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  1. Ben
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    I know this list sheds the Catholic leadership in a bad light, but there are few bad apples in every organization. But, it is hard to believe that such corruption could get so high in a group with God at the center.

    "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men." – John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton, first Baron Acton (1834–1902). http://www.phrases.org.uk/meanings/288200.html

    1. renato baldago
      renato baldago at |

      The Church of God in the bible cannot be corrupted according to what is written in the bible because you are commanded by God to behave inside as also the house of God.1 timothy3:15 and what will be your behavior teaches by God or the wisdom that you should do inside the church? you have to follow the instructions of God 2 Timothy 3:16 -17 All scripture is given by God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works.

      1. renato baldago
        renato baldago at |

        Our preacher teach us the reason why it ther are corruption inside the catholic church it is because they are not true church of God as they claimed that the RCC, that there first pope is apostle Peter. granting without accepting that apostle Peter was become the first pope. how can they(catholic church) explain the verse in the bible Mathew 23:9 And call no man your father upon the earth: for no one is your Father, which isa in heaven. cause pope means Father

        1. John
          John at |

          Then don’t call your “dad” on this earth Father as well! =)

        2. Vicki
          Vicki at |

          O really? Using your logic, no Church or denomination is untainted
          and is therefore, overcome by satan.

          And if you then presume to point out the sex abuse scandals which
          began surfacing in the 90’s you are still missing the higher number
          of sexual abuses which are still occurring in larger percentages
          among other faiths.

          At least the RCC (alone) has in place a thorough screening process
          for those working with children which includes background checks,
          fingerprinting and a “two people deep” concept to ensure that a volunteer or paid employee is not alone with children. And it’s working. Even a hint of an abuse allegation now is enough to put a priest on leave while charges are investigated but the damage to his reputation is done, regardless of his innocence. Can you say the same for public school teachers who are abusing kids at the rate of a documented 38% of the population, compared to priests who comprise less than 3%? To date, I am unaware of even one Catholic lay religious teacher who has ever been accused of a sex crime with their students.

          As for your last complaint, “call no man on earth your father,”
          Jesus wanted your single-minded devotion to the Father in heaven
          since anyone “who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is
          not fit for the Kingdom of God.” You are conveniently forgetting
          that Jesus desired people leave “homes, spouses, families and
          siblings” to come and follow Him. Your earthly father cooperated
          in God’s plan of procreation to bring you into existence but your
          eternal Father is your true father and deserves your complete
          devotion. Jesus knew that. For a true and complete understanding
          of RCC teaching please speak with a good and holy priest. Most of
          them are and I never personally knew one who wasn’t. Every harvest reveals unharvestable fruits which will be thrown in the fire and burned and bad apples are everywhere. Your preacher is overwhelmingly guilty of favoritism, a lack of perspective and is very short on facts. The RCC is very aware of its evils in history and has gone to great lengths to root them out and well as apologize and financially compensate those who have been wounded in the process. I am still waiting on an apology from Jim Bakker who is spending 45 years in prison for fleecing his flock for millions and millions … guess I will be waiting awhile. In the meantime I will leave you with some food for thought from a true holy man in history whose words even now remind us that the LORD founded a Church which is not perfect but divinely instituted nonetheless: St. Ambrose (333-397 AD) – Where there is Peter, there is the Church!

    2. Frank
      Frank at |

      There is no record that Peter ever went to Rome, he preached Christianity to the Jews and Paul preached to the Gentiles. The claim that Peters tomb is in Rome is completely false.

      After the death of the Apostles and in the following centuries apostasy entered the early Church. The teachings of Jesus and his disciples were corrupted by the minds of men speculating and theorising on matters that they considered was lacking in the written words of Jesus and his Apostles.
      By speculation, conjecture and theorizing beyond what is written in Scripture, they invented places such as , Limbo, Purgatory and a place of cruel and eternal torment called Hell. Neither “immortal soul”, Limbo or Purgatory are to be found in the Bible and neither is Hell in the sense that it is now portrayed. To suffer in such places one has to possess an Immortal Soul which is supposed to leave the body on death. Yet the Bible clearly tells us that the soul can be killed or die, so much for “immortality”.

      1. Vicki
        Vicki at |

        That’s odd. Wiki states that “Peter came to Rome and was martyred there.” If you check a little further you can also discover the meaning and origins of Purgatory, Limbo (no longer taught) and hell. But you won’t because you don’t want to know. Too bad. Willed ignorance is a terrible thing.

  2. Brandt
    Brandt at |

    Yes, some of the medieval popes really tarnished the reputation of the Catholic Church. It's kind of ironic to see such corruption where holiness should be expected, but that's how it often goes with men in positions of great power.

