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  1. XUSNLT at |

    If you ever watched Ottis Anderson play, it would be hard to consider him an "unlikely" MVP. As a Cowboy fan, I had the (mis)fortune of watching him with two divisional foes – the Cards and the Giants. That guy had a lot of heart! Chuck Howley's feat will never happen again because voters don't think that a great performance can be valuable without the "W" – sad!

  2. Drew at |

    For #8, Dexter Jackson had two picks during the game. Dwight Smith had two as well, The big (and Unfortunate) difference is, MVP Voting had been completed and Dexter Jackson had just been named the MVP…. When Dwight Smith Picked off Rich Gannon for a second time and hustled to the end zone. Unfortunate, But hey…. at least the Bucs still won.

  3. NFL930 at |

    What about Ray Lewis of Baltimore Ravens fame, the first defensive player to win a Super Bowl MVP award?

    1. jim at |

      If you go back and check I think you'll find that Randy White and Harvey Martin shared the MVP award for Dallas, both were defensive players.

      1. el guapo at |

        Actually the MVP of Super Bowl V was a linebacker named Chuck Howley. He is the only Super Bowl MVP to come from the losing team.


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