, I know the correct title. In comments here, sometimes things are less formal and more conversational. I've read the book several times.

    Thanks 🙂

  • zombizilla


    If there's one thing you have accomplished with this list is, after 9 months since being published, it's still being discussed!

    I agree with Rambo & Saving Private Ryan. Both pretty violent flicks. However, since you are not a fan of horror, you have missed out on some great films. George A. Romero Dead films, especially 1968's Night of the Living Dead and 1978's Dawn of the Dead, are not only violent & gory, but are also classics. They comment on the state of the world in the times they were made; "Night" racism & government distrust, "Dawn" on consumerism & social status. In fact, Night of the Living Dead has been included the US Library of Congress as a film worthy of preservation.

    I am not fan of the so-called "torture" films, like Saw and Hostel. Not that I can't stomach the violence. It just doesn't provide a visceral thrill for me. But if you are interested in more mainstream films, I would suggest Kubrick's Full Metal Jacket or Stone's Platoon. It has the most horrific violence of all…human-on-human.

    This is a good list, based on your personal preferences. But as you can see, the horror fanboys have come out of the woodwork for this one.

    • Heather Matthews

      Hi Zombizilla,

      Thanks a lot for your comment. I think your suggestions and opinions are great. I enjoyed reading them.

  • spencerkaelin


    come on like BATTLE ROYALE

    and whats that one… the japanese girl… turns out to be the murderer… brutalilly butchers everyone in her path.. complete schzophrenic…

    basically the list should have been primarily japanese movies

    • Heather Matthews

      It does seem like there are some pretty insanely violent Japanese films I haven't seen. Thanks for the feedback 🙂

  • I am closing comments on this list. I believe we can all agree that this list was targeted to more mainstream movies and there are certainly more violent movies than those presented in the list. These list are for fun and debate. Certainly, at 101 comments, we can also agree that this list has been one of the most debated on this site. Thanks to Heather for writing this list and responding to many of the commenters, those who were polite and some who were not. Thanks to all of the commenters who gave their time and their opinions. Toptenz wouldn't be half has good without you.

    Be sure to check out Heather's website

  • joanna