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  1. December
    December at |

    Hey, I am a card carrying member of the guns and dope party! I just cant understand how we made it on this list.

  2. SamIAm
    SamIAm at |

    I'm in favor of the The Rhinoceros Party of Canada…there's many reasons, however the most important is the nuclear waste storage issue. I like this idea. Being from Nevada, I know we really don't want it and what better place to store it? Besides, what did we do to them?

    1. Peter Boucher
      Peter Boucher at |

      The well known Professional Baseball pitcher Bill Lee (who is well known for his eccentricities) and played for the Boston Red Sox and the old Montreal Expos was a big supporter of the Rhinoceros party to which he still stands by

  3. Anne Iredale
    Anne Iredale at |

    David Sutch performed under the name, Screaming Lord Sutch. Sadly no longer with us, he was a national institution in Britain. Check his music out on You Tube.

  4. Highest CD Rates
    Highest CD Rates at |

    You have to respect the Beer Lovers' Party — stand up for what you believe in — that is awesome!

  5. mike
    mike at |

    In Israel there is a party for holocaust survivors and the legalization of marijuana. That is one party.

    1. TopTenz Master
      TopTenz Master at |

      Mike, That is certainly a group with two interesting causes…that in no way have a correlation.

      1. Turk
        Turk at |

        Just a thought and by no way do I mean any offence, but if I were a holocaust survivor I would definetly want a fat joint now and then to help me forget some things I didn’t want to remember.

  6. jobelium
    jobelium at |


    In quebec canada, we have a pro-canabis party called "block pot"

    link : http://www.blocpot.qc.ca

    1. Bob
      Bob at |

      I’m from BC, and I was so fed up with the Liberals, Greens, Conservatives and NDP that in 2001 I voted for our marijuana party.

  7. Pogla The Grate
    Pogla The Grate at |

    Jello Biafra's party is a sad omission from this list. His platform of making all businessmen wear clown shoes, a city wide ban on cars and making people smile were sure fire winners…

    There was also a short-lived party in Australia known as the Party! Party! Party!, which ran in local government against such other great parties as the Tomato Party

  8. Elliot D'Arcey
    Elliot D'Arcey at |

    When I was in school there was a junior politics party called the 'There ain't no party like an S-club party' party.

  9. spa05_b.f.
    spa05_b.f. at |

    about polish:

    it isn`t 'beer lovers', polish name is 'Polska Partia Przyjaciol Piwa' whith mind 'Polish Party of Beer Friends'.

  10. MrBully
    MrBully at |

    The dutch elections are coming up, and we have some weird parties that claim to be legit. Although the Party For The Animals has already been in politics for 4 years now, thet dó have a tendency to bring up animals in weird context. This year we have added Party 17 (which was started by a TV program), The pirates Party which wants to do something about lgalizing internet piracy, We have had the Party For Parties, which was all about parties ofcourse. We almost had a Party For Man And All Other Earthly Lifeforms (they were to late signing in). And unfortunatelly we have the Party For Peace (with somewhat well-known Geert Wilders) which is al about peace except if you have some skincolour or were born outside of the Netherlands.

    How's that for serious politics? None found in the Netherlands.

  11. Penelope
    Penelope at |

    How bout the Australian Sex party?

  12. Craigoh
    Craigoh at |

    Used to be a proud card carrying member – and mayoral and parliamentary candidate of the McGillicuddy Serious Party – Thanks for adding us!

    As a New Zealand Citizen now living in the UK, I might just join the Monster Raving Loonies – at least they keep their election promises.

    Respect to all the other parties on here – most especially the Polish Beer Lovers and the Miss Great Britains 🙂

  13. Craigoh
    Craigoh at |

    BTW, when ruuning for Mayor of my home town, my policies included: a) flooding the city to create “The Venice of the South Seas”; b) bulldozing all development outside the Central Business District, thereby forcing homeowners to build new houses on stilts in line with policy A; c) the construction of a Mayoral Palace in the City’s central park; and d) I promised to deliver better weather for the city. Amazingly, I only came second last!

    1. TopTenz Master
      TopTenz Master at |

      That, my friend, is Democracy at work. 😉

  14. Jose Hernandez
    Jose Hernandez at |

    I would vote for the G&D party antime for Congress!

  15. Walter
    Walter at |

    My favorite has always been Finland’s Donald Duck Party, a protest party that in the early 90s was theoretically the 9th largest in the country.

    It had my favorite platform of all time: “Free liquor and wider sidewalks”


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