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  1. Brandt
    Brandt at |

    Wow. Can't go wrong with the beer spa!

  2. Kay
    Kay at |

    I might actually like to try some of these.

  3. bhra dk
    bhra dk at |

    I've tried the ear candling, it works,there is nothing of strange…the burning of the flame create an air flow and the dirty on the ear come out, without mechanical damage. it doesn't do miracles,but it works.

  4. i_is_hope
    i_is_hope at |

    Ear candling works. I have used it for years with not adverse affects. I think more than one study needs to be carried out before anyone says "This doesn't work". Maybe, just maybe, doctors like making money and they want you to come see them instead of "fixing" yourself. And ear candle costs around $2, a visit to your doctor for and ear infection, plus drugs can cost hundreds. There are way to many people that cannot afford to see a doctor. Am I saying that ear candles always work? No, of course not but they should not be discredited because one doctor doesn't believe they work.

    Just my $.02

    1. MLK
      MLK at |

      read above and stop lying ^w^

  5. Tasia
    Tasia at |

    The process of Ho'oponopono isn't really weird at all if you think about it. I'm a Hawaiian studies major and for as long as I can remember I have used Ho'oponopono to solve so many social problems.

    I lived in a dorm in HS and living with 50 girls can be challenging. If there was a problem we would use Ho'oponopono to make it right. "Ho'oponopono" literally means "to make right." There is a process to ho'oponopono. First, there needs to be a problem (obviously) in the past, the problem might be a neighbor stealing ones crops, there also needs to be a non-biased party involved. Everyone who is involved in the problem needs to be present in the process, this would include family members, friends, and even just passer-bys. Everyone gets a chance to tell their side of the story, basically the problem is talked out and a solution is worked out. The solution can be anything from making up and forgiving one another, to even being cut off from ones family. Once a solution is reached, it can't be reversed, no matter how hard the consequences are (I've never heard of death being a consequence) the parties need to follow through with it.

    It's actually really important to the Hawaiian culture. After a ho'oponopono you really do feel much better.

  6. Jennifer
    Jennifer at |

    The UFC fighter Lyota Machida practices urine therapy everyday according to a video I saw of him.

  7. Kennypo65
    Kennypo65 at |

    These therapies are just snake oil. There is a reason that medical school takes so long. People want to believe that there are shorcuts, but it simply is not true.

  8. KCC
    KCC at |

    Although all these therapies have their own affects but i have seen the affects of “Bee Sting Therapy”. I have paralyzed people who start walking again after having “Bee Sting Therapy”. Thanks for posting.


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