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  • Randy

    Yes, i like your post, 10 wordpress themes is not new article,… many useful wordpress plugins and maybe some plugins for adsense can be inserted into the list….

  • I am looking for a plugin to show related posts with an image. I am using simple tags at the moment to display related posts, but it doesn't show images. Please post a comment here if you know of a plugin to do this or someone to help me modify simple tags to show an image. Thanks, TopTenz Master

    • John

      Use the Yet Another Related Post plugin and then following the instructions in this article to show related posts with a thumbnail;

      • Jacob Yap

        I agree with John. YARR plugin is easy and nice.

      • I installed this a few weeks ago and it crashed my server. Twice.

  • Brad Dark

    Have you looked at its an awesome social bookmarking plugin. Massive time saver.

  • TwitterFools

    You've provided a good list. I could add many others, but I'll just mention two: WP Database Backup is an important tool to help ensure blog recovery in case of any security hack or hosting disaster. Additionally, we happen to be fond of the TwitterFools Trending Topics plugin which allows you to place a widget containing twitter trending topics on your WP install.

  • Nice list. There are so many plugins that it is difficult to know what exactly is out there. One on my faves is Comment Luv.

    I'm definitely going to add the WP Super Cache to my blog.

    Do you know if the WP Follow Me slows down your page loads? I used another Twitter badge that slowed down my page loads so I had to disable it.

  • Florida SEO

    I would like to recommend the Platinum SEO Pack, it has more useful options than the all in one seo pack. There are more nofollow selections, additional post, page and home headers, you can nofollow all of the outgoing links on just the front page, you can add the noydir meta tag, the noodp meta tag, you can use the option for noindex on sub pages and my favorite option of all is all of the options that it gives you on each individual post and page of your wordpress blog.

    Those are just a few of the things that I can think of off the top of my head. The fact of the matter is that I have used both and have found that I am in greater control of my websites on-page seo than when I was using the All in One SEO Pack.

  • Great list. We've been toying around with adding an ecommerce plugin as an option to compliment our preinstalled plugins. We'll be sure to take a more in depth look at PHPurchase. Thanks.

  • DaraBell

    Dara Bell says, nice post lots of actionable content and good comments from users. Thanks.

  • Dillon Martin

    Thanks for mentioning WP Logic. I didn't know about this plugin and I think I can use it effectively on my site. I was going to try to write some code to create an alternate WordPress sidebar "sidebar2.php", but this plugin might do the trick and be easier to manage.

  • Phil

    thanks for the list, I'm only just learning about wordpress so it's very helpful!

  • New WordPress Themes

    W3 Total Cache is actually a very good wordpress plugin for caching

  • Annie Martin

    There is also one more plugin named Blog2Social.
    My personal favourite is Blog2Social. I personally believe that Blog2Social is one of the great social media cross-posting plugin as there are no server side installation process to be done. It allows the post author to advance directly to the posting dashboard of Blog2Social Word-press, in which pre filled posting texts are provided. After customizing the texts the author schedules the posts or publishes them without delay.