    It's probably good to keep in mind that many papal decrees and actions that may horrify us today were a little more culturally acceptable in medieval times, although I still don't think that justifies what they did. For instance, while it's unfortunate that Celestine was sentenced to prison by Boniface VIII, I'm guessing that action was probably considered very typical in 1294.

    Good quote from Baron Acton, by the way. Although I didn't know who had said it, that phrase was running through my mind as I researched this article.

  3. Derek
    Derek at |

    "But, it is hard to believe that such corruption could get so high in a group with God at the center."

    Remember, Judas hung around Jesus personally for 3 years. Corruption can maintain itself right inside God's inner circle.

    1. Brandt
      Brandt at |

      Right you are!

      But look at it this way: even though Judas was part of Christ's inner circle, he was a follower, not a leader. Corrupt leaders are a little more problematic than corrupt followers, eh? 😉

    2. Kemo Torres
      Kemo Torres at |

      Judas was NOT corrupt. If it was God’s PLAN for Jesus to be crucified then why be upset at the people who carried it out? Anyway it’s NOT like Jesus was HIDING. He had been at the Temple, which by the way was where they thought God actually LIVED as in it was His address, turning over tables and proclaiming to the world that what was going on there was wrong. This at the time of the pilgrimage when thousands of people from out of town were there visiting.

  4. Darla Mason
    Darla Mason at |

    I just finished, reading about some of the worst popes in history,and I must say that what surprises me is that ,this info was brought to light. People will always fall if they take there eyes off of a Christ!!

  5. Ryan
    Ryan at |

    Believe it or not assassins creed 2 takes borgia's evil to new highs. He's the big bad, and is portrayed as an utter psychopath. He's also the final boss.

  6. Theodore
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  7. zaphenath paaneah
    zaphenath paaneah at |

    Interesting for some but old news for others. Its nice to see this info public for all to see hoping they will see the papacy in truth – by their works shall ye know them! Are we to suppose papal infallibility is out of the window? one would think so based on historical records but yet they maintain their position. Holy Father, a title each successive pope bears, is a mockery of a title given to God alone in scripture. And when you factor in the child molestation that still happens to this very day you begin to see the fruit of Catholicism that forbids their priests to marry, a practice not condoned in scripture and we see why they are advised to rather marry than to burn with lust. Ironic that in Romans those who willingly forsook the truth of God to worhip idols were given over to strange flesh. You can see the work of 'faulty' humans in direct constrast with the signs of power that followed those who preached the word of salvation through Christ alone as God confirmed their witness. They cannot speak for God!

    1. Ryan
      Ryan at |

      did you play assassins creed 2 by any chance.

      1. zaphenath paaneah
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  8. Kokolo
    Kokolo at |

    So having homosexual tendencies is worst than organizing wars? I’m insulted by that.

    1. zaphenath paaneah
      zaphenath paaneah at |

      …nope! warmongering is in the same category…sin! some find some degree of solace in measuring degrees of error to justify their position. the same goes for those who overlook their sin as being a natural act or their ‘preference’ when it is plain for all to see its not ‘normal’ tendencies. the issue is the condemnation that goes with some of the preferences we opt in on. however, it is only in christ that the condemnation is removed. there is an amount of humility required on the part of the sinner – repentance! this is the dividing line between a believer and a non-believer. we who believe accept we are sinful, and accept the cleansing of our conscience through the blood of christ. where the presence of the lord id, there is freedom! freedom from all manner of bondage. what the papacy has done is turn people away from god; the list of 10 is by now means exceptions to the rule; contrary, it serves as an indication to all that they are a false religion taught by men. while they may have begun with good intentions the homosexuality that is rife within their priestly ranks should be an indication of this very thing. how can we accept that a merciful god wants us to approach him in confidence trusting that he only has our best interest at heart only to be betrayed by the craving lust of a sodomite. the act is not godly and is proof of ungodliness and is unacceptable in what they claim is the only true faith and the only house of god – the dove…the holy mother church of the living god? the ‘holy’ catholic(universal) church!

  9. john smith
    john smith at |

    The topic is the papacy so lets not get off track. The problem with the belief in the papacy is placing your faith in a man. These guys, good of bad are men and are lacking the qualities that are bestowed on their position. I feel really sorry for those millions that place their faith in a man with the title pope.

  10. Peter Boucher
    Peter Boucher at |

    What about Pope Pius XII (The Nazi Pope) during World War II

  11. ernest g.
    ernest g. at |

    can you print what cult means – so small educated people will , be exposed as those showing sarcastic anger and not necessarily intellegence.

  12. ernest g.
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  13. wesker
    wesker at |

    Its a mediocre list, there were Popes Who did much worse things then what is mentioned Here

    Ignoring The horrible Blasphemy’s against God, The attempted Changing of the Law of God, Discarding of The Second Commandment and The Forth Commandments

    The Spanish(Mass genocide) Inquisition and The Attacks on Early day Christians who didn’t go along with The Papacy

    What about the Creation of Islam?, so the Papacy could Win Jerusalem
    That didn’t work out to well now Did it?

    One raped a 7year old and another fathered his own grandson with his own daughter!
    But I forgot The Catholic Church is incapable of Making mistakes (Their Infallible)

    1. Anna Richardson
      Anna Richardson at |

      Only in matters of the church is the Pope considered infallible.

      The creation of Islam is a deed of the Roman Catholics? I didn’t know that.

      These are all men, afterall, and all men are sinners irregardless of who they may be.

  14. rosendo gutierrez
    rosendo gutierrez at |

    JC gave Peter the job to stablish a church based on the fact of who he was, (to tell the world that God loves man and had sent his only Son with this message) it’s a miracle that it survived the “primitive” sociates that it was then; is a miracle that the message of JC is still with us.
    The evolution shows and reflects the love of JC ….I believe humanaty has evolved and the gift that we have in preserving the message of the Son of God over 2000 years ago; Shows God’s love for his people. It also a great blessing the a country as the USA evolve and exist.
    It show that it is posible to evolve and to desire good for humanaty and to do it by resolving errors and searching for the perfetion of the individual as well as a Nation. Yes we have a long way to go! please know and be aware of our imperfections and willingnes always to improve. LOVE is the key!

  15. Rexton
    Rexton at |

    Some are living humans &some are led by hollieness what is our role on this is to pray & get mercy from god for the past,present&next generations ,still there are lots of saints who sacrifices their whorthy lifes

  16. Simon
    Simon at |

    Hello I’m interested in finding a book that lists the bad popes I have found one listing eight but not ten please send me an email if you no of one I can buy perhaps amazon or eBay thankyou

  17. Samuel
    Samuel at |

    D catholic church is nt perfect, d pope has neva been her god, nd peter neva went 2 rome bt dat dosen’t mean his tomb cn’t b there nd if any1 cn boast of another church linked 2 peter let me knw. FACT Peter sinned afta been made head of d church so it hs been there these are jst the top 10

  18. Ray
    Ray at |

    Pretty scary that this outfit contributed to our present culture. Wonder how the present pedophilia scandals and cover-ups will be explained? “Don’t pay attention to the man behind that curtain”. No wonder the modern church is held in such low regard. There is a 2,000 year history of bad behavior.

  19. akeno rolla
    akeno rolla at |

    first of all christ is not the founder of the popes which is the head of the religon catholic. catholics fouder is judist priest the man who betrayed the righteouss one who is jesus christ. christ is the beginnig of christanity bc of the rising of the 3rd day of his sacrifce of is flesh, father god who created all things showed christians that life is everlasting through the spirit. the cover up of the peters made belief to look holy was the secrets of discpline that jesus thought the 12 men before the end of his fleshly life. they even used the cover to become rich wash hands and curse all in at the same time. may seem difficult to understand but the way they were thought through discpline is the knowing how to wash hands, the betryal is the love of money and the curse is the turning there back on my brother.

  20. Christine Lazzaro
    Christine Lazzaro at |

    Does everyone’s bible says when Jesus say to St Peter on this rock I will build my church, what ever you bound on earth is bound in heaven, whatever you loose on earth is loose in heaven. Jesus is establishing the Catholic Church. And Jesus give the duties to St Peter representing the Pope, the priest. The person who wrote

  21. William van Duzen
    William van Duzen at |

    Now we have pope Francis Millie Cyrus
    the First. What a dope.

  22. Debby
    Debby at |

    I just wanted to say that I am just now reading the book and I do find it very interesting! I love History and anything that I can read. I found the book at the Pittsburg, Kansas Library.

  23. Pat Hudec
    Pat Hudec at |

    For excellent histories of the RCC and papal history I recommend Garry Wills: Why I Am Catholic? (Ignore the title…it is a stunning academic work illustrating the abuses that have occurred with the phenomenal power that the Church acquired BUT concluding that the message of Christianity is the reason that the RCC remains so influential.) Lives of the Popes. Well-researched work on all of the “Popes” and Anti-Popes listed by the RCC. Wills’ book has a compelling section on the non-existence of a true Pope in Rome until Gregory the Great in 590. Consider that the actions of an organization’s or nation’s leaders are frequently temporary…the actions of a Pope or Synod cannot change or affect the message of the Gospels.

  24. James
    James at |

    William van Duzen please reserve your comments. thank you.

  25. txtravel
    txtravel at |

    There were also some great popes though.

    And Alexander Borja brought Michelangelo to Rome, so I don’t know that he was the worst.


